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Are we ready to collapse?

Updated on December 18, 2012

There was a thesis put forward a few years that basically stated that civilizations collapse because they outgrow their use-by-date. They just collapse because they are due for a collapse.

The human race is way past its use-by-date and now we are living on borrowed time. Looking at the big picture we are just trying very hard to destroy ourselves. All the little things we are doing to our planet are just setting us up for a major crash.

I Was Watching A Program On TV About Saving The Orangutans.

They were driving through this landscape completely denuded of trees. This was after the palm oil people had been through to get the oil. They had cut down everything, there was nothing left standing and this little convoy of two four wheel drive cars were driving for a long time through this denuded landscape. This situation is being repeated throughout South East Asia it is not just an isolated incidence.

History Is Littered With Stories Of Civilizations That Through Overpopulation And Or To Please The Gods They Cut Down The Trees And Destroyed Themselves.

The classic demise of Easter Island , they cut down the trees and ended up eating each other and now there are still no trees on the island. And lately the Nazca civilization of Peru, they cut down the forest and an El Nino wiped them out and now the area they lived in is still a desert.

So once the trees go the land doesn’t seem to recover. Right now if a severe El Nino happened these areas would be wiped out. In history the civilizations wiped themselves out through overpopulation but we are doing it for greed.

Only a handful of people rake in the profits from destroying the planet but it creates jobs and keeps economies going. And that is why the growth model will destroy us all. There is not much time left for the people on the overpopulated planet.

Are our beautiful cities going to crumble beneath our feet?

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