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How Would You Feel While Dying

Updated on September 15, 2014
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Death has been always a mystery for everyone, we all are searching for the truth and trying to find out the truth about the million mysteries that are in life, in this article you will know what people have felt while dying.

There have been heard and told many stories about people who have experienced death and brought back to life, some came back to life within 1 hour others within days and some within weeks or even months, some people come back to life then directly and instantly die right after getting back to life, I don't know what signs do these things have but I do know what some people said and claimed they have felt whilst dying so let's start.

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When dying it feels as if your floating in a very big,relaxing,cold and calm swimming pool or sea, a lot of people claimed they have felt this and then after floating they start feeling the same thing you feel when your body start going into the water deeper and deeper but in a straight position where nothing is heard but your last breaths!

See Your Whole Life Passing In Minutes

Some people claimed that their whole lives just roll in front of their eyes and inside of them,they're the only ones capable of seeing it inside of their minds just like a big wide cinema tape rolling very fast to show you your whole life just in about 5 to 10 minutes or perhaps more. It's amazing isn't it?

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Fear Of Death?

A lot of people said that they don't understand why some people fear death because it's the end of life and the ending of life means the relaxation from every single thing in it, life is tiring and let's imagine religions do not exist, how would humans feel about their lives? what's their goal in life and after life? They would be still searching for this truth until now, other people do not believe in what religious books have said about life and the after-life and are still skeptical and wondering about this life and how they're going to be able to find the truth about its mysteries and the things beyond it.

People just get fears about death because this is the nature of human beings,they fear anything that they would have no knowledge and idea about.

My Personal View

In my personal opinion we shouldn't always relate the things that we don't know anything about with negative things and thoughts because this won't be necessarily the case!

Death can be the end of life but perhaps the beginning of a new beginning and experiences, some people believe in something known as reincarnation where when people die, their souls get transferred to another new born babies or animals or even plants and a lot of people disagree about this belief, perhaps it's just because we pass through million moments in life where we believe we have witnessed a certain scene,action and a person before having to see it at the exact moment, this could be seen in dreams before or perhaps in another old life, who knows?

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