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what the past genius did not forget to do

Updated on January 29, 2014


What is your life? For it is like a vapour that appears for a while after which it disappears . To be candid, you do not have much time to spend in this world, you might want to stand right there and start counting from today till tomorrow still many years left for you. but the irony of life is that what you see as so long is but a vapour that varnishes away in a twinking of the eye. Ok enough of logic, ask youself this question? how old am I now? try to think about about five or ten years ago and see how very close it looks. The most hostile asset to humanity is time, but He can be the most friendly asset if you make him one . The point is you must get it now and get it right. Get what? you may ask, your life, your direction, the things you want the next generation to remember you for. you must consider the principles I think the past genius of our time considered and now we are remembering them for what they have done. It is of no use being on earth if you are not gonna do something that will make you outstanding. you must contribute your own quota to this world. That was the reason why you were created. Nobody was created to be a parasite here on earth. we are not just created to be a matter, having weight and occupying space. Hence, we must lead a meaningful life by being careful of our actions. Another Albert Einstein must not do some things. They are don'ts of life, consider them.......


Don't make promise when you are in joy

Don't reply when you are sad

Don't make decisions when you are angry

Don't eat what is stronger than a banana

Don't smell what you would not eat

Don't think on what you do not wish to have

Don't say everything in your mind

Don't desire everything you see

Don't do everything they do

Don't crave for everything that gives pleasure

Don't loose your loved one because of ego

Don't giveup when you fail, fall and stumble

Don't eat when you are not hungry

Don't sleep when you are not tired

Don't go when you are not sent

Don't stop because no one is doing or following that part

Don't buy when you can't pay

Don't choose a friend when everything is rosy

Don't choose her when you are well to do

Don't answer without hearing a man

Don't let the options of the average man sway you

Don't giveup trying to do what you really want to do

Don't speak when you have not listened

Don't speak on when you are no longer listen


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