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First Man on the Moon - Memories

Updated on July 12, 2017
Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia finds people's memories of great events important to save. She's collected them from friends, family, and fellow writers.

U.S. Astronaut on the Moon


Remembering the 1969 First Man on the Moon

On July 20, 1969, man first set foot on the moon. All Americans were fascinated by this first-ever event and that we had beat the Russians in putting a man on the moon.

People gathered to watch it, making it more of an occasion than just sitting alone in your living room and seeing it happen.

I asked my friends, family, and fellow writers to tell me what they remembered of that first moon landing. The memories they shared are showcased here.

Oh yes! We actually woke our 2-year-old son so that we could tell him later that he watched it on television! I need to remind him of that, and the grandchildren are old enough now to enjoy that story, too!

— Joan4

Very Brief Video Showing the Highlights of Apollo 11 on the Moon

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Featured Memory of the Moon Walk

I was at work that day but many shops and businesses had TVs going in their windows and people would watch it during their lunch break. That's where I saw it.

Video of People Remembering Their Excitement over the First Moon Landing

A bunch of my college friends got together to watch it on TV in El Dorado, Kansas. Unfortunately, the reception was so poor, that we could hardly tell what was on the screen. Despite that, we felt that we were part of a historic event.

— Virginia Allain from Florida

Memories of Watching The Moon Landing On TV


  • Evelyn Saenz from Royalton - I remember watching it on TV, but not sure if it was at home or at school.

  • CruiseReady 5 years ago from East Central Florida - We did it! We did it! It was fabulous!

  • norma-holt - Watched the event on television with one of my babies in my arms. Awesome!

  • BuddyBink - Watched the launch, then while at Scout Camp we had a little portable tv to watch the moment.

  • mrducksmrnot - Watching on TV with my siblings and wondering is this really real. The Flash Gordon TV series traveled everywhere in comics and a short TV series.

  • AlleyCatLane - Watched it at my parents home while I was home from college. It was fantastic!

  • DLeighAlexander - Yes I was nine years old and it interrupted regular broadcasting--there was no choice. I also remember the familiar voice of Walter Cronkite giving details of the historic event.

  • Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. - Yes, watched this and went out and looked at the moon that night. Got a better view from the TV!

  • Coreena Jolene - I remember my father having me watch on our TV. He was so excited.

  • BarbaraCasey - I was at a SciFi convention in Toronto with authors who had written about space travel... and there it was on TV. Amazing.

  • Jennifer P Tanabe from Red Hook, NY - Yeah, we couldn't see it very clearly on the old TV. But I remember the words Neil Armstrong spoke.

  • Renaissance Woman from Colorado - I was in elementary school at the time. I remember our discussion about it and watching the television footage.

Featured Memory

Ann Hinds from So Cal - As a young mother with a 6-month-old child, it gave me that feeling that the whole world was open for exploration. What a great day!

More Moon Landing Memories from My Friends

  • Tagsforkids - Like many, watched it on the old black and white TV with the family.

  • Frischy from Kentucky - I was 10 years old. My parents had my sister and me come to the living room to watch this on television because it was "history." We had watched a lot of the moon launch on television at school. It was the first time I ever watched television or saw a tv set in a classroom. It was so remarkable!

  • Monika Weise from Indianapolis - I watched it at a slumber party...I was not quite 10 years old.

  • jolou - I remember watching this on TV with my parents.

  • Nancy Carol Brown Hardin from Las Vegas, NV - I was amazed by our astronaut actually walking on the surface of the moon. But my Dad pooh-poohed the whole thing, and said, "There are places out west that look just like this, they just made it look like they're on the moon." He believed it until the day he died too, no matter what anyone said.

  • Virginia Allain from Central Florida - That's amazing, Nancy, I had no idea that some people thought it was a hoax.

My stepfather was a science fiction fan - he made sure we were watching this on TV! I had built a model of the lunar lander. We more or less had a "home study" course all about the moon shots!

— Mike

Astronaut Neil Armstrong


Watched it on the one television in our home with my mom, dad, and brothers. It was a wondrous time!

— Pam Irie from Hawaii
I'm sure many families have the newspaper from that day saved away. It's an event to remember.
I'm sure many families have the newspaper from that day saved away. It's an event to remember. | Source

I was newly married and my husband and I slept on the couch that night so we could stay up and watch it live on TV. Very moving.

— Mary Beth Granger from O'Fallon, Missouri,

Buzz Aldrin Walks on the Moon

Here's one of the astronauts from that first landing. Buzz Aldrin is now in his nineties. What amazing memories he must have of the event.
Here's one of the astronauts from that first landing. Buzz Aldrin is now in his nineties. What amazing memories he must have of the event. | Source

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