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Great ideas for your (or any) child's school projects!

Updated on April 12, 2012

Unique ideas for school projects and how to score an A

How often does your child come home with a school project confused about what to do it on? Or better yet, don't you love it when they drop it on you all at once, at the last minute? Well, fret not! here are some ideas that may help.

First, I will break down some categories and subject types, and then discuss some general ideas.

Science- This is an interesting one where children break out their creativity. Who doesn't love a good science fair? Well, don't answer that. Anyways, here are a few good ones that are also safe.

Famous People- While many children will do reports or projects on a president, Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson, your child could do a different one entirely! Click on these for more ideas. -

History- Here are some ideas about famous people and events with a twist. In other words your child can do a report on someone they have heard about and load it with facts that they never knew! Here are those links. -

Animals and Mythical Creatures- Animals make for great reports and fun display boards. Check out some of these that their classmates may not of even heard about! -

Health- Natural and scientific cures are very popular and easy to research. Try these.

Try these and let me know whether or not this helps!


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