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Nibiru Planet X, August 11, 2013 USA Embassy Closing's Prelude to Pole Shift!

Updated on January 31, 2015

Coronal Mass Ejection

This huge coronal hole coincides with a Cronal Mass Ejection that barely missed the Earht three weeks ago that would have wiped out the world's electrical grid completely.
This huge coronal hole coincides with a Cronal Mass Ejection that barely missed the Earht three weeks ago that would have wiped out the world's electrical grid completely. | Source

US & Russia Task Force

In other related news the US and Russia have agreed to exchange experts, soldiers and aid for joint rescue operations during major disasters. The agreement made between the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) in June of this year allows for the provision of soldiers (military experts) to be used as security forces in each other's countries during disaster type operations.

Of course the question it raises is what type of disasters are they expecting that would require our two countries to work together to solve?

Obviously it would be a situation that would have the potential for global implications, such as a Polar Shift, rising ocean levels, tectonic plate movement or even a complete disruption of the world's electrical power system such that a CME might cause. Certainly it could put each others military in a position to be used for crowd control in case food and water riots were to take place during a system wide power failure or natural disaster. Foreign troops would be less reluctant to fire on another countries populace they than would their own.

A recent Yahoo.News story list ten cities mostly in the Western United States that face ever growing fresh water shortages however this is nothing new to the people that live there, as most of the States West of the Continental divide have been in a drought for decades.

What is important to recognize is that both governments are now putting measures into place to legally allow foreign troops to be stationed in each other countries due to potential natural disasters. This implies that they are now expecting natural disasters to take place in the near future which would require this type of intervention.

My question to my readers is why has the public not been warned of these potential disasters that would warrant this type of exchange of military experts and aid, what could be so devastating to America to allow foreigners to be used to control the public and for us to need aid from other countries?

Embassy Closing's

While the reasons for the closing of the USA's Embassies around the world has been officially announced as due to suspected terrorist attacks, many have speculated that it has more to do with the escalation in the Earth's Polar Shift. In this article Nibiru Planet X, August 11, 2013 USA Embassy Closing's Prelude to Pole Shift! I will update my readers on the facts that are known about the escalating Polar Shift of planet Earth and how it will affect humanity as a whole in the coming months.

According to US Intelligence officials, senior Al Qaeda member's electronic communications of planned terrorists attacks against American interests had been intercepted and analyzed leading officials to recommend travel alerts and Embassy closings. Evidently the Al Qaeda doesn't watch the news or hadn't heard that the US Intelligence Agencies (NSA) listens to and intercept ALL electronic communications (cellphones) even of their own allies and emails of its own citizens, perhaps they thought they were exempt.

However in a New York Times story Qaeda Messages Prompt U.S Terror Warning some analyst and Congressional members did find the timing some what suspect . . .

"Some analysts and Congressional officials suggested Friday that emphasizing a terrorist threat now was a good way to divert attention from the uproar over the N.S.A.'s data-collection programs . . . "

I mean how stupid do you have to be in wake of the Eric Snowden bombshell on the NSA eavesdropping surveillance of its own citizens and Allies through email intercepts and cellphone calls, to then plan your next major offensive against American 'interests' through emails and cellphone calls?

'Yo, Abdhul just gimme me a holla on the cell phone and tell me where you want me to plant the bombs, they ain't listening to us, its cool.'

Hello Anybody, Home?

That is why I'm not buying this ridiculous and absurd story that Embassy closings are due to intercepted electronic communications, c'mon people every time the White House gets caught with their pants down around their ankles, out come the terrorist threats, they need to get new writers cause that dog don't hunt.

One only needs to Google, Second Sun, Polar Shift or Nibiru Planet X or go to YouTube and enter the same information to get literally dozens of articles and videos pertaining to the ongoing coverup of this topic by concerned citizens around the world. There are far less debunkers now than there were several years ago, as too many people have taken too many videos, pictures and posted articles related to this subject for debunkers to refute these claims any longer.

To better understand what I mean I have posted several of the better videos showing that the North Pole has moved over 150 miles towards Siberia in just the last few years, this is a fact, that cannot be covered up. The extreme weather and continuing tectonic plate movement due to the increased Earth Wobble is another fact that cannot be refuted. The increase in earthquakes, sinkholes, bridge collapses, train derailments, industrial accidents, natural gas explosions and rising sea levels are also facts that the mainstream media has now accepted and have begun to report on a daily basis.

Just last month a six foot wave/tsunami what is being called a meteotsunami struck the New Jersey shoreline and after concerned citizens reported it to local officials the NOAA, then and only then, issued an official report but conveniently left out the reason for it and merely speculated as to the cause. Of course they did say that an investigation is ongoing, which is a tactic used by government officials when they hope to bury a story, knowing that the public will soon forget about it.

Many predictions have been made concerning when the Polar Shift will escalate from remote viewers to whistleblowers and for the most part the time between August 2013 and November 2013 have been the primary time mentioned that the Earth will begin to feel the noticeable affects of Nibiru Planet X. I have maintained that the Earth began to feel the affects when Nibiru Planet X entered our solar system in 2003 as earthquakes doubled in frequency after that time.

I see the closing of the United State's embassies world wide as a prelude to knowledge gained by the US Government as to the affects Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift will have on our planet. I suspect they are well aware of many more asteroids, like the one that hit Russia in February of this year, on their way towards Earth. I also believe they feel that a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from our Sun will hit the Earth soon perhaps crippling or even destroying the World's electrical grid and is only a matter of time, not if but when.

Too much preparation by The Powers That Be has occurred over the last ten years for it to be mere coincidence. From the building of D.U.M.B.'s (Deep Underground Military Bases) which is no longer a secret, to laws instituted for Marshall Law here in the US, to the hundreds of FEMA camps built around the US, to DHS (Division of Homeland Security) arming itself to the teeth, to NASA remaining silent on issues of astronomy and Earth changes that have already been proven a fact and the list goes on and on . . . !

The US Embassy closings are just one more dubious event added to a very long list of questionable decisions made by our Government in anticipation of an event it does not wish to share with the public.

FEMA issued a report just this year in which it anticipates the oceans levels to rise over four (4) feet by this time next year world wide and yet not one mainstream media station deemed this important enough news to mention to the public here in the US!

The amount of earthquakes that occur in the Middle East on a daily basis would indicate to me to be are far more pressing concern to military bases and embassies located in that region than any terrorist attack. Coastlines in this region have been sinking at an alarming rate for the last few years, as well as rivers flooding and plate movement however TPTB have been very careful to keep this information out of the mainstream media.

It certainly is food for thought when considering how a Coronal Mass Ejection hitting the Earth, like the one three weeks ago that the Earth barely missed, would have on Military bases and US embassies in that region. CME's will effectively permanently shut down all devices that use electricities, this includes but is not limited to vehicles, power plants, airplanes, the internet, cell phones, satellites, generators, warships, tanks and the list goes on and on . . . !

New North Pole

Were you aware that the North Pole of Earth had moved its position almost 160 miles towards Siberia since 2005?

See results

More Likely Reason

Doesn't it seem far more likely that The Powers That Be are more concerned with a major tectonic plate movement in the Middle East than a 'supposed' terrorist attack, considering how many earthquakes this region has on a daily basis?
Doesn't it seem far more likely that The Powers That Be are more concerned with a major tectonic plate movement in the Middle East than a 'supposed' terrorist attack, considering how many earthquakes this region has on a daily basis? | Source

Polar Shift

Tectonic Plate Movement

Over and over again extreme weather is getting the blame for rising ocean levels such as the mini-tsunami in New Jersey to rising ocean levels along the Pacific West coast of South America. Although earthquake and volcanic activity is on the rise all over the world due to tectonic plates on the move, story after story of rising ocean levels are all blamed on extreme weather.

A large strip of Chile's Pacific coast remained on alert Thursday (July 4) as massive swells continued to pound the coastline due to strong weather. High winds and tidal movements have combined to create swells with 22-foot (7m) waves in some parts of the coastline.

The mainstream media refuses to make the link between crustal displacement and rising water levels whether it be in rivers or along coastlines because The Powers That Be fear that once people begin to make the connection between earthquakes and rising ocean levels they will recognize that the Polar Shift is real.

Most people have not made the connection between the erratic weather and growing natural disasters and the fact that the Earth's Wobble has increased. Once people make this connection they will almost certainly begin to wonder how the Earth's Wobble could increase without an outside planetary force to make it happen.

Of course the obvious reason would be that only another planetary body could change the Earth's orbit so drastically that it would cause the Earth's Wobble to increase, which in turn causes a change in the jet stream, tectonic plates to move and the poles to shift. Right now most of humanity still goes about their daily lives in complete ignorance of the Earth Changes all around them and this is exactly the mind set TPTB hope to maintain right up until the very end.

Nibiru Planet X

The UFO phenomenon and Nibiru Planet X are not only linked by mystery and coverup but by spiritual orientation as well, begin to learn why!
The UFO phenomenon and Nibiru Planet X are not only linked by mystery and coverup but by spiritual orientation as well, begin to learn why! | Source

UFO Connection

Any unexplainable phenomenon in our skies or in space is almost instantly connected to UFOs by the public, this is only a natural reaction however because both the Nibiru Planet X mystery and UFOs have been so thoroughly covered up by the World's Governments could it be that they are connected.

According to Zecharia Zitchin in his ground breaking book The 12th Planet and many other author's, scientist's and archeologist's the ancient Sumerians believed and recorded in their now famous clay tablets that depict their history, that man had been visited in the past by aliens from their home world Nbiru (Planet X).

The first thought most people have is if Nibiru has returned will the Anunnaki, as the Sumerians referred to these Aliens/Gods, be returning also?

What most people should considered is that if any Alien species were intent on conquering this world, surely they would have done so before we reached a technological state in which we could defend ourselves. That being said according to my own research the planet Earth has been quarantined by a Council of Worlds which controls this part of our Universe, which has affectively kept Service To Self Aliens from imposing their will upon this planet.

That is not to say that they have not been allowed to come to our planet, just not allowed to conquer it. My research indicates that a group known as the Empire (Star Wars) or Orion Group has been colluding with the Powers That Be for many years to influence world leaders, exchange technology and convert willing followers to achieve their goals.

However the Council of Worlds have also allowed Service To Other Alien groups such as the Pleadian's to make contact as a way to offset this collusion. My research indicates that this Council has slowed the Polar Shift to the point that it will allow the majority of the Earth's population to recognize and experience the Pole Shift gradually so that it will enable them to make a spiritual choice of how they intend to orient themselves, In Service To Self or In Service To Others, part of the problem or part of the solution!

This leads me to conclude that the Polar Shift in fact maybe used as a catalyst for spiritual orientation as a way of awakening the masses to not only the UFO phenomenon but also to the fact that humanity has been deceived for centuries by their own people as a means of control.

For if mankind were to learn the true nature of their existence, could they not then throw off the controlling Powers That Be that enslave them through their own ignorance and join their rightful place among the many peacful alien cultures that inhabit the known Galaxy?

The Golden Age

Is this the beginning of a new Golden Age of mankind, is humanity awakening to their full potential and unlocking the powers of the consciousness?
Is this the beginning of a new Golden Age of mankind, is humanity awakening to their full potential and unlocking the powers of the consciousness? | Source

Earth Changes & Spiritual Orientation

Because of the Earth Changes due to the ongoing Polar Shift, many wonder where, if any, safe havens will exist for them and their families. This is a growing concern and will lead to a large migration of people as flood waters from rising ocean levels begin to make their living conditions on coastlines uninhabitable.

As the Polar Shift begins to pick up momentum and events begin to escalate in intensity and frequency many people will become homeless and refugees will become common. The Powers That Be know this and have anticipated these events by instituting laws and agreements that will help control the situation.

What I would like to emphasize is that the safest place anyone can be during these trying times and Earth Changes is to learn to 'think' with your heart and love your fellow human unconditionally. Learn to give unselfishly and expect nothing in return for your efforts, because by practicing these principles daily, moment to moment not just when it suites you or is convenient, then we will know in our hearts that we have ensured a place in the harvest or ascension as I prefer to call it.

Make no mistake, the 25,920 year cycle of our evolution is at hand, the Earth has already aligned itself in the Fourth Density as the Mayans predicted it would. Within the next couple of years, perhaps sooner the harvest Jesus spoke of and the ascension that other channeled material has eluded too, will take place. How we orient ourselves spiritually will create the circumstances in which all of humanity will be separated, because all will be part of the harvest or ascension process, some will be the wheat and some will be the chaff.

Ancient Prophecy

Many ancient cultures throughout history have predicted mankind's return to a Golden Age, from the Mayans to the Bible these stories have been handed down for centuries. In the Bible Jesus talks of a harvest in which the wheat will be separated from chaff. He says that the weeds should be allowed to grow with the wheat so that (and I paraphrase) upon the Day of Judgement separating the good from the bad can be done more easily.

My contentions is that the Polar Shift will be used as a catalyst to allow humanity to decide through free will how they intend to orient themselves spiritually!

For me, it has become clear that The Old World Order of capitalism and Service To Self is crumbling and failing day by day. The world's economy is in ruins from Europe to America, revolutions are starting in regions of the world that have been oppressed for centuries. Because of the internet and the free flow of information, many people no longer trust the mainstream media to tell them the truth.

Because of the influence of Eastern Philosophy, meditation, channeling and astral projection and the New Age Movement that started fifty years ago here in the West, many people are seeking guidance from within and learning the truth for themselves.

Books such as The RA Material, Seth Speaks, Keepers Of The Garden, Only Planet Of Choice, Two Thirds, The Pleadian Mission and the many books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa best selling author of The Third Eye show that humans are awakening to other dimensions of reality, alien cultures, Hollow Earth, the ancient cultures of Atlantis & Mu and a whole host of other possibilities.

This has lead to an awakening in which many people not only question their own reality and perception of it but our Government's version of it as well. By becoming aware of other realities it leads one to the thought that if the public can learn this information how long have the World's Governments and Military also known about this information?

Many Intelligence Services have publicly admitted to using 'Remote Viewers' in the past to psychically gather secret information. Every major Corporation in the world uses some form of Remote Viewing to spy on their competitors and infiltrate secret data.

Only now in the 21st Century are scientist even beginning to accept psychic phenomenon, para-normal abilities, other dimensions (quantum mechanics) and the power of the human mind or are they just now being allowed to publicly accept it?

The Third Eye or God Organ

Learning to 'think' with your heart and trust your soul will ensure a positive place in the ascension process.
Learning to 'think' with your heart and trust your soul will ensure a positive place in the ascension process. | Source


Whether or not the US Embassy closing are due to terrorist threats or pending natural disasters, it has become clear from this article Nibiru Planet X, August 11, 2013 USA Embassy Closing's Prelude to Pole Shift! and many others like it found on the internet today that there is a mountain of evidence that can only lead the public to conclude we are not being told the truth about the current Earth Changes.

The fact that our own Government Officials do not consider it necessary to warn us that the North Pole has moved over 150 miles in the last few years should be a clear warning to anyone that they are with holding important information from the public.

All of the extreme weather alone, not to mention the increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity, should be a clear indication that something is amiss. Our own Sun is now missing large sections of it and yet we are still told this is perfectly normal. We barely escaped getting clobbered by a massive solar storm, huge asteroids are impacting the Earth and now meteotsunamis are pummeling our shores but don't worry be happy, we'll let you know if anything is wrong.

As my Momma always likes to say "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and learn to be happy with what you have, because it could always be worse!"

Science Project Captures Second Sun

© 2013 somethgblue


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Well thank you, it is not meant to scare anyone, just some observations about the world we live in.

      If you go to the link I provided in the comment section and read the New Scriptures channeled from Sananda (known as Jesus 2000 years ago) it may offer you a new perspective.

      There is a lot of good in the Bible but lets face it, it was written by men three hundred years after his death how accurate could it be?

      It is not Jesus' word but hearsay written centuries after we hung him on a cross until he died, now the fact that he died after only six hours should provide anyone with knowledge about death by crucifixion an indication of his true nature, the Son of God.

      Crucifixion is a lengthy process and most people require at least 24 to 36 hours to expire, spear wound not withstanding.

      The whole point was to show mankind that there is an afterlife, hence the resurrection, meaning that you do not really die but go back to the real world, this life is the illusion.

      That is why I believe the Bible is so distorted as it teaches the wrong lessons, this life is the Hell. How we endure in this chaos is the lesson, how we learn to love each other unconditionally and learn to give when the world revolves around take, take, take is the spiritual lesson Jesus was trying to teach us.

      Those spiritual lessons and how we respond to this Hell we live in determines our spiritual orientation when we are reborn (die) in the real world. Yet the Bible teaches us to fear death if we do not live how the writers of it tell us to.

      The bible is about controlling humanity, Jesus taught us that we have free will, so how can you have free will and also have a list of commandments that teach 'Thou Shall Not . . . " that in itself flies in the face of free will.

    • ugagirl66 profile image

      Regina Harrison-Barton 

      7 years ago from South Carolina

      Wow, that is a very interesting concept. I am not entirely convinced, however I am open minded enough to agree that there are earthy changes happening. I also believe that there will be things that knock out our grids, areas that will drop off into the sea and volcanoes that have not been predicted to erupt to happen. My thoughts on our current government is that they are all for one and one for all, as long as you are in the White House Club. But, I don't believe they would have any intention of preparing America for any known fatal destruction until there was just about enough time to bend over. With that said, I agree that we all need to get right with our devine master. My master is the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that as the bible says if you have two and someone needs one, then you share your spare. As a human being and child of God it should be in all of our nature to want to help everyone. However, I do believe there will come a time when things get to a point where it is dog eat dog and at that point, you will have to tighten your core group. I am not a prepper per say. But, I am an armed American, who does plan ahead and I am all about my core family when it comes to protecting them the best way I know how. I think being informed in ALL areas that could cause potential harm to our Country is a must. Meaning, you cannot rule out anything, even what some people consider "crazy talk". Zombies, do I think the dead will arise. Umm, yes it says that in the bible. Do I think they will come back as zombies? Umm, NO! Do I think humans deprived of food and water can become zombie like and kill for food and water? Yes. Do I think they need to be shot in the head to kill them? No. I think you can outrun a zombie and if they get hold of you, then use the appropriate amount of force necessary up to including deadly force to get them off of you if you are in imminent danger of being mauled and killed. It's all about perspective. I think if everyone took time to see the truth behind all the words thrown in articles to scare them, they may learn something that could be helpful in preparing them for any kind of natural or unnatural disaster. I thought your article was well written.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm scared. What should I do???

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Thank you for reading it however if you thought that was interesting, I would suggest that you go to this link and read the New Scriptures by Sananda (Jesus) which are four very short chapters that are incredibly enlightening and a must read for anyone searching for the truth!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interesting!


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