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Polar Shift in 2012

Updated on January 14, 2017

New Madrid Fault Zone

A possible look at the changes that would occur to the USA after a NMFZ adjustment.
A possible look at the changes that would occur to the USA after a NMFZ adjustment. | Source


Nibiru is close just because we can't see it ATM doesn't mean we aren't experiencing its affects on the planet Earth/
Nibiru is close just because we can't see it ATM doesn't mean we aren't experiencing its affects on the planet Earth/ | Source

January 15, 2012 Yellow Sea

Many ships, including North Korean Navy vessels and this South Korean cargo ship were ripped in two due to the Earth's Wobble.
Many ships, including North Korean Navy vessels and this South Korean cargo ship were ripped in two due to the Earth's Wobble. | Source

Ocean Disasters on the Increase

More recently ( January 15, 2012 ) on the other side of the World in the Yellow Sea off South Korea a 4,191 tonne oil tanker Doola No. 3 suddenly explodes as it is ripped in two.

The Doola usually carried diesel fuel, but had just emptied its cargo of gasoline in the nearby port of Daesan, again 'no immediate cause is known for the explosion.'

The article was very misleading and made no reference to the South Korean Naval vessel that also sunk in the area.

A South Korean Navy vessel the Cheonan has been confirmed sunk after being ripped in half Sunday January 15, 2012 and only now are the details being released to the public, almost a month after it happened.

Forty-six sailors were killed, however 58 were rescued, including the Captain. The cause is under investigation, however North Korea is not thought to have been involved as none of their ships were nearby.

Many possibilities are being offered as the reason for this disaster and yet it has not been linked to a cargo ship that suffered the same fate in the same area on the same day, evidently no one has made the connection . . . must be a coincidence, huh?

What To Believe

In the article Trust The Word of One Who Knows, I ask the reader to learn to trust their God given instinct when trying to determine what to believe. In Polar Shift in 2012, I will attempt to outline some basic facts and warning signs we all should be aware of as the Polar Shift begins to escalate around us.

This article isn't designed to scare you or convince you of anything, just to put many of the warning signs together in one place to ponder and pay attention too in the coming months.

Many people seem to have the belief that there is little we as a society or individual can do if disaster strikes. My answer to this is simply to be prepared and aware of what to expect and to know what to look for. Identifying warning signs can help all of us to be prepared and not to panic. Acknowledging events that are being misrepresented in the media can also help us to use logic and discussion with like minded people and to help others that might be sitting on the fence of the seriousness of a Polar Shift in 2012.

I know many reasonable informed and intelligent people whom have begun to re-access the situation after doing just a little research. Obviously panic is a major concern for many as it becomes evident that the Planet is beginning to be adversely affected by increasingly bad weather and geographical disasters.

Let's take a look at a few events and what they may mean to the average citizen.

Recently here in America the Eggner Ferry Bridge in southwestern Kentucky was damaged after being hit by The Delta Mariner a 312 foot cargo vessel. This ship had passed underneath this bridge many times in the last ten years and yet with no warning struck the 'main truss span' causing it to collapse on to the ship.

Many articles were written about this incident and yet not one that I could find mentioned the cause. Most of the articles focused on damage, cargo, destination and the fact that no casualties occurred. As I have mentioned in many of my other articles, the most recent being Costa Concordia or Polar Shift, the reason (which is known by the authorities) is that river bottoms as well as river levels are rising due to the Polar Shift in 2012.

This is a warning sign that we can all pay attention too, when we hear reports about shipping disasters that have no explanation. The Rena off the coast of New Zealand, the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy, the Lady Moon near Dubai and the Tit Bohomme in Ireland, to name a few are all vessels that sunk due to extreme currents and rapidly rising Ocean levels and bottoms due to the Earth wobble and Polar Shift in 2012.

What is known is that the Earth is experiencing a significant Wobble as it is reacting to Nibiru's magnetic influence. It is time to wake up to what is not being said in the media, ships do not suddenly explode or run a ground. Shipping lanes are well established and have been used for hundreds of years with very few incidents such as the ones that are happening World wide in the last five years.

What the average man can do now is pay attention to how the Wobble is effecting his local environment and to prepare for events, that may directly affect the way he or she lives. Continue to monitor the local news while observing the National weather and earthquake patterns World wide.

Here in America the biggest concern should be to keep an eye on the New Madrid Fault Zone and the seismic activity in the Ring of Fire.

What the public must realize is that disinformation will be the norm right up until the obvious can no longer be denied and Nibiru can be plainly seen by everyone on Earth.

Of course if and when this happens it will obviously arouse the publics attention and a demand for answers. While the lack of credible information on this subject is unavailable to the common man due to the media blackout on the topic of Polar Shift in 2012, besides what can be found on the internet, we can still learn a great deal by simple using common sense.

Fish Kills

The bird and fish kills World wide are increasing, yet scientist are still unable to explain this or are they being silenced?
The bird and fish kills World wide are increasing, yet scientist are still unable to explain this or are they being silenced? | Source

Bird and Fish Kills

Bird and Fish kills are on the rise also and yet like the shipping disasters offer no explanation. The Powers That Be must think the general public is incredible stupid or are simple unable to Connect the Dots . . . One World Disaster at a Time!

Methane gas is often the reason behind many of the large fish and bird kills, so where and how are large pockets of methane gas released into the atmosphere?

Methane gas forms in large underground pockets from rotting vegetation over thousands of years. For these pockets to reach the surface the Earth must undergo geographical upheavals, most people call this an earthquake. Fracking a recently discovered method of locating and removing natural gas and oil, also can cause displacement of the Earth, leading to other substances such as water from underground rivers and lakes and methane gas to reach the surface.

This is no great mystery people, just because TPTB are unwilling to share this information with you doesn't mean they are unaware of the reasons for them.

This is how disinformation works, by withholding important information on the Polar Shift in 2012 from the public it allows rumors, wild theories and conspiracy theories to spread and ferment. Actually many conspiracy theories are created and 'leaked' to the public by the very parties responsible to keeping us safe as a way to keep the public from guessing at the real motives behind any event.

This also helps to divide and conquer public opinion and keep an ignorant public arguing amongst themselves over absurd and wild rumors, while the real perpetrators of the crime slip away unnoticed.


What Executive Order 13575 is prepared to deal with as millions become homeless.
What Executive Order 13575 is prepared to deal with as millions become homeless. | Source

Executive Order 13575

Establishment of the White House Rural Council ( June 9, 2011 ) was to put a plan of action in place if and when a true National Disaster takes place, such as if the New Madrid Fault Zone were to tear an inland sea from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

FEMA conducted exercises in May of 2011 involving ten states in that region intended to prepare emergency workers for earth quakes and floods, that included over one million people, this was not widely publicized.

Executive Order 13575 includes in its mandate the use of 25 Federal branches of the US Government, this all encompassing order allows for unlimited power to set up and maintain self sustaining communities of workers to provide for millions of possible homeless civilians in case of a Polar Shift in 2012.

Do you think they are predicting something big or want to be prepared . . . just in case?

Hell, they had two weeks warning with Hurricane Katrina and did nothing, what could possible get the Washington Bureaucrats off their collective asses?

The current President has made a strong push in recent months to get the failing bridge system in America up to date. Is Obama concerned for the American citizen or being able to get to the American citizen to 'help' them, who's to say. When earthquakes happen, bridges collapse, this is a fact often times with little warning. Is this a sign that The Powers That Be are expecting Polar Shift in 2012 . . . perhaps, perhaps not but only time will tell.

When the New Madrid Fault Zone does go it will effectively split the country in two widening the Mississippi River by fifty miles. Obama's wife Michele has encouraged many Americans to turn their lawns into gardens, just in case.

Global Techtonics

There is a new theory that the Earth is actually expanding and has been for the last 220 million years. I mean that the Earth is growing in size in geometric phases, that new matter is being created from a crystal core in the center of the Earth, sounds crazy right . . . however this is not my idea but is actually supported by data NASA has developed.

NASA refers to it as their Glatzmaier-Roberts model which scientist discovered in 1995 and believe to be at least 3,000 miles beneath the surface of the Earth. This core is in the shape of a dodecahedron and is fluid like in nature and yet is considered a gigantic crystal.

They have found that this crystal core is rotating faster than the rest of the earth!

Could the Polar Shift in 2012 really be the results of the Earth expanding and rearranging itself geometrically according to some divine plan that began over 200 million years ago. Much like a consciousness becoming enlightened and expanding its awareness the Earth our mother is expanding its consciousness as well.

2012 Pole Shift

What is a Polar Shift?

To understand what causes these disasters to happen so suddenly with very little warning if any at all, we must explore the implications of a Polar Shift in 2012 and Nibiru's affect on our Planet.

The Planet X or Nibiru as I prefer to call it, is passing between our Sun and the Earth in it's odd orbit. As it is coming from the elliptic 'south', when it can be seen in the southern hemisphere which at the moment is difficult as it is close to the Sun and the Sun's glare is preventing us from seeing it. Because it is so close it is effectively causing the Earth to wobble about rather significantly on a daily, weekly and monthy basis. This wobble is what is causing the increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, seismic activity and flooding all over the World.

We physically cannot feel the Earth wobble as it is too gradual for our perception, but this is increasing in speed, angle and occurrence. This is why the Moon and the Stars seem to be out of place at times.

Now I'm sure many people are having a difficult time digesting this, or wrapping their brains around this information and in the beginning I found it very difficult to believe and am constantly readjusting my understanding of it. A site called Zeta Talk which has been around since 1995 goes into great length on the subject of a Polar Shift in 2012 and can explain it much better than I can.

I found this site a little over four years ago and have been comparing events that happen in the World with their interpretation of them and have found that their ideas and concepts to be very credible to the point of just down right scary. Given their knowledge and interpretation of these events with my own ideas, research, books and the use of critical thinking while keeping an open mind, I've come to the conclusion that we as a society are being lied to on a grand scale concerning a Polar Shift in 2012.

Once you decide that you have been lied to on any subject whether that is 9/11, the reasons for Wars, the Economy, the rich elite, History, NASA, the Moon, Science, Religion or even the true nature of mankind then it becomes easier to understand why The Powers That Be would with hold this information from the public and how it is even possible.

How do you prepare 7 billion people for a cataclysmic event?

You don't!

The Polar Shift in 2012 will begin to increase exponentially for some time culminating in an Eclipse of the Sun which will last for three days. Total Darkness for three days after which our World will be permanently altered physically (geographically speaking). From what I understand Nibiru will be passing out of the solar system and the events that lead up to the eclipse will begin to diminish in proportion to how they began.

You Make the Call

Do you believe Nibiru is in our Solar System?

See results

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