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Nibiru Planet X, August, 2014 Earth Changes Herald Polar Shift

Updated on September 6, 2014

Two Suns

Although many conflicting explanations exist for this image of two Suns captured in China in March of 2014, all the experts have agreed it is not a photoshopped image.
Although many conflicting explanations exist for this image of two Suns captured in China in March of 2014, all the experts have agreed it is not a photoshopped image. | Source

Rabaul Caldera, Papua New Guinea

This recent volcanic eruption in the Ring of Fire is far larger than the eruption in Iceland but with far less mainstream media coverage.
This recent volcanic eruption in the Ring of Fire is far larger than the eruption in Iceland but with far less mainstream media coverage. | Source

Earth Changes

August 2014 brought many new changes to our planet in terms of the pending Pole Shift, from erupting volcanoes in Iceland and Papua New Guinea to large earthquakes on the West Coasts of both North and South America. In this article Nibiru Planet X, August 2014, Earth Changes Herald Polar Shift we will discuss the geological disturbances affecting our planet and how they are the warning signs designed to awaken the population associated with not only the pending Polar Shift but UFO/Alien contact, the true nature of our spiritual existence and the next step of human evolution, known as the Ascension.

As massive landslides in Japan, China and India show that the tectonic plates of the Earth are on the move. More and more large sinkholes around the world are being shown in the Mainstream Media prompting geologists to probe deeper into that mystery. Getting little attention in the mainstream media but just as important is the growing number of UFO sightings the world over, as well as many new crop circles depicting the presence of Nibiru Planet X.

Large super cell thunderstorms formed in the upper atmosphere above the Carolinas in the United States this month, while multiple hurricanes pummeled Hawaii, thus indicating our weather is changing as well. Scientist predict another Polar Vortex is set to hit the Northern Hemisphere in September, even though it is not winter.

Yet, the skies seem to be clearing and less chemical trails are being sprayed in the atmosphere. I have even personally witnessed some type of craft actually neutralizing recently sprayed chem-trails by dissipating them right before my eyes.

June was the wettest month on record in over twenty years, while 35% of the Nation suffered through sever drought conditions. The average land and ocean temperatures soared to record highs not seen in over a hundred and thirty years.

While drought conditions and seismic activity have reduced the Great Lakes water levels to record lows and created undrinkable water for some communities (see Toledo, Ohio) other seismic events have actually created water where none existed before (see Tunisia). The recent 6.0 earthquake this month in the Napa Valley of California caused underground aquifers and rivers beds to rise which flooded previously dry creek and stream beds.

Earthquakes and tectonic plate movement the World over are causing ocean floor levels to rise which in turn are causing sea levels to rise which floods coastlines and river mouths. When this happens large rivers have no place to dump their water and backup, causing them to overflow their banks. This phenomenon is usually blamed on thunderstorms and heavy rainfall else where but in fact are mostly due to rising sea floors.

Because no one can actually see or prove that sea floors are rising the mainstream media can use alternative theories and misleading information to prevent the public from recognizing the truth. This is done for the thousands of sinkholes that have formed all over the world, large fish and bird kills from methane gas rising to the surface and land and mudslides, which is blamed on rain fall.

Most geologists and scientist are well aware of the reasons for our changing planet but because of National Security concerns (public panic) are prevented from telling the public the truth until an official announcement is made. While an official announcement doesn't seem very likely, preventing public panic isn't an excuse I put much credence to, when Governmental Institutions such as FEMA, UPS, NOAA and DHS have armed themselves to the teeth.

Meaning when all our Governmental Institutes have the capability to effectively control the population through armed detention, police forces the country over have military capabilities, then cordoning off major cities during any crisis seems much more likely.

Say for instance sea levels rise along the East Coast of America where living in Boston, New York or Washington D.C. becomes problematic and the public wants to migrate inland. All the Government has to do is cordon off public exit routes with armed personnel, major highways, train stations and airports and no one leaves. This would allow them to control major population centers by limiting food, water, energy and information (media), effectively controlling millions of people.

So while millions are allowed to starve and fend for themselves, valuable resources can be reserved for those in power, while maintaining a strict quarantine. All they have to do is tell the public a major epidemic (plague) has broken out on the East Coast and it must be quarantined to 'protect' the rest of the nation. This is why the Ebola scare tactics are so prominent in the news nowadays to make the public aware that the potential exist.

When millions of people run out of food and water within weeks, what do you think they are going to eat (think Zombie Apocalypse/Donner Party)? That is why zombie movies are so prevalent nowadays to condition the masses into this scenario.

We need to be aware of these scenarios so that we can prepare for them however we must also keep from becoming fearful of events we cannot control. Yes our world is changing but, in fact it could be much worse, so we should be thankful for what we have and use this information to awaken to ways of preparing for tomorrow.

Iceland Eruption

While the Iceland eruption gets more publicity due to its location and affect on airline travel it is not as large as other eruptions elsewhere.
While the Iceland eruption gets more publicity due to its location and affect on airline travel it is not as large as other eruptions elsewhere. | Source

Keeping the Public in the Dark

Do you feel limiting information about Nibiru Planet X creates more fear through speculation than if the public were told the truth?

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Fear Based Initiatives

While these types of potential scenarios certainly exist as possibilities in our near future, I suspect that they are designed as scare tactics to create fear based initiatives. The purpose behind these initiatives is to keep the public in a state of fear, which is designed to confuse and disorient the spiritual aspect of mankind while feeding the dark side of the source field/force.

By keeping the unsuspecting sheep rooted in the negative, they are able to feed and empower the darker side of man's spiritual aspect. The Cabal, Illuminati, Powers That Be or New World Order . . . whatever you wish to call them use this negative energy to fuel their fear based initiatives for deception and control.

They have learned through thousands of years of ruling this planet that keeping the public ignorant is the best way to control them. By preventing the public from understanding and knowing the technology they possess, the fundamental aspects of their own reality and recognizing their true potential as spiritual beings, they can keep them enslaved by their own ignorance and fear.

This is designed to keep the workforce firmly in place and prevent mankind as a whole from recognizing and becoming aware of their true potential.

Of course this only will work as long as the public still believes their propaganda, still own and watch TVs for their only source of information and news and still buy into the fear based paradigm so prevalent in mainstream society.

However because so many are beginning to wake up too their true potential as sentient beings living a 3D illusion it is becoming problematic for the Cabal to maintain their illusion of power and deception.

For many the illusion has already shattered and fragmented, however disinformation is still a major concern for these people as deciphering the truth can be a difficult process. Because the fear of being wrong is still a major concern in our society, learning to recognize the truth requires that we learn to begin 'thinking' with our heart and soul.

I recommend two books that will really help when trying to determine the truth. When read with an open mind, while using critical thinking, these two books can really help to start one on a path of discovery.

The first book I recommend is called The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek, a self made spiritual guru with a physics background. This book gives you a straight forward look at our censored history and suppressed knowledge of all things spiritual and scientific.

This book exposes ancient secrets, such as sacred geometry, our ancestors tried to hand down to us through the ages as a way of preventing what our society is going through now, ignorance of our true nature. It shows the how and the why our planet has been so easily deceived by darker forces bent on control, while giving you a hands on approach at circumventing this dark power and recognizing and harnessing your true potential, a must read for anyone exploring their true spiritual nature.

The second book I recommend is called The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock, whom I feel is the reincarnated soul of Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet. This book shows you many of the suppressed and censored ideas of our time, while providing clear evidence of a Source Field many already know is true, God, in more scientific terms.

This book relies on thousands of other sources, provides innumerable links and is painstakingly researched to reveal that these ideas and concepts are not just his own but the compilation of hundreds of scientist and researchers the World over. It relies on ancient wisdom, religious dogma and groundbreaking experiments that have never been revealed in the public domain or mainstream society.

Both of these books will allow, those in our society, that while don't buy into the fear based initiatives of the Cabal are still confused on which direction will give them the best chance at recognizing and revealing their true potential.

These books will provide the reader with hundreds of resource materials, internet links and censored books by leading scientists the world over. They show beyond a shadow of a doubt that vast amounts of technology, knowledge and scientific discoveries have been systematically censored from our education process for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Two Suns

Nibiru Planet X

Preventing the public from learning the truth about the planet Nibiru a.k.a Planet X is actually a carefully designed two fold disinformation propaganda tool created by the Cabal to spread fear. Using the excuse of National Security the Cabal has prevented astronomers, scientists and archeologists from sharing with the public the vast amounts of information they already have discovered about Nibiru Planet X.

On the one hand this prevents the public from recognizing the true history of our planet and the existence/creation of our species, thus enabling the Cabal to continue to rule through fear based initiatives.

On the other hand it allows them to plan for the continued control of the population of the planet by using their advanced knowledge of the pending Pole Shift to set up military bases in regions of the world that they know have the best chance to survive the coming Earth changes and geological upheavals. This advanced knowledge has allowed them to plan for a future with a largely reduced population, hoard and acquire resources and implement strategies that will give them the best chance of recovery after the Pole Shift subsides.

While this scenario certainly would seem to put the general public at a clear disadvantage, I submit to my reader that perhaps all is not lost in this conspiracy of silence.

My research has indicated that, while the presence of Nibiru Planet X has the potential to create global destruction on an unprecedented scale, that its presence here and now may serve a completely different agenda the Cabal is not counting on.

In the beginning of my research of this subject I felt real fear and hopelessness but as I have continued to research this event I feel that it is not here for the purposes the Cabal wishes us to believe.

The Cabal wants us to live in fear of Nibiru Planet X's potential for global cataclysms as it serves their agenda but what I have found is that the true nature of its arrival in our solar system is to help the general population of our planet to spiritually awaken.

It is being used by the Council of Worlds, a power far greater than the Cabal to fuel a spiritual awakening of global proportions. This Council, which controls this part of our Galaxy, has manipulated Nibiru Planet X's orbit to limit the geological damage it will do to our planet, giving everyone on it the chance to awaken and orient themselves spiritually. This plan will allow a large majority of Earth's current population to awaken at the same time, all at once, by giving everyone the same knowledge.

The Council of Worlds as I choose to call them, they have many names, has limited the amount of geological destruction Nibiru Planet X is causing to our planet as a means to allow everyone on it to awaken to not only the Alien presence but our own spiritual nature. They have done this by using advanced technology to manipulate Nibiru Planet X's orbit, which at the moment has positioned it behind our Sun.

They have done this not just for the unsuspecting general population but also to give The Powers That Be (TPTB) time to make an official announcement. They know that many people in a position of power have been forced to remain silent about Nibiru Planet X by (TPTB) and that Gods love is for all of mankind not just the innocent.

This calm before the storm has been carefully orchestrated to give everyone on the planet time to orient themselves spiritually either in Service To Self (STS) or Service To Others (STO) and to allow those sitting the fence to become aware and take responsibility for their actions.

The Council of Worlds is a group of Alien civilizations formed to protect and govern this part of our galaxy and in fact is the very group that imposed a quarantine on this planet after the collapse of Atlantis, removed the Annunaki from Earth and have slowly allowed the population to become aware of their presence by revealing the UFO phenomenon.

Even now they are helping the planet move to the next level of human evolution, Ascension as it is known, by orchestrating events to remove the Cabal from power once and for all. My research has shown me that they have been manipulating events, allowing discoveries to be made and revealing information that is allowing the current population to awaken from their thousands of years of slumber.

Nibiru Planet X is just one part of this plan, as it will give the current race of humanity the visual proof they all require to recognize that we are not alone, as the Cabal would have us believe. It will show convincingly that Alien civilizations do indeed exist, that the ancient Sumerian history is accurate and that the Annunaki played an important role in our creation 200,000 years ago.

Sacred Geometry

Is Nibiru Planet X here now to awaken humanity to the path of spiritual enlightenment,  global destruction, or both?
Is Nibiru Planet X here now to awaken humanity to the path of spiritual enlightenment, global destruction, or both? | Source
Nibiru's arrival in our solar system at this time in our history serves as a wake up call for mankind and will not be allowed to cause widespread destruction beyond what occurs from the Polar Shift.
Nibiru's arrival in our solar system at this time in our history serves as a wake up call for mankind and will not be allowed to cause widespread destruction beyond what occurs from the Polar Shift. | Source


While the concept of Nibiru Planet X being the destroyer of our planet does have some basis of fact from past Polar Shifts, my contention is that its presence in our solar system, here and now is for the purpose of spiritually awakening the current population. Just as crop circles, UFO sightings, geological upheavals and recent ongoing archeological discoveries are doing as well.

The Council of Worlds has a lot of experience in the best way to awaken a spiritually backwards civilization to the presence of superiorly advanced Alien races and rely on this to slowly make humanity aware of their presence, without creating too much undue panic.

The real problem they face is not the publics reluctance to accept them but the very real threat of forcing the Cabal to relinquish control and publicly admit their deception to the world.

The Cabal, having ruled this planet for thousands of years wish to continue, and fear how the public will react when we learn of their duplicitous nature, destructive behavior and conspiracy of silence and manipulation.

That being said, when one researches this very complex subject they will recognize that our planet and the species on it evolves through a cycle that requires thousands of years to complete. That we go through cycles of conscious awakening and slumber designed to allow us to learn valuable lessons that will further our spiritual experience in this dimension.

While this knowledge maybe difficult for many of us to accept, due in large part to our limited life spans and lack of spiritual knowledge of the history of our existence on this planet, there is convincing evidence that has been systematically suppressed and censored to keep us from recognizing this very fact and our true potential.

When you consider the reasons the Cabal would censor the true history of our past, it becomes clear what they are trying to hide from the public.

  • Why would the Smithsonian Institute try to censor the knowledge of an ancient race of giants having lived on the North American continent thousands of years ago, whom possessed advanced technology?

  • Why would the subject of UFOs and Aliens be met with ridicule by the scientific community the world over, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence in the past and present?

  • Why would Egyptologists insist the pyramids were built only 5,000 years ago despite overwhelming evidence they're far older?

  • Why would the New Age movement and psychic phenomenon be met with such disdain, despite many government's use of it (Remote Viewing) and scientific advancements in this area of research?

  • Why would archeological discoveries of ancient sophisticated races of human civilizations (Atlantis and Lemuria) be kept from our educational process?

  • Why would the discovery of cures for almost every disease known to mankind be kept hidden from the public?

  • Why would the subject of Hollow Earth be censored, ridiculed and laughed at by The Powers That Be, if it is just fantasy. Why are both the North and South Poles 'protected' and 'guarded' by a large military presence?

  • Why did Egypt build military bases around some pyramids but not others?

  • What is the real reason we have not attempted to go back to our own Moon despite having the advanced technology to do so?

  • If the Cabal is so intent on starting World War III why has no nuclear warhead been detonated to start it?

When people begin to explore these and many other questions they will realize the systematic censorship of information from public consumption is not an accident but done for the purpose of keeping us from recognizing our true spiritual and historical nature.

When people begin to awaken to the deception that our militaries have technology far more advanced than what has been revealed to the public, in the form of anit-gravity propulsion systems, free energy technology, weapons and inventions, they will begin to grasp the levels of censorship perpetrated.

The purpose of this article Nibiru Planet X, August 2014, Earth Changes Herald Polar Shift was not written to spread fear, actually just the opposite. It was written to show how continued research can reveal that many subjects that initially may spark fear from a lack of understanding and knowledge, can actually bring about enlightenment if we don't give in to our first reactions.

I certainly felt that the censorship of information concerning Nibiru Planet X was to prevent mankind from realizing and accepting an End of the World scenario however upon further research I suspect it goes far beyond this and is just one small part of a much larger picture.

Simply consider that the Council of Worlds has controlled this planet in many ways that go well beyond our current understanding of technology and knowledge. If indeed they are aware of an impending Polar Shift and want to preserve the planet for future generations, the one thing they would have to do is disable all the nuclear weapons. If this is indeed the case, do you really think any country with nuclear weapons would be willing to admit this to their own citizens?

What is very important to realize is that recognizing the fact that our own history has been censored from our education is paramount in the Cabals agenda of conditioning us from accepting a future that involves Ascension to the next level of human evolution. Our history on this planet is encoded in our very DNA, so becoming aware of our past achievements as a race will ensure that we can open ourselves to enlightenment.

Use this article Nibiru Planet X, August 2014, Earth Changes Herald Polar Shift to begin your own research into our past so that we can forge a new reality closer to the heart.

© 2014 somethgblue


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