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What Is Nibiru

Updated on October 7, 2014

SOHO Image


Nibiru Planet X Orbit

This is a good representation of Nibiru's orbit and 30 degree inclination to our solar plane.
This is a good representation of Nibiru's orbit and 30 degree inclination to our solar plane.

New York

Also in these photos taken in New York you can see the smaller spheres.
Also in these photos taken in New York you can see the smaller spheres. | Source

Wales Photos

IN these pictures one clearly see the smaller sphere
IN these pictures one clearly see the smaller sphere | Source

Nibiru Planet X

Let's take a look at what exactly is Nibiru Planet X and how it directly affects humans on this planet. According to information found in the many books on the subject such as the 12th Planet by Zecharia Zitchin to internet sources and NASA, Nibiru Planet X is just one of seven planets that orbits a Brown Dwarf or Dark Star.

The sixth planet of this solar system is the home world of the Annunaki or Nephelim 'Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came'. A race of Giants that came to our planet to mine gold and other precious metals and ended up interfering with the natural evolution of mankind. They have since been quarantined from further interference much like we have been quarantined from leaving our planet.

Nibiru Planet X is the seventh planet in this solar system and has several moons that orbit it. It has a 30 degree orbital inclination to the solar plane of Earth and is retrograde to our orbit.

This erratic orbit every 3,657 years has caused many of the planets in our solar system to react violently, including the destruction of a planet called Marduk or Tiamat which is now what we call the asteroid belt.

Nibiru Planet X's presence in our solar system has been a closely guarded secret since 1983 when NASA discovered it using their IRAS telescope. The Powers That Be originally created what is called Global Warming and more recently Climate Change as a cover to hide the approach of Nibiru or Planet X. In reality its approach and presence in our solar system is responsible for the recent increase in extreme weather, earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunami's, flooding and drought being experienced World Wide.

Because Nibiru Planet X is four times as large as the Earth and 23 times as dense it's magnetic field creates much havoc to the lesser nearby planets such as Venus, Mars the Earth and our Moon.

The increase in the Earth's wobble due to Nibiru Planet X presence has increased the tectonic stress on plates world wide and increased flooding, drought and extreme weather. However as sightings become more common of Nibiru Planet X perhaps we can better prepare for these events.

NASA has had twenty years to warn and prepare us and has done nothing so we can only rely on each other as more information is revealed on this subject.

Nibiru Planet X

Using the red filter method I have been able to capture Nibiru Planet X using my trusty point and shoot.
Using the red filter method I have been able to capture Nibiru Planet X using my trusty point and shoot. | Source

Human Life

How Nibiru's presence will affect the Earth directly remains to be seen however if the increase in extreme weather, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions are any indication we could be in for a rough ride.

Imagine if NASA had revealed back in 1983 that they new exactly what it was and we had thirty years to live? It doesn't take much imagination to picture a world that just doesn't care because they know the big picture. Anarchy would rule the day and millions would suffer because of it but now as the break out of the cover up is beginning to make progress and we can see Nibiru Planet X ourselves it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to the news.

Many of the maps and predictions have most coastal areas throughout the world getting hammered and that only 100 miles inland from any coast can one be sure of escaping rising Ocean levels and tsunami's. However earthquakes and extreme weather can be just as deadly as many sources have the loss of human live in the billions and expect at least two thirds of the World's population to perish as the Poles Shift.

Of the Polar Shift survivors another two third of those will die of starvation and disease within the first six months. Even if these estimates and predictions are high and only half of that survive the loss of human live will still be in the billions.

Wales Video

Nibiru Planet X

This a much clearer image of the orb just outside our Sun's glare.
This a much clearer image of the orb just outside our Sun's glare. | Source


That Nibiru Planet X is causing much destruction here on planet Earth there is no doubt in this authors mind however to what degree that will continue is hard to say. That a Polar Shift is imminent I would say is fairly obvious however to what level mankind can prepare for this isn't clear.

Certainly moving from coastal areas although problematic for some could prevent a greater loss of life initially. Finding alternative sources of energy and stock piling provisions would enable many to reduce their suffering but would only be short term.

Learning all that you can to living frugally and learning to provide for yourself and others could help to save lives as well. We can prepare ourselves for an extinction level event provided we are informed. So that being said I hope I may have answered any questions you may have on What Is Nibiru Planet X.


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