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Nibiru Planet X. May 3, 2015 Volcanic Eruptions, Massive Earthquakes, EMPs and Flood Maps

Updated on May 3, 2015

Calbuco Volcano

this massive volcanic eruption in Chile of the Calbuco Volcano has gotten the worlds attention.
this massive volcanic eruption in Chile of the Calbuco Volcano has gotten the worlds attention. | Source

Geological Cataclysms

Everyday on the internet we see videos and read articles about new geological cataclysms happening all over the world. What we don't see or read about is why these events are happening now. This article Nibiru Planet X. May 3, 2015 Volcanic Eruptions, Massive Earthquakes, EMPs and Flood Maps will connect the dots for you and explain what each of these geological cataclysms have in common.

Let's review the last week to a month and see how many of these geological cataclysms and other newsworthy events made the headlines.

  • IBT Times ran this story April 29, 2015 Mount Kilauea Could Be On The Verge Of Eruption As Lava Reaches Highest Point describing how Mt. Kilauea was reaching critical mass an endanger of erupting. Evidently this is a new event and yet the accompanying photo was taken in November of 2014.
  • Earth & Space ran this story The M7.8 Earthquake In Nepal Is Going To Be Really, Really Nasty April 26, 2015 A day after one of the biggest earthquakes in recent memory in Nepal, near the China/Tibet border. When you considered that the United States Geological Survey (USGS) downgraded the seismic readings of earthquakes by 2.0 points in the last 12 years, then this earthquake may have been the biggest in the last 100 years. The death toll is currently over 15,000 killed and thousands of others missing.
  • CBSNEWS ran this story Quake sparks tsunami warning in Papua New Guinea on May 1, 2015 reporting that a 6.8 earthquake (remember add two points for more accurate seismic reading) and that tsunami warnings had been issued in a 186 mile radius of the epicenter.
  • published this story on April 26, 2015 Yellowstone supervolcano has super magma chamber: Could fill Grand Canyon 11.2X reporting that scientist had recently discovered a second magma chamber beneath the Yellowstone caldera dwarfing the first. "A comparable eruption today, like the last eruption 640,000 years ago, would see 87,000 people killed almost instantly, according to Geophysicist Bob Smith, who heads the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory at the University of Utah."
  • Yahoo.News revealed a recent scientific on May 1, 2015 study entitled 'Wired' Underwater Volcano May Be Erupting Off Oregon in which it reported that a huge 3,000 foot underwater volcano 300 miles off the coast of Oregon called the Axial Seamount has been spewing magma for the last fifteen years . . . and yet this is only being reported now. "This is the first place in the world where we have a wired volcano on the seafloor," Chadwick said. On April 24, there were 8,000 earthquakes in one day, he said.
  • Again Yahoo.News reported this story on April 22, 2015 Chile declares emergency as Calbuco volcano erupts spewing an ash cloud 10 kilometers into the atmosphere, flooding the Blanco River and causing the evacuation of thousands of people. This volcano continues to erupt two weeks later with no signs of abating.

In an attempt to keep the already misinformed public ignorant, news agencies, internet articles and many new videos refuse to link all of these events to one common denominator Nibiru Planet X.

Now let's look at all the blackouts happening all over the world and speculate as to the cause, despite the many varied excuses and ridiculous explanations offered to the public.

  • On April 14, 2015 Kaieteur News reported that a truck accident caused a massive power outage in Berbice and Demerara, cities in Guyana entitled Canter truck sparks Berbice/Demerara blackouts, I hate it when that happens. According to the Guyana Power and Light company (GPL) a defective breaker knocked out power in two cities.
  • According to on April 9, 2015, entitled Blackout reaches 50% of Manaus a blackout affected the city of Manaus, Brazil shutting off power for over a million people. Initially this was blamed on a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), later this was rescinded after it was noted that the CME had not yet reached the Earth.
  • About the same time, April 8, 2015 NBC Washington reported in this story Power Returns to D.C., Md. After Outages Hit White House, Smithsonian, U. Md that widespread power outages in our Nations Capitol shut down even the White House. The many explanations for this power outage, from truck accidents to power surges and electrical fires, were spread by News Agencies to confuse the public.
  • A week before the blackout in D.C., The Guardian reported this story Flights cancelled at Schiphol airport as power outage hits Amsterdam March 27, 2015 linking the power outage "The power failure was caused by a technical fault at a substation in the Amsterdam suburb of Diemen, it said on Twitter."
  • The Daily News published this story Massive power blackouts hit Turkish cities on March 31, 2015 citing scores (20) provinces being affected and millions of citizens. “Every possibility including a terrorist attack is being investigated” about the outage, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told reporters in Ankara on March 31.

What all these stories from Europe, North and South America concerning blackouts have in common is Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMPs). The reason that these links are not being made by News Agencies and shared with the public is then an explanation for what is causing these EMPs would be necessary.

Consider the four commercial airliner accidents this year that have made the news, what did they all have in common, Electrical System Failure! The German plane that went down in the Alps lost its electrical system and all communication was cut-off prior to the crash.

The website ZetaTalk explains that these EMPs that are causing widespread blackouts across Europe, America and South America are due to the Earth passing through the tail of the debris field of Nibiru Planet X.

Twice in the last two months brownouts have occurred in the area where I live in rural Tennessee on clear days, when no storms were in the region. Both times they were blamed on truck accidents, vehicles crashing into utility poles, this excuse seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Calbuco Eruption

This eruption, so close to a major city has lead to massive evacuations of nearby towns in Chile.
This eruption, so close to a major city has lead to massive evacuations of nearby towns in Chile. | Source

NBC News Reveals Nibiru Planet X

Over a year ago (January 14, 2014) NBC News' Sacramento, CA affiliate (KCRA) inadvertently revealed a mysterious new planet in our solar system. At the time no other News Stations picked up the story and it was quickly forgotten, the information censored and covered up.

WorldTruth.TV picked up the story NBC News Reports Nibiru Planet X System and Marshal Masters of also did an in depth video describing how the new mystery planet could only be Nibiru Planet X, complete with star charts and other evidence.

KCRA was doing a live video weather forecast and captured one planet eclipsing another. They quickly determined that the eclipsing planet could only be Venus but were unable to explain what planet it was eclipsing. This lead to a wide range of confusing data, ideas and laughter from the TV News station employees. After numerous request made by the public the News Station denied any information about the incident.

Planet X System Update No. 2

Sea Levels Rise

More and more stories and articles are popping up on the internet showing how the land will look after sea levels rise and yet, there has been no official announcement that this is even a major concern of Governments world wide.

This is the way in which The Powers That Be get the public used to such ideas. By flooding the internet with these stories and articles they hope to get the public used to the idea that coastlines are sinking while sea levels are rising.

Over half a billion people live in low-lying coastal cities built by draining swampy lowlands near river mouths and another 250,000,00 million live in large cites built at sea level, such as New York on the East Coast and Los Angeles on the West Coast. These cities are the most susceptible to rising sea levels. While many stores are using the melting Arctic ice as the reason for rising sea levels the truth is that ocean floors are rising while coastlines are dropping in elevation.

This combination prevents rivers from emptying their water into the oceans creating flooding far inland. Large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are adding to this by creating new land masses and displacing the course of rivers. All of these events are due to the magnetic influence Nibiru Planet X is having on the tectonic plates of the surface of our planet.

Rising Sea Levels

the FIU School of Journalism and Mass Communications has produced maps based on Google software showing what Florida will look like after even a small rise in sea levels.
the FIU School of Journalism and Mass Communications has produced maps based on Google software showing what Florida will look like after even a small rise in sea levels. | Source

California Drought

In the spring this photo should show five feet os snow but is bone dry.
In the spring this photo should show five feet os snow but is bone dry. | Source
This what the same area where Gov. Brown made his speech to Californians looks like in March in normal non-drought conditions.
This what the same area where Gov. Brown made his speech to Californians looks like in March in normal non-drought conditions. | Source

Human Migration

It is only natural for people to begin to move away from regions of the planet that are experiencing extreme weather and geographical upheavals, such as California in the United States. According to the California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. extreme water conversation is necessary, as California only has a year of water left.

“Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow. This historic drought demands unprecedented action,” said Governor Brown. “Therefore, I’m issuing an executive order mandating substantial water reductions across our state. As Californians, we must pull together and save water in every way possible.”

Over 40 million people live in California, what happens to neighboring states such as Nevada which is also experiencing drought conditions when these Californians begin seeking greener pastures?

Now consider how people living on the East Coast and in the Southern States such as Florida when rising sea levels begin to push them inland. What you will have is a massive Exodus that will make the Jewish slaves leaving Egypt look like a walk in the park.


When you link all of these events together it is easy to recognize the one common denominator Nibiru Planet X and the How, Why, Where and inevitably the When of its influence on our planet.

Let's be clear, our own governments know why these events are happening but in order to preserve the publics paradigm of natural disasters and prevent panic they refuse to allow the Fake Stream Media to reveal the true reasons behind these so-called unrelated events.

Even when the News Media accidently reveals the presence of Nibiru Planet X, such as the case by KCRA in Sacramento, CA, the event is hushed up, other News outlets are prevented from picking up the story and information is simply censored from the public domain.

It is only through brave whistle blowers such as Nancy Lieder of ZetaTalk and Marshall Masters of Yowusa and others that we can even learn about these events, via the internet. Once I began to disseminate the information on these sites, it opened up a whole new world of information and allowed me to recognize how all these events that make the News are related.

The increase in large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the rise of sea levels and melting polar ice caps, the sinkholes and landslides, the natural gas explosions and industrial disasters, the bridge and building collapses, the train derailments and highway cracks, the fireballs and meteors and even the droughts and extreme weather all have one common denominator and are happening now because of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system.

Will there ever be an official announcement, probably not but let's be realistic why should they?

The information is out there for anyone to find and if I can find it so can you, so why should The Powers That Be do your thinking for you? The main goal is to preserve the Nations and the Worlds infrastructure, so that our way of life will remain intact right up to the Polar Shift itself.

Think about what would happen if tomorrow Obama had a press conference announcing that Nibiru Planet X is here and that in the near future it will cause a Polar Shift that will kill 6 billion people and leave the rest homeless and starving.

Do you really think folks would be going to work Monday morning?

This article Nibiru Planet X. May 3, 2015 Volcanic Eruptions, Massive Earthquakes, EMPs and Flood Maps was written only to provide a clear way of linking all of the major geological events and adequately explain the disinformation surrounding this subject, not to frighten or create panic but to help the public to become aware.

Do You Recognize Nibiru Planet X?

Do you make the connection between EMPs, Extreme Weather, Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes to Nibiru Planet X?

See results

© 2015 somethgblue


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      That's the tricky part as The Council of Worlds (The governing group of Aliens that control information released to our planet and maintain the quarantine of Earth) won't say as they fear it will give the PTB an advantage over the public.

      So we are left to glean bits and pieces of info from various sources to try and guess. I do know that when it does pass close to the Earth it will pull the Earth out of its orbit and when it snaps back that is when the Polar Shift will occur.

      I would say we have anywhere from two years to ten years but am thinking more like the former rather than the latter.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      5 years ago from Beautiful South

      It is definitely a shame that we are being kept in the dark by the PTB. Thanks, I'd forgotten about Velikovsky, although I'd promised myself that I would read his works. It has been predicted that another revolution may end civilization like it did in Noah's time. I didn't think it would come that close during our lifetimes, although it is approaching. When is it predicted to pass the closest to this planet?

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      At this time it is next to our Sun and because of the glare caused by our Sun cannot be seen in the Northern Hemisphere. It arrived on the fringes of our solar system in 2003 and has been steadily moving through the system.

      Many astronomers, whistle blowers and Government insiders have attempted to warn the public but censorship, murder and disinformation has kept it a secret.

      In 1950 Emmanuel Velikovsky published Worlds In Collision which highlighted Nibiru Planet X in its pages and got a lot of negative press at the time, which is why your teacher may have mentioned it to you.

      Everyone on this planet right now not only will live long enough to feel its influence on Earth but are feeling them right now. It is responsible for the increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Electro Magnetic Pulses, sinkholes, landslides, rising sea levels, climate change and methane gas killings.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      5 years ago from Beautiful South

      Where is Nibiru at this time? I was told of a "mysterious planet" that the astronomers haven't been able to identify by a teacher in 1955. Then about 15 years ago, I read of Nibiru as a planet that has a 3,600 or 3,800 year cycle of revolution about the sun in an elliptical orbit. The information I read proposed that the Great Flood of the Old Testament occurred because of the pull of gravity of Nibiru on our planet as it made part of its revolution close to earth. Articles also related the timing of its orbit to other major upheavals upon the earth. I've been trying to figure where this planet is in its revolution ever since. With an elliptical orbit that large, most or all of us alive today will not live to experience the real devastation that this planet can do, but those alive in that day may temporarily wish they had not. Good hub. Keep us posted.


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