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TeamSTM's Preparations Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ!! (6/11/2016, Message#10)

Updated on August 6, 2018

The Word of God, the Bible Changes You!

You Want More of the Goodness of Jesus!!
You Want More of the Goodness of Jesus!! | Source

My Personal Convictions.

As of Late August of 2015 and into Early September of Last Year 2015, it was pressed upon me to Read the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) from start to finish. Starting in Genesis and finishing in Revelation. Toward the end of September into early October 2015, I started reading Genesis and in one week I finished the book and went on to Exodus the following week. By the time December rolled around I was already in the book of Psalms. I tried to finish that book in a week and burned myself out. I couldn't keep the pattern or reading flow which was established and maintained with the other books before it. I got to about the 30th chapter and put the Bible down for a while.

This was before Christmas time in early December, while I was reading the Bible at that time, I came to the realization of the upcoming Holiday Season. This past Christmas in 2015 became the first holiday season where I didn't put up a Tree, Decorate the House or any of those type of things. In fact, at the very end of November, I threw all of my Christmas stuff away. I had no need for it anymore, Christmas was supposed to be a time to reflect on the birth of Christ. His actual birth was around the Autumn Solstice, Sept. 21-23. Not December, or anywhere around the time of the Winter Solstice.

Every year, Christmas itself becomes more commercialized or hyped up. It may have felt weird by not celebrating it, however I was still okay with myself and my decision. I made it past Christmas and into the New Year 2016, I still hadn't picked up the Bible to finish reading it. I was still burned out from information overload, if you will. I didn't start reading again until late February, early March.

One Example of A Life Changed Forever!!!

Here's Another Example!

My Distractions Might be the Same as Yours?

What I was Being Convicted of!
What I was Being Convicted of! | Source

The Time in between My Reading.

For almost three months I didn't read the Bible, I still had my Facebook account and several other Social Media Sites I belonged to. Only I never had a Personal Twitter Account, I had one for my Business. By time October of last year (2015) came around, I was bombarded with "you could be the Next Big Winner of a certain Prize Company!" I was still reading the Bible at this point, I did participate, it didn't cost me anything and it was free. I know now, anything free, isn't always free. Because I let this creep into my world subtly, I eventually was led away from the things of God. In this case, the reading of the Bible by December. I didn't realize why or how, until just now. Wow!!

Every night after work, I would watch the news, get on the Internet, connect to Facebook, Participate in, play games on Facebook and after all of that, I would read the Bible. This was every night and even weekends, church wasn't even in the main focus of my Sunday's at this point. I would go only every now and again. I was however faithful in reading the Word, usually after I got my "worldly" things done first. Don't get me wrong, there were times when I would just read before I did my social media stuff. Not all of the time was this the case.

By letting enter into my world, other things began to creep in subtly on top of By January and February of 2016, I hadn't picked up the Bible in almost two months, because I thought I was too tired of reading. Even though I told myself I would finish reading the Bible from front to back. There were other things which began to enter into my world and I began to get further and further away from the path I chose and started. I am sure some of you have been in similar situations and didn't realize the enemy the devil (Lucifer, Satan) was doing the same things to you. Whether you are a Christian or not. That fool, doesn't care who you are he wants to destroy as many lives as he can. Simply because he Hates the Fact that God Created Us in His Image and we remind that fool (the devil) of Father Jehovah God's Love for Us (Humanity)!!!

Neglecting What's Important!

Putting it Off for Worldly Things, that Don't Matter!
Putting it Off for Worldly Things, that Don't Matter! | Source

My Wake Up Call!!

By the time Tax time rolled around, many of my debts and credit issues were being corrected by mid-February. I spent less time on social media, but I still had my accounts though. I was beginning to realize how blessed I am of the Father. It was like Jehovah God had blessed me for being faithful to read what I had already completed. Though I still hadn't picked up the Bible back up yet, even in my sin and the slowly but steady turning away from God I was doing. He was still there, by my side and the Lord God spoke to me. He said, "Stop and Let it All Go!"

The first thing I did was immediately get rid of some pictures I had saved on my computer, without hesitation. I even cleaned my computer and defragged all of my files and so forth. Well, my computer even ran better, like we both needed this! However, I still held onto a few other things. By early March, I had let go of all of my DragonBall Z Dvd's, posters, toys, I still kept the video games and all of my game systems (more on this later). Father God was setting me on a cleaning course and obviously preparation for something coming. I was not aware of this at that point. I was just being obedient and I hadn't realized Where my Heart is, so is My Treasure and Father God was indeed becoming more of my Focus!

The Same could be done for you, are you ready for your "Wake Up Call? If so, repeat after me: "Father God, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

My Wake Up Call From the Lord God!

I am So Glad that He Did!!
I am So Glad that He Did!! | Source

March 2016 and My Personal Realization!!

By the time mid-March rolled around, it was a full three months since I read the Bible. I put it down in mid-December of 2015, and didn't read it again until late February into early March 2016. I had marked where I left off in Psalms Chapter 30. Now before I began reading the Bible again, I also deactivated my Facebook Account, my other Social Media accounts, and any other Online accounts I had, like Amazon, eBay, AOL, Yahoo and so many others. When God told me to "Let it All Go," All of these are The Devices of the Enemy and why He wanted me to get rid of them, the Lord Jesus had a Purpose for me. I literally did, the only one I held onto was I started the contest from the end of February until April 2016. God allowed me to finish the contest, I want to win so I no longer had to go to work, I hate getting up in the morning. The thought of going to work for someone else really drives me crazy! True I have a business, but it doesn't cost me much to have it and it has some other benefits. However, it isn't a distraction so God allows me to keep it for now. If He wants me to get rid of it, I will without hesitation. Besides, it will not matter very soon either way (more on this later).

In early March 2016, I began reading where I left off. I had an even stronger drive and desire than I did back in late September and early October of 2015 to read the Bible. It was like, read it, you must get this in you! So I read it at work (using The Online King James Bible), at home and without all of the distractions of Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and people's issues from work. I could focus on what the Bible was sharing with me and allow it to do a work within me. By the time April rolled around, I was almost done with the Old Testament and getting ready to read the New Testament. I hadn't started going to church yet faithfully, even now I still have my doubts on where many churches really stand with Father God and this world, who is really more important, Money or Him?

So I figured I will continue to read and let all of that be sorted out when that time came. By the end of April, I was reading the New Testament and I couldn't put the Bible down, I wanted more and a closeness with Jesus Christ. I literally began to care less for this world and just wanted more of the Lord Jesus!

Letting Go and Let Father Jehovah God!!

Let Go and Let God!!

The Simpler Way of Going This, His Way!!
The Simpler Way of Going This, His Way!! | Source

April 2016, Diving Deeper into the Word!

By late April of 2016, the realization of the existence of Bible Codes was revealed to me. I was very far in the reading of the Bible, but I hadn't finished yet. So when I found out about Bible Codes, it blew me away! I began to grasp just How Great is Father God El Shaddai and after reading the Old Testament, I began having a greater appreciation and understanding of Father God. I saw His Love for the Israeli people, the Apple of His eye. How it grieved Him to chastise them, How much He Loved them, and What great lengths Jehovah God would do for them. It made me Love and understand Him even more! When I found out about Bible codes, it made sense. The Bible is God's Word and He left proof which proves those are indeed His Words within the pages. Remember, the Bible is alive and it is a book which never grows old, it will grow on you; it changes you within and without!

Around the same time I found an interesting channel on Youtube, under the name Kurt Juergens. This channel is revealing many things which where "hidden" within the pages of the Bible. I was still reading the Bible and many of the things which were shared on this channel confirmed what I was reading as I was reading it. I mean Wow, Whoa and Dude... No Way Man!! This Book the Bible is Alive and Amazing, it was indeed changing my life and I was growing closer to my Father, Our God in Heaven!!

The Bible, The Sword of the Spirit!

This is How you Battle Principalities and the forces of Darkness.
This is How you Battle Principalities and the forces of Darkness. | Source

The New Testament and Jesus Christ, God the Son!

As I was reading the New Testament, I was also beginning to understand the life of Jesus Christ when He walked here on Earth. When I read the passage where Jesus talks about giving to the poor and where your heart is so is your treasure, this really convicted me. I still had things I treasured more than Christ Jesus and His Kingdom. When I read "take up your cross and Follow Me..." This pricked me as well and lead to literally giving away my treasured worldly items. At the same time I was still following Kurt Juergens Youtube Channel and what he was talking about confirming what the Apostle Paul mentions in the several books he wrote. The Rapture of the Church or the Bride of Christ in First Thessalonians 4:13-18 and First Thessalonians 5:1-6, which are my constant reminders of what is coming.

So literally I gave away all of my gaming systems from the Nintendo Entertainment System (the NES) to the Black Wii and every game for each system, all seven of my game system TV's, all of my Dvd's, VHS Tapes, and all of my Star Trek Models which were not assembled. I had more than 2 dozen model kits, well over 400 Dvd's and VHS tapes combined, and hundreds of video games. I even gave away my handheld game systems and their games. Even these are The Devices of the Enemy!!! I would have given away my computers, at the time I didn't know why I didn't, nor was I lead to do so.

By the end of April, I was nearing the end of the Bible and it was indeed changing my life. I just wanted to please Jesus Christ, Praise and Worship Him. I could never deny His Name and nor do I want to. The desire to find a church or to know the realization of the church (where it stands today) was also building within me, so I had to explore this option soon.

This Book is Alive!!

We Walk by Faith, Not By Sight!
We Walk by Faith, Not By Sight! | Source

May of 2016

By the beginning of May, I was reading almost a few books of the Bible a week. On May 5th, 2016, I finished reading the entire Bible from Front to Cover. The Word of God had truly changed my Life; cleansed His temple and my home. I was no longer interested in those things I used to do. I no longer had or wanted my Facebook account, Amazon, eBay,, iOffer account, Dvd's, Video Games, Yahoo, AOL, Major Debt issues, The Devices of the Enemy or any other worldly thing which could distract me from the Word of God and Living for Him. At this same time, I went to Church for the first time after Reading the whole Bible on 5/8/2016. It wasn't the same because I was no longer the same. I wanted to go, I also watched the Passion of the Christ on 5/7/2016 and I understood things I missed when I watched it the two previous times. Which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

When I look back at all of the things the Lord God El Shaddai (God Almighty) through the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me, I want to do and to seek His Will. I desire this more than anything, I must be in my Father's Will, I Am About My Father’s Business! Each weekend in May, more about the kingdom of Heaven was being reveal unto me and I hungered to know more. The more I found out, the more I realized I need to share it. I just didn't know where to turn at the time. I thought about creating a Youtube Channel, I mean I already have access and an active account. However, I am just a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, I don't like unnecessary attention or the praises of men. By the time the end of May rolled around, I was beginning to feel a very strong need to share all of my testimony, research and the Goodness of the Lord in my life. I had to find an outlet, I just couldn't hoard or hold all of this stuff and vital information within me or keep this to myself!


This too is Part of Serving the Lord Jesus!

Be in His Will for Your Life!!
Be in His Will for Your Life!! | Source

The Restoration of My HubPages Account!

Now toward the end of very late May, I tried to see if my Squidoo (a Blog site) account was still available. I found out that Squidoo was purchased by HubPages a while back. Six years earlier I had both a Squidoo and a HubPages account. I started having issues with Squidoo and eventually let them go altogether. I didn't know my account and Squidoo was gone forever! On a search site I found, it mentioned Squidoo was purchased by HubPages. After my issues with Squidoo, I gave up writing for a while and went back to school in 2011 to 2015. Along the way, I forgot all about my HubPages account until recently.

By the beginning of June, I could really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, in my daily walk. By 6/1/2016, I had to do something so I decided to setup an online blog account again and I didn't really care where. I just had to share all of this vital information!! Suddenly, I remembered I had a HubPages account and also seeing something in an e-mail about my account sometime back. I deleted this e-mail then, figuring I would never need my HubPages account. Father God indeed has a Sense of Humor, guess where He sent me... you got it, to HubPages. The rest of the story goes as follows.

I had to reactivate my account, so I could re-publish my old articles which were de-activated. My first eight Hubs were all almost six years old at the time, from the summer and fall of 2010. My old Hubs are about topics in which interested me then and now. I had no idea of their real purpose almost until here recently, June 2016. Now I found a way to write about the Goodness of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), the Greater Importance of the Lord Jesus Christ and share it with the world!

Reaching the World One HubPage at a Time!

Sharing my Personal Experiences!
Sharing my Personal Experiences! | Source

My Hubs At Present.

I am very grateful for my HubPages Community, I would not have been able to realize the importance of sharing ideas, conveying points and interest with people in general. Even if the topic is on something many don't understand, yet they need to know. I am now able share my story with many and yet, only a few who really need and want to know this, will receive these truths. Those are the ones who might come to know Why Humanity Needs Jesus. Which is the whole point of my recent HubPages. The Commission of Jesus Christ is this, "Share with All the Good News of Me (Jesus) and What I (Jesus) has Done for Us (Humanity)!" There is None under Heaven like Him, my story is just one of many whom the Lord Jesus Christ has changed and I am more than abundantly glad in this! In TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, I share more of my life and dreams. If God could reach me, He can help and change you as well!

I share my story so others can come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and have "Life" in Him! We Are Indeed The “Final” Generation and How Much Time is Left to Prepare we do not know the day or hour. It is best to be ready today, right now. The signs are all around us, you don't want to go through the Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period to find out whether the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) is Real. Life will be much more difficult or something could happen to you right after you finish reading this article. Where Will You Call Home if it does? You too can come to know why Humanity is In This World, But Not of This World. So don't wait, choose Life today, now is the time for Salvation. Are You Paying Attention? We need to be Pulling People Out of the Fire! The Lord Jesus Christ can change your Life, just like He did mine! I knew Him, and I was pulled away by the devil (Lucifer, Satan) subtly, don't be fooled by him. Tell him "Get thee behind me Satan, I am choosing Christ Today!!" There is only Death, Fear, Worry, Doubt and Destruction with the devil and his demons (the Fallen Angels). Moreover, there is Life in the Lord Jesus Christ and Forevermore, More Abundantly!!

This is My Story

Is My Story Relatable?

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GOD Loves People More Than Anything!

Let's Reach the World Together!

Change Your Future and Your Eternity!!
Change Your Future and Your Eternity!! | Source

This is my Journey, a Story I was not Aware of Until June 2016!

Most of 2015, the Lord Jesus was trying to get my attention, much like He trying to get the World's attention now (Major Flooding's, Massive Droughts, Raging Fires, Torrential Rains, Continual Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Even Sounds of Armor and Swords Clashing in the Sky) Do You See the "Signs" of the Times? After going through the events of last year, I didn't realize what Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) was attempting to do with me at the time. In our natural selves, we often don't like to be taken out of our comfort zone, that which feels "Good" or relaxed. When the Lord God says move, the first thing we do is ask why, verses yes sir or okay. I am no different than most of you, I do the same things and this is what I did late last summer in to early September. It was revealed onto me to read the Bible late summer of 2015 and I didn't start until late September, early October 2015 as I mentioned earlier. Like so many of you, I still faced Trials and Tribulations during those times. As I still pursued the reading of the Word of God, the Bible.

As I was going through this process, reading the Bible, the removing of distractions from my life, the willingness to let go of earthy treasures and pleasures, the mental and heartfelt changes I was experiencing. I couldn't see those things as they were taking shape. I was just letting it happen, as if "I" was being moved out of the way; being changed within and without. Often times, we can't see the work Father God is doing with us as it is happening. When we look back, we can see the progress which has been made and know we came this far because of the Love of the Lord Jesus for us!

I had no idea how far and how much progress has been made, until I took a step back and took a look. Its amazing and in a relatively short time frame, not even a full year. The whole process took about nine months, wait nine months!? Isn't this about the same time for a pregnancy period to the birth of a child? Another coincidence? I don't think so, Father God Elohim, you are amazing and especially more than worthy to be praised!! My process took about nine months, from September 2015, to June 2016 and I now I am willing to share with others!

In the beginning of this process, I was not immediately willing to listen, my life was comfortable and I didn't want to move. To today, when Father God calls or wants me to do something, its like okay, let's do it!! There is no hesitation or questioning, as the Bible states: "If God be for me, who can be against me...?" This is so true, so I fear not this World and those in it. What can they really do to me? For those Christians who are unsure about Life or need some direction, spend some time each day reading the Bible, in Prayer or both. Over time, it gets "In" you, the Bible really changes you and I am speaking from experience. I have shared my stories with you here on HubPages, my journeys, stories, encounters and the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ for All of Humanity!!

If the reading of the Bible changed me, it will change you. The Lord Jesus is no respecter of persons and the Bible even says so! So God can use you as well, even those who don't know the Lord Jesus Yet! If reading isn't your thing, you can find Father God on Youtube and you can still find some answers there.

The Best Medicine There is, the Bible and You Can Never Ever Overdose!!

"Study to Show Thyself Approved"
"Study to Show Thyself Approved" | Source

What is Being Experienced At Present!

I have heard many people say they are Being Spiritually Attacked or mislead more than ever before! Like something is doing their best to confuse and confound people even more so than ever. If you have read any of my recent or New Hubs, you already know the one who is the author of confusion. The devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his minions (the Fallen Angels) are attacking the folks who are living and waiting for God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh to return! In turn, the devil is trying to make many of the Bride or Church, to try to turn away. Personally I am not different in knowing "they are there, however my focus is on the return of Sweet Jesus! This world doesn't matter to me, nor the things of it! I will admit there are more entities here on this Earthly Realm than ever before! I know, I was just surrounded by some I have never experienced and bolder than ever!!! These new entities are bolder and will even attempt to hang around even after you tell them to go, Prayer and Fasting is the way to go.

I am by no means telling anyone to Fast, but the Bible and the Lord Jesus both mention the reasons why. The disciples tried to send a spirit away and it didn't leave a certain person when they attempted to send it away. Of course "it" did when the Lord Jesus sent "it" away and He stated, "Some spirits require both Prayer and Fasting for them to leave." From my experience, this still applies for today and there is a difference! My suggestion is All Can Call Upon the Name of Jesus in your time of trouble and He will direct your Path.

I am not afraid of these new entities, bold and bolder, even they have to submit to the Name of the Lord Jesus and the Power of His Blood!!!! They know who He is, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Whenever I get that eerie, hair raised on the back of my neck feeling. I know it’s them, the principalities of darkness or demons. Right now, they are attempting to find any weak point they can exploit or "find a way in" so to speak. Don't let them!! Don't let anything or anyone separate you from meeting God the Son, God in the Flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ!!

For the past couple of months now, I have been hearing "alarm bells" from within if you will. I thought maybe this was because of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is close, this may be, but I have also noticed when an attack is about to happen. Those same "alarm bells" ring louder at those moments, like "Warning, warning, danger is approaching!" This is when I pray harder and always keep the Armor of God on at all times, even when I go to sleep! At this time, we need to be extremely close to the Lord Jesus Christ more than ever! He is about to show up and the Bride needs to be ready at Any and All times, the Lord Jesus will show up at An Hour Ye Think Not!

Just Be Ready!

Are You Ready?

Now is the Time to Prepare before His Arrival. At the Arrival of Jesus Christ in the Clouds, it will be too late, get ready now, don't wait!

We Don't Know How Much Time Is Left to Prepare!?!

Understanding the Book of Revelation!!

The Month of June HubPages!

16 Hubs Created in June 2016!
16 Hubs Created in June 2016! | Source

Hubs For the Month of June 2016.

For the month of June in 2016, I was lead to create 16 HubPages which will lead people to know the Goodness, Love and Power in Jesus Christ. This I the goal of which anyway, people desperately need to know what Jesus did for them! Which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus, this is also one of the ones which was created in June 2016.

The first one on 6/1/2016 was Father God and Youtube, followed by Where Will You Call Home and How Much Time Is Left to Prepare on 6/2/2016. The Tribulation Period is About to Begin on 6/4/2016, How Great is Father God El Shaddai and Why Humanity Needs Jesus on 6/5/2016. On 6/9/2016, We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation was created and on 6/9/2016 Humanity Is In This World, But Not of This World. On 6/10/2016, TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions were created, on 6/11/2016, TeamSTM's Preparations Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and Where Your Heart Is, So Is Your Treasure were established. On 6/19/2016, Do You See the "Signs" of the Times and on 6/21/2016, Pulling People Out of the Fire. On 6/23/2016, "We" Walk By Faith, Not By Sight was created and on 6/28/2016, The Age of Grace..., Is About To End was established. The last one was Father God Elohim, El Shaddai Has a Will on 6/29/2016. In thirty days, creating sixteen Hubs, which were inspired by the Holy Spirit was a great experience indeed!

The Month of July HubPages.

20 New Hubs for the Month of July!!
20 New Hubs for the Month of July!! | Source

HubPages in the Month of July.

Initially the month of July started with a bang and then went quiet. The first hub was on 7/1/2016, was This World, Let It Go. From out of nowhere, I received four new HubPage titles on July 4th and it took two days to get everything together and posted onto The newest Hubs were all created on 7/6/2016 from There is No “Division” With God, The United States of America and Mystery Babylon, Is There a Correlation, “Today” is the Day of Redemption and Warning, Warning…, the “Portal” Is Being Opened.

I hope you will enjoy each and every HubPage, we will just have to wait and see on what else July 2016 will bring?

On July 10, the day before "Thank Heaven for Seven Eleven..." What is the Purpose of Suffering, Trials and Tribulations was created. On July 13th, Israel’s Third Temple was just created and it was given to me to do so at 4:45 in the morning! This is the 7th Hub for the Month thus far! This next one was given to me late 7/15/2016 and at first, I thought this was just a section to be added to one of my existing Hubs. Was I wrong and that's okay! The Newest HubPage as of 7/17/2016 is Whether You Know It or Not, This is Elohim’s Story! This makes the 8th Hub for the month of July and our existence is not our story, but the Lord God of Heaven's Story. Will You Be Part Of It?

This was indeed unexpected, the Lord Jesus gave 6 new topics on 7/22/2016 and I tried very hard to post all of them on 7/22/2016. It took me 2 additional days to complete them and they are in order: Eternity, the End of Time As We Know It and Jesus Christ is Our New Beginning created on 7/22/2016. The next two How Does This World “Feel” to You and The Calm Before the Storm created on 7/23/2016. The last two: Lifting of The Veil of Protection and Taking Authority in Jesus Christ created on 7/24/2016. All of these where given to me on 7/22/2016, to create and write about! I hope you will enjoy them all!

On 7/25/2016, I received 5 more messages to share, write about and create. It took 2 days to do this, but it was worth it! On 7/25/ the first one to go up was, The Time for Playing Church is Now Over. The next two on 7/26/2016 were Why Be Ye Rapture Ready and Come Back to Your First Love, which has exactly 2016 word in it final draft or hard copy. What is the Year again, this is a Clear Cut "Sign!" The last two of the Five are Why is Faith So Important and Look Up, For Your Redemption Draws Nigh! These are the recent 5 given to me on 7/25/2016, see all of the 5's, the number five represents Grace! By God Grace, these messages are still going out! So don't take these messages lightly, because I don't!!

On 7/28/2016, I received another message titled: The Devices of the Enemy. Although I didn't create the HubPages yesterday, it is now on HubPages today. I couldn't do it yesterday, I had Yardwork to complete, so I couldn't do both.

The Lord Jesus Still Speaks, Listen to His Words!!

Hubs For the Month of August!

20 New Hubs For This Month!
20 New Hubs For This Month! | Source

HubPages For the Month of August, 2016!

On 8/1/2016, the Holy Spirit gave me three new topic to create and I noticed the material becoming increasingly more difficult. I could no longer receive the message and establish the Hub or Hubs on the same day. These new messages are taking some research and a deeper connection to the Bible or fresh manna or anointing!! The first two for August were put up on 8/4/2016 and they were, Father God El Shaddai is In Control and Let’s Talk About Money On 8/5/2016, Do I Have A Reprobate Mind was created and is a very deep HubPage!.

Father God gave me two more HubPages on 8/8/2016, the first on was Father God is Clearly About to Make a Move and the other was Encouraging Others, Time is So Short. I wasn't expecting to receive these today, but I am very glad that I did! I hope you will enjoy these two recent New HubPages!

On 8/9/2016, the Lord inspired me to create yet Another HubPage, I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y! This Hub is not an Ear Tickler and if you can't handle the Truth, this one's not for you!

As if the I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y HubPage wasn't enough for not being an Ear Tickler, on 8/11/2016 the Lord God of Heaven asked me to create Being Spiritually Attacked. Much like the B-U-S-Y Hub, this Current HubPage is to Encourage the Wise Bride of Christ! Which Happens to be the 7th HubPage for the Month of August, 2016. Just another random coincidence, come on! Here lately, the Number 7 has been seen quite a bit. Don't believe me, checkout my recent Lord God Given Dreams and Visions here: TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions! This HubPage has 4 Sections with 333 Words! So a 7th HubPage, from Father God, which speaks mainly to the Bride of Christ!! 0_o

On 8/13/2016, I wasn't looking to create another message or share anything today. I just wanted to beat the heat and stay cool any way possible. The 8th HubPage for the 8th Month of this Calendar Year (2016) has 8 sections which also have 333 Words! By the Sounding of the Shofar, This Will Be the Greatest Altar Call, In the History of “Us” All, is what was placed in my spirit to share. This HubPage is double Being Spiritually Attacked, which has only 4 section which have 333 word each. This New HubPage is surrounded by number 8, which represents a New Beginning and there are 3 of them!! Father God is Clearly About to Make a Major, Mighty Move!!

On 8/18/2016, the day I shared my 2nd major spiritual attack just before I received the 3 messages which were created today. My attack was shared on Being Spiritually Attacked and can be read in the comment section. Just as the attack was taking place, I receive two messages from the Lord, the first was J-O-B, What Man Thinks You’re Worth and the other was In Christ Jesus, What Father God Thinks You’re Worth. A third message came along while working on these first two and it is Armor of God, What Is It. All of them were received on 8/18/2016 and created in HubPages on 8/19/2016. These make 9, 10 and 11 for the month of August thus far.

On 8/22/2016, the Lord Jesus gave me another message and All Can Call Upon the Name of Jesus is the most unique yet!! There are 8 sections or points within this HubPage and ALL of THEM have 333 Words!!! All I can say is Wow!!

If this wasn't enough on 8/23/2016, There Is a War Going On, its Between the Flesh and the Spirit… Who’s Going to Win has 9 sections or points and ALL of Them have 333 Words within Each Section!!! Father God, the Lord Jesus are Awesome and I am very glad to be their humble servant!

On 8/24/2016, the Lord Jesus gave me two additional messages. The first one was Behold, The Lord Jesus Comes Quickly and the next one was I Am About My Father’s Business, The Lord God Jehovah. What is unique about both of these, every section but one has 222 words. The very last section of I Am About My Father’s Business, The Lord God Jehovah, El Shaddai has 333 words! There is also another one which has been given to me and I will share it once it is ready.

This New HubPage Message from the Lord was actually received on yesterday 8/24/2016. As you have already read, I had 2 other messages received on yesterday; the Lord Jesus is Good! The New Message and HubPage is called The Truth is The Truth posted on 8/25/2016.

On 8/26/2016, I was given another message Be On Fire for The Lord Jesus and this makes the 17th HubPage for the month of August. The Time is now to keep your flame going, this isn't the time to allow it to go out!!

I received this message on yesterday 8/27/2016 and I finished it on 8/28/2016. The Lord Jesus wanted me to share What Is Your Foundation Upon within you. As the world continues to grow darker, crumbles more and more, He wants everyone to know He is Here. As time grows short, the need for Him will grow in your lives. Are You Ready?

On 8/28/2016, the 19th HubPage for the month of August and the 55th HubPage since 6/1/2016. This Hub was created on 8/29/2016 called One Way or Another, We Are All About To Enter Eternity. This messages was received while I was taking a shower, the Lord Jesus is Always Good, Amen!!

This topic has been rambling around in my Heart for a few days, I was reluctant to do this one simply because of the subject matter. As it turns out, this HubPage has become one of the Greatest Blessing for me and I hope this one will Bless You As Well!! On 8/30/2016, the Lord Jesus pressed upon me to share the Great White Throne Judgment. I have read, heard and seen some information long before I ever thought about creating this one. So I had some idea about this Fast Approaching Soon Event! Like I said, this HubPage was a Huge Blessing to Me and it proves the Lord Jesus is Extremely Good to those who Belong to Him!! Which is the Whole Point of His Great Commission, you to can Know the Lord Jesus today, don't wait until this Final Judgment to say "Jesus Is Lord!"

Hubs for the Month of September!

13 HubPages for the Month!!
13 HubPages for the Month!! | Source

HubPages for the Month of September 2016.

On 9/1/2016 at Midnight, I received 3 messages to share. The First on being: Who Do You Serve, followed by: Where Is Your Love and then by: The Lord Jesus Christ is Everything in this order. These messages are kind of sort of intermingled and this couldn't helped because of what they are. These messages are by no means "Ear Ticklers" and you can't handle the Truth, don't read these then. They might just offend you, however, they may still help you and realize which direction you might need to take.

On 9/4/2016, the Lord Jesus gave to me Pick Up Your Cross and Follow the Lord Jesus. The time is now to come to the Lord Jesus and make Him the Lord and Savior of Your Life. Seek Him and His Forgiveness, remember Jesus is Lord!

On 9/5/2016, the Lord Jesus gave me Ye Be As Ye Little Ones. He wants all to remember what type of Faith we need to activate the works of the Lord Jesus!! Amen.

On 9/6/2016, the Lord Jesus again pressed upon me more Promises of Him and His Soon Appearance!! The Lord gave me Humble Yourselves, It’s Not About You… It’s About the Lord Jesus and All of His Promises. This HubPage addresses the Wolves in Sheep's clothing, the Rapture of the Bride and most importantly, His Holy Words concerning the Rapture of His Bride!!! Amen, We Are Soon Going Home!! Be Ready and Watching as He has Commanded Us to Do!

On 9/7/2016, the Lord Jesus gave me the 7th HubPage for the Month of September. Did you get this, the number 7 is involved with this New Hub, All Things Are for The Glory of Elohim, the Lord God! To the Lord God be the Glory in All Things!! About 12 hours later the Lord Jesus gave me Biblical Proof of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, as Explained By the Lord Jesus!! I am strongly believing this is my last warning or HubPage, I am not sure if there will be another. I am feeling very tired and empty as if my work is complete!! This Hub has 9 sections and is 2016 Words in the text before any Photos and videos. This is the 8th HubPage for the month of September, Take Care and we will see!! Please Be ready for the Lord Jesus, He is Coming!!!!

On 9/8/2016, the Lord Jesus gave me Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity. Since there has been an issue trying to get the Pre-Tribulation Rapture HubPage Featured, it still has been as of yet, even on today 9/9/2016. Since this Newest HubPage on Eternity and Your Heart is now created on 9/9/2016, it has 13 Sections and all of them are 333 words, is the 9th Hub, on the 9th day of the 9th Month. This HubPage is the most unique Hub the Lord Jesus has allowed me to create. The Number 333 is all around this HubPage and the number 999, which 333 times 3. Wow, Thank You Lord Jesus for an Awesome confirmation!!! I hope you will be blessed by this New HubPage, which may very well be my last HubPage. This Hub covers the important areas of the End Days. Take Care and Always be Watching, Preparing and Making Ready!!

On 9/10/2016, while simply getting ready to prepare some lunch. I pick up a plate which was in the dish strainer and noticed some water spots on them, as I was removing them with a damp paper towel. This was when this message came to me, Could This World Have Been Preparing Humanity For The Tribulation Period This Whole Time, which is the 10th HubPage for the month. I was not looking to receive any messages or attempting to have any divine inspiration, it just happened and this is yet another The Tribulation Period HubPage. Obviously, this timeframe is getting closer, are you going to be ready beforehand?

On 9/11/2016, the Lord Jesus Gave me Love, Do We Really Think We Know What It Is while doing an update to the Great White Throne Judgment. Of All of the HubPages I have, the inspiration for a Love HubPage comes while doing a Judgment HubPage!?! My Mind was indeed blown away by this!?! It still is to some degree, but not as much as the information which is contained within this New HubPage!! The Lord Jesus used me to take about His Love in a way that makes sense and glorifies Him and Father God!! Not to mention hopefully showcase how much Humanity means to them!! The Love of Father God for Us is more important than we could ever realize!

It has been one Full Week since I received my previous message from the Lord Jesus; I would have been perfectly fine with this!! However it would seem He had different plans for me. The Lord Jesus wants me to share another message from Him with you, which was received on 9/18/2016 called: There Isn’t Much Time Before The Midnight Cry!! This is to be shared before the Lord Jesus Appears in the Clouds to Receive His Bride unto Him. If you are not ready before He comes, you will be Left Behind to face the Horrors the Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period! Only Time Will Tell, it's all appointed and set into motion.

On 9/20/2016, the Lord Jesus spoke to me and told me to Cling Close or Remain Near to the Lord Jesus. This is so much a message He wanted me to share or warn people. I decided to share this, because there are all kinds of people who follow me on HubPages and Twitter, not to mention those who may find this Hub. This is message is for everyone, not just the few or the Ready to Meet the Lord Jesus. This is not a warning, this is a message of hope and hopefully an Eye opener with the time that's Left!! Cling Close or Remain Near to the Lord Jesus!!!

The Time is Approaching!!!

Time's Up!?!?

HubPages in the Month of October.

2 Hub Pages Thus Far!
2 Hub Pages Thus Far! | Source

HubPages for the Month of October.

I did nor foresee this, nor did I predict this either. Since the Message times have grown increasing further and further apart, I am almost certain this is the last message I will be sharing with you! How do I know or why do I think so? This new message is called: The End of Freedoms received on 10/2/2016. Part of this message was receive on 9/27/2016, which is also addressed in the very last and final section of this HubPage.

On 10/9/2016 the Lord Jesus Christ gave me Days of Darkness Are Coming to share. I received this message at the end of September but I wanted some confirmation from other servants of Jesus as well. These are the same message which are shared within this HubPage from others who are hearing the same things as well!

On 10/15/2016 the Lord Jesus Christ gave me Making Final Last Minute Preparations to share with the Whole World!! There isn't much time, if you read this and watch the videos, you will also know why I say this with such confidence!! Be Blessed, Be in Jesus Christ and Hopefully I will see you in Eternity!!! :) :D

On 10/20/2016, This is the message I Received from the Lord Jesus Christ!! I must always remember, Father God is in Full Control; even if we do seek Him in Pray and with Fasting! As of right now, I do not know if I am done, I still must seek Him to know for sure. Take Care and Be blessed, remain strong in Christ!

These are His Word and His message He wanted to give to you, the Reader. I was in prayer asking Him if my Earthly Assignment was done and complete, this is what the Lord Jesus Christ gave to me first thing in the morning. I Hope and Pray message number 73 is a blessing for those who are ready, a wakeup call for those who are still asleep and a dire message for those who might choose to reject the Lord Jesus Christ! I give All Glory and Honor to Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!!

Be Blessed Beloved!

On a Very Surprising Twist of Events, the Lord Jesus Gave me another Message received on 10/23/2016 titled It Is Now High Watch Time, An Hour Ye Think Not! Simply put, Be ready or Be Left Behind!!

Take Care and I Pray Many More are Ready Today than Yesterday!!!

To my Surprise the Lord Jesus gave me There Is No More Time on 10/31/2016! I was just sharing with a few folks how quiet it has been and I suddenly receive this message!! I give all Honor, Glory, Blessing and Praise to Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!!

You Too Can Also Walk Closer With Father God.

Walking With the Lord God of Heaven!
Walking With the Lord God of Heaven! | Source

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