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TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions! (6/10/2016, Message#9)

Updated on September 22, 2020

Visions are Very Vivid!!

Dreams and Visions, Nothing is Impossible with the Lord God the Father!
Dreams and Visions, Nothing is Impossible with the Lord God the Father! | Source

Right Now At Present!

There are several Million People if not Billions, who are having Dreams and Visions right now! How do I know, there is one Youtube Channel which specializes in sharing Endtime Dreams and Visions and this Channel is Bob Barber! My dreams and visions in which I share on my HubPage are not exclusive to only me having them. Again Billions of people are having or experiencing Dreams and Visions right now. Even in the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), there are many examples and the uses for Dreams!

Which reminds me, there is a dream I had in the Spring of this year, 2016. I think this dream was either in April or May and I am leaning more towards May. Only because I finished reading the Bible from front to cover in May and this is when my life really began to change even more! I share my personal journey within TeamSTM's Preparations Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. In the dream, Father God's Arm of Protection was being lifted off of America. At the same time, Father God's Arm of Protection was coming down upon Israel! Meaning two things, one being, Father God is about to Judge the U.S.A. The second thing was this, The Tribulation Period is Really About to Begin. This is the time when Father God goes back to dealing with His Original Bride, Jacob or Israel!!

I had forgotten about this dream until recently and I am glad that it was brought back to me, the timing is still correct!

Now onto the rest of the story...

One Example of a Life Changed Forever!!

My Childhood Troubles

Any One Can Come to Jesus!
Any One Can Come to Jesus! | Source

The Path of My Young Life.

As a child, I was a bad kid. By age seven I was already lying like a pro, stealing from stores, schools, friends and family. I was even forging my parents' signatures onto parent teacher permission slips and other official school documents. My parents often cancelled my birthday parties and never celebrated my birthday for a few of years, all of which trying to get my attention and change my ways. After my 8th birthday, my younger brother and I had a tandem dream, one where we both shared or were in it together. Before this dream, I had several "falling" dreams. Encounters where in the dream something happens and I would fall off a ladder, buildings or out of trees. In those dreams, just as I was about to hit the ground, I woke up right then! What I had later learned was "falling" dreams mean, you aren't living right and someone (Father God) is trying to get your attention. If I died before I found Jesus, I know Where I Would Call Home for all Eternity and there would have been no Pulling People Out of the Fire, especially me at that young age!

Back to the tandem dream my brother and I shared, In this dream, it was dark, very dark and I was trying to escape from it. I lost my way in the dream and began to fall, I awoke like always accept I was in a dream within a dream. This second dream was the one my younger brother and I were in. When I woke up in the second dream, from the previous "falling" dream, the devil was laughing at me because I was his and I now knew it. My younger brother also saw the devil laugh at me and him. We both were screaming in our sleep and our parents woke both of us up at the same time. We both shared the dream with our parents, beforehand as a family we did go to church. Not long after that dream, I gave my Life to Christ and my Life, and Dreams were never the same.

A Babe in Christ Jesus.

It's Never too late or Early to Come to Jesus!
It's Never too late or Early to Come to Jesus! | Source

Dreams as a Youngster and Being a Christian. or a Blood Bought Believer (BBB'S)

Even right after I got saved, I still had a few "falling" dreams, but there were far less frequent and eventually went away. It took some time and I began to tell fewer lies, until more truth of the Love of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) began to be revealed to me. Right after I got saved, I never stole anything again as a child. My life was indeed turned around by the power of Jesus. I began to have birthday celebrations and my family and friends could trust me. My dreams however never stopped, many of them were usually about where I was in school and my Family. My Life was Literally being Pulled Out of the Fire and yours can be as well!

I share my personal experience with those who feel they aren't worthy to know a God of Love, Peace and Joy. At the age of eight years old, I was already on the path to destruction. If I had of continued on that path, by the time I was ten, when I encountered my first teenaged girls. This encounter would have been very different, Jesus met me at the right time; renewed my mind and heart. I was strong enough to resist them, even though my flesh at ten years old wanted to!!! At ten years old I could have had two thirteen year old girls, who lived right up the street. I don't share this to brag, the power of God and living a righteous life prevailed in this scenario, which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Are You Tired of having those "Falling" Feelings and Dreams or feeling cornered by Life and It’s unusual situations? If you really are, repeat after me: "Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

Having a Closer walk with Jesus Christ!!

I Loved Going to Church as a Teenager!

It Still is True, I Love Jesus!!
It Still is True, I Love Jesus!! | Source

The Transition from Childhood to Teenager.

By the time of my late childhood, I was still having dreams, but they were no longer "falling" dreams. They were usually everyday dreams, at this same time I was having several Deja Vu's a day. The way my mother would say it, a Deja Vu was like a checkpoint at some point in your life or a progress marker. Even as a teenager, I still had Deja Vu's and more dreams. However, by the time my family and I started going to a church which was on fire for God, things began to change even more so. The content of my dreams did as well. I started having Visions, dreams which were so vivid, like watching 4K or 8K of today then, but in your mind. In Visions, you remember details, places, people and even specifics in crystal clear visual images.

In my teenage years my Visions were intense, the more I learned about Jesus and Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty), the closer I drew unto them. I was about thirteen years old when I had my first Vision. In this vision, I was leading a massive army. The usual part was how vividly green the grass was on the battlefield; I mean Vibrant Green a beautiful Green grass covering a hillside and the color of the sky. It was a rich blue, not the sky we see now. In fact the sky was a color blue I am not familiar with or have ever seen! As I was about to send this army into battle, I was suddenly pulled deep underground into a cave. I had bombs, swords, guns, knives, you name it and I was fighting a black-within-black entity. I had run out of weapons and was about to be overtaken by this entity, when all of a sudden in the back corner of the cave was a Bright White Double-edge Sword which light up. I reach for it, pull it out of the dirt and grab to use against the entity, I just didn't know how to use it and I woke up.

Later I shared this with my mother and pastor; they told me the White Sword represented the Word of God or the Bible. Meaning I need to read it and spend more time in it. As a Child, I hated reading, as a teenager, it still wasn't quite my thing but I read some from time to time. A few years later I had a major Vision, one I still don't quite understand today. It did however change my life, especially since I was then a young adult. Before I had this vision, I had a hard time fitting in with my peers and I couldn't understand why then, I didn't realize we are In This World, But Not of This World. This did lead to a falling away from the Lord as an adult. Even then, I was still able to resist temptation, but it wasn't easy at times and I did fall short. Which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus and to know How Great is Father God, El Shaddai!

The Vision that Changed My World!

The Source of All Righteousness, The Bible!!
The Source of All Righteousness, The Bible!! | Source

The Vision that changed my Life!!

I was about Eighteen years old, I was about to graduate high school and I had a decent job. I was beginning to make my own money and my independence from my parents. I had a Vision around this time which was very powerful. I still hadn't dove into reading the Bible like I should, but I was reading it more than in my childhood. In the Vision, I was either angry or I had just lost something very dear to me. That part was never clear, however I know who or what was responsible. I was clearly tired of the games which had been at play in my life, trying to take my joy, peace and righteousness, I guess I had enough and was super crazy angry. A Righteous anger no less, right at the point when I could hold back anymore I lose control and was transfigured. It was me but I wasn't me, if this makes since. I could see myself outside of myself and my hair was no longer jet black, it was pure bright white. I couldn't see my eyes at first, but later I could see them they were fiery orange and then I woke up. To this day I am still not 100% sure about his one, after reading the book of Revelation I now have some clues about this Vision which hasn't come to pass yet.

I was too focused on the dream which lead me to come to know DragonBall Z., which I wasn't familiar with at the time. This was the enemy's way of keeping me away from the one day reality of this Vision. When I first saw the main character Goku, turn Super Saiyan, I lost it. I could not believe I was watching this anime series expose my Vision right before me. I got sucked into DBZ and all things Goku. However, the plan of the Enemy (the devil) failed; this anime is one of The Devices of the Enemy. Even though I liked the show and watched it faithfully, I never forgot the Vision. He couldn't take it away from me. Later I would learn everything DBZ is not of the Lord God of Heaven. Now I have been delivered from the control which this Anime Series had upon me. I no longer have any Dvd's, posters, toy, games or anything related to DBZ in my possession.

The Near Future for Planet Earth?!

This Looks Very Close to What I Saw!!!
This Looks Very Close to What I Saw!!! | Source

As of Recent.

I am still having dreams and visions, just not at the same level or intensity as I once did. I have finally finished reading the Bible from Front to Cover and the dreams have started again. I am currently reading Exodus after just finishing Genesis again. I have had Rapture dreams as child, but I didn't understand them and I never shared them until now. I am still having Rapture dreams; they are now far different from my childhood. I have heard the sounds of the Trumpets, seen the flash of the light which will take place and sometimes seen this being awake. My last dream I thought I was walking on Mars, everything was red in color. The sky, the land and the rocks, all were red, dry parched areas as far as the eye could see! At first I didn't get it, then I ran across a YouTube video which explain the color red and why it's important.

This wasn't a coincidence; my Vision is of things to come here on Earth, when the Bible in Revelation talks about, no more green grass, trees or water. Almost like the days of Noah, a dry parched land, without rain, the color red represents rebellion (those who refuse to acknowledge the Kingdom of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) or His Son Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh). This will take place in The Tribulation Period, with all who rebel against God and want a New World Order. I had these dreams and visions last month (May 2016), toward the end of the month. Everything I am sharing with you coincides with TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and The Tribulation Period is About to Begin!

Time Is Short, Repent and Seek Jesus Christ!!!

The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus!!

Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ!!
Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ!! | Source

Revelation Chapter 19!

The Vision where my hair turns bright white and my eyes are fiery orange; this is spoken about when Jesus Christ returns with the saints or his bride He raptured before The Tribulation Period. When Jesus comes back at His Second coming, this is when He splits the Mount of Olives. The Bible says at Jesus Christ Second Coming, He would be riding a White horse, with many crowns. Shown in glory (white-within-white), His eyes were a flame of fire. His saints or the Believers, who were taken during The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, were there with Him. My vision may not be me in that form, rather Jesus Christ Himself.

My ignorance assumed it was me in this form, which is why I fell for DragonBall Z, a fake imitating the real thing to come. Which is what the devil Is really good at, taking something which is good and twisting it to look good, but being really bad or a distraction for you. As to the sword in the cave, I now know how to use the sword. In this day and time, All Who Follow Christ needs the whole Armor of God daily, The Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness; the Sword of the Spirit, the Shield of Faith and the Shoes of the Gospel of the Preparation of Peace. As the Church Age or The Age of Grace is coming to a close, the whole Armor of God is very necessary to finish the race before The Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Bride.

Will You Come to Jesus, the One Who can Redirect Your Steps!

Choose Life, Come to Christ!
Choose Life, Come to Christ! | Source

Why I Chose to Share My Experiences.

I felt lead to share my personal dreams and visions here on HubPages. Since I don't have a YouTube Channel, this seemed to make the most sense. In the end, I hope you would realize with my story. Anyone can come to Jesus even as an adult, I didn't always follow him, I made bad choices. However, Jesus always led me back to Him and turned me away from so many things to where I am now. Sold out for Christ, Like the Apostle Paul said in the Bible, "nothing can move me!" I am not perfect and neither are you, Jesus Loves you and He desires that you come to Him.

It is so simple; the things of God are easy. Even Jesus said "follow me, for my yolk is light." Trust God and come to Jesus, the one who died for you. Jesus gave his life willingly at the cross of Calvary; your sin is already in Hell. Come to Jesus and you will never have to end up in Hell to find out. Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and Believe the Lord God raise him from the dead and you will be saved, from death, Hell and the grave.

This was the lasting things I was holding onto, now I have freely shared my personal experiences with dreams and visions. Also portions of my life and why it doesn't matter who you are, how young you are or even what you have done. We All Need the Lord Jesus and to acknowledge what He has done for us and why. This is the utmost reason for Salvation, Jesus physically died so "We" (Humanity) will not have to spiritually die. Acknowledge His Sacrifice and you too can have peace at night, worry less about issues of this life, let go and be free of this worldly system. Won't you come? Come to the one who can change your life, just like He changed mine and you too can know Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

Pre-Tribulation Rapture

God's Spirit Being Pour Out in Dreams!

These Are the Endtimes!
These Are the Endtimes! | Source

Lots of Dreams Here Lately!!

Last night early 6/13/2016 in the morning, I am not sure at what time, it was after midnight. I went to bed sometime after 11:30 PM on 6/12/2016, so I know it was later in the evening when I had this dream. This isn't the first time this has happened to me either. The first time this happened was sometime in early May 2016 and I was awake. I had been praying, spending time with Jesus and sorting things out with Him. Just as I finished praying and spending time with the Lord, I see a Bright Flash of Light! It was bright white-within-white all around and lasted only a second, if that long. Like I said, I was wide awake and I had my eyes open!

The second time this happened, it was still May 2016, this time I was asleep. In this dream, I heard a trumpet sound and then I saw that same bright white flash again and I woke up. There was no train going by, no trucks or anything which could sound a horn. Plus it was 2 or 3 AM in the morning, there wasn't much traffic out and about. The interesting thing about this second encounter, in the dream, there was no light and the lights didn't work. Everything was pitch black, I mean very dark!! No Sunlight, Moonlight, Streetlights, Flashlights or Star Lights, everything was dark, I was not able to ascertain the time of day!! Nor couldn't I tell if I was outside or inside, there was no way for me to discern which.

The dream last night on 6/13/2016 in the morning was the same except I didn't hear the trumpet sound. I did see the flash and it was very bright, so much so when I saw it as it happened I woke up. I actually thought I missed the Rapture, until I realized I was still in my room and calmed down. Eventually I did get back to sleep. The only I can think of is this, the flash was sudden and I didn't expect it. Even though I know the Rapture is coming, in this dream it almost caught me off guard and I forgot about whatever I was dreaming about before the Bright Flash. Which is exactly why, I thought I was left behind. I don't know if this dream was for me or someone else. I know it is close, I just don't know how close!! We need to be ready every moment of each day!! The Time is Now to Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity, the Lord Jesus is Coming Soon!!!

The Understanding of Dreams and Visions!

Can You Understand Dreams?
Can You Understand Dreams? | Source

My Dream from 6/19/2016!

I didn't want to share this, but it won't leave me! In this dream from last night and I am not sure of the time. I was driving either on an Interstate or a Main Road. This Road had 4 lanes of traffic, 2 on one side and 2 on the other. I had just come out of a tunnel and was nearing a bridge or an overpass. To my left was either a University or a Large Corporation, in any case, there were a lot of people there! It would seem to have been an attack or a bombing which at just taken place, there were officers, fire and medical vehicles everywhere!! I could see all of this as I drove by! The sky and surrounding colors which were off, like a gray-scale, this was odd. By the time the realization of what had occurred, suddenly officers began to close the Interstate or the Main road.

I have no idea where this was or where this dream takes place, I am not familiar with the road or the area I saw. I did see the devastation, the sounds of the sirens and the screams of the people in that area! All I can do is Pray, but something is Coming!! I hope “We” all Do You See the "Signs" of the Times? I know I am not the only one who feels or can sense this!

For this Reason, we need to be Pulling People Out of the Fire!

Visions are Taking Place by So many Right Now!!

Visions are Vivid in Detail!
Visions are Vivid in Detail! | Source

Here Lately!

As of recent, my dreams have been strange. So much so I can only recall small portions of them and those portions are not worth sharing. However, I did receive some clarity from the dream on 6/19/2016. In that dream, I was driving on the right side of the road and it is a 4 lane Interstate with a concrete barrier in between the set of lanes. I could see the white and yellow markings and I am certain this is an American city. I am just not sure which one, if this is revealed onto me, I will share it. The scenery is slowly becoming clearer and more detailed. So much so, I don't think this Interstate was near a University but rather a very large corporation or a huge business. In the vision, it looked like the building was destroyed or demolished by some kind of explosion and not a wrecking ball or Construction Equipment. People were everywhere and the Interstate was not shutdown just yet, like it just happened!? Or there was a slow response time to deal with the Interstate, this part is a mystery.

After coming out of the tunnel, I could hear the screams of the people, the sirens of emergency vehicles and horror from this area. The sky was clear, there were no clouds in the sky and the road was a new blacktop fresh paved road, with fresh markings. Like a new roadway or rework, these details I couldn't see previously but I am able to now!?! I hope this helps, I still have no idea where this may be and I don't think this could be in the Plain States. This is in a very populated area; I mean a Big City or Metropolitan area! If more details come along, I will share them. Or if I have another Dream or Vision, I will share those as well. This doesn't mean there will not be other attacks happening around the world, this dream could be somewhere which might be similar to these elements somewhere in the world. I do know, attacks will come the United States and soon.

My Recent Dream from 6/27/2016.

These Were the Colors I Saw on a White Background?!?
These Were the Colors I Saw on a White Background?!? | Source

My Latest Dream from 6/27/2016.

In my Dream from last night, early 6/27/2016, I was talking to my Grandmother who recently passed away. It was nice to see her even though it was just a dream. After we finished talking, I was shown a Large white canvas or background, with Giant Words in Green, Black and Red on the Canvas. I couldn't read the words; I just knew they were there. I guess they will be revealed later. This morning after reflecting on the Dream and talking to a fellow brother in Christ, I realized what the colors represented.

The Color White being the antichrist riding a white horse, The Color Red being the rider and a red horse, The Color Black being the rider and the black horse and The Color Green being the rider and the green horse! These riders and their horses are apparently ready and prepared to ride! The unusual part of the dream was there were four golden bowls, circles or objects below this Huge white Canvas with the Red, Green and Black Colors or words on it. These objects or circles were spinning below this Huge Canvas. These objects were golden spinning circles with sparks of Fire flying off of them as they spun, spinning below the Huge White Canvas.

Right now as I am typing this, these four spinning objects are what are preventing the four riders from going forth to ride across the Earth! After I woke up from the Dream, this part was very puzzling and didn't make sense until just now!! These spinning objects represent Angels, which are at present, holding back the Four Horsemen. This can only mean one thing, the Time for the Rapture (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture) of the Bride of Christ is Very Near, How Much Time is Left to Prepare!!! Undoubtedly, We Are Indeed The "Final" Generation!!

The time to Prepare to Meet Jesus is Now, Don't Wait for the local news programs, State, Local or Federal Governments to tell you!! They will not, they don't care about you, this is Why Humanity Needs Jesus! He is waiting for you, accept Him right now and you can go with Him when He comes!! God the Son, Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh will be Here Soon!!!

This is Serious, Don't Wait!

This Reoccurring Dream is Puzzling?

Bright Light and Fog or Haze?
Bright Light and Fog or Haze? | Source

My July Dreams Thus Far and a Few Reoccurring Dreams...

On a Side note, my dreams as of recent have been quite strange. I know I shared my dream in the beginning of July 2016, on my The United States of America, the Downfall and the End of the American “Way” of Life HubPage. The fact is this, in the past couple of days; my dreams have been like a white haze or fog. I can't see what's on the other side of the haze or fog, however I am at peace!? I can see the bright light, I just have no idea where or when I am. I am at present, unable to ascertain any points of reference, nor is there anything of familiarity in the surroundings. Which makes this reoccurring dream very unusual? There are no words, sounds or music, I just can't figure this on out. Does anyone have any suggestions or clues to offer?

My dream from 7/13/2016 was also very strange, I was in a house; one I have never been to. I was on the second floor and everything was white in color. When I reached for the switch on the wall, the lights would not cut off. Go Figure? I heard my Grandmother come into the house, I was trying to hide from her, but only in fun, deep down I was very pleased to see her!!! Then I woke up.

The Suddenness of This Dream!!

Human or Inhuman, I am not sure of Which!
Human or Inhuman, I am not sure of Which! | Source
Millions or Even Billions of Them!
Millions or Even Billions of Them! | Source
Bluish-Skinned Creatures or People!?
Bluish-Skinned Creatures or People!? | Source

Demons Are Already Walking the Earth Now!?!?

My Dream From 7/16/16!!! Or Maybe 7/7/7 (7/1+6/1+6)!?!

My Dream from last night 7/16/16, at 4:30 in the morning was extremely weird!! It started out with everything being normal, people were dressed up in suits and ties, comfortable clothes and the women had on dresses and so forth. The strange part for this normal scene was this; it was like all of the people were gathered together, almost like a cult. They were all, of the same mind and heart, if this makes sense. Again, while the light was on, everyone was normal. All of a sudden the lights go out and everyone immediately changed!!! Everyone's skin was purplish blue or some kind of bluish black color, their eye were all a darkish green color with no pupils, their lips were all black and their teeth were very strange or wicked.

Just before the lights went out, I hear Vin Diesel's voice or a voice which sounded like his speaking and when the lights went out, I could still hear the voice. The voice sounded like Riddick from "Pitch Black." Interesting, I didn't catch this until just now. The correlation to "Pitch Black" and hearing Riddick's voice, the lights go out, the creatures come out...?!? Only thing I can surmise is this, something is about to take place soon, this is a warning!

If you are not ready or haven't made up your mind about Jesus Christ, there isn't much time!! The thing about this dream, it was sudden, there was no time to prepare or escape once the lights went out! The creatures were everywhere and they were on a mission!! Make your decision to come to the Lord Jesus Now; this takes place after the Rapture of the Bride. This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!! There will be little time to assess what just happened, those creatures come out to play, the instant the Rapture is over and the Lifting of The Veil of Protection would have also taken place!! How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? I don't know, but there isn't much!!

Dreams in Orangey-Yellowish Colors?!?

Everything has been in This Color Scheme as of Late?
Everything has been in This Color Scheme as of Late? | Source

My End of July 2016 Dreams...

As of recent from about 7/23/2016 or so, I have been having dreams with my father and mother in them lately. My mother has been dead for quite some time; she died when I was very young. Anytime I have a dream with her in it, the dream is usually important. I normally don't have dreams where both parents are in them together, those are very rare!! In my latest dreams, my father and I are walking through a city. This part alone is strange; we both have vehicles and a means to get where we want to go. The Sky was very strange looking in the dream and it was very hot outside.

After walking, we decided to go to the nearest gas station to cool off. For whatever reason, my mother was there behind the register or behind the counter. I never saw here, I just felt her presence, if this makes sense. All of a sudden chaos just broke out and everything changed, I mean it was sudden, and then I woke up. The weird part of the dream was everything was in a yellow or orangey-yellow color!?! As I am thinking about this, once the chaos began, I could no longer find my father nor did I recognize were I was?!

These are basically the types of dreams I have been having lately, I am seeing or feeling my mother in dreams more and more. She's been gone for nearly 13 years and I have long since gotten over her passing. Whenever she is in a dream, I have comfort and more peace in those dreams.

On July 29th, I had a dream which sure doesn't make since for the summertime. In this dream, I am working, playing and living much like I am now. All of a sudden, there was a massive winter storm or a storm like a hurricane and then it became really cold. Once the storm passed, I was clearing snow off the Interstate or a main road. The key point is this; I was still on the ground. In the dream, I managed to clear the roadway, then I got a phone call from my father, I explain to him what I am doing and where I am. As soon as the call ended, I was up in the air and I could see all of the crashes, people sliding and cars everywhere on this road I just finished clearing. I was up in the air looking down when I saw all of this. The strange part was, it was dark outside during the day and I do not clear roadways as my normal job, so I am not sure what this means or if I was someone else in the dream. I am just sharing with you exactly what I saw and experienced.

My Second Dream the Same night Was a Flying Dream?

I Could Fly Far and Fast!
I Could Fly Far and Fast! | Source

My Dreams from 8/4/2016!!

My Dream from 8/4/2016, I actually had 2 dreams. The first dream, I was on an island in the Pacific Ocean and the only reason why I knew this, was because of the vast amount of water which surrounded this island. There were no land masses or mountains anywhere near this island! Anyway, in the Dream I was looking up just as the Bible says: “Look Up, For Your Redemption Draws Nigh!” The timing of my looking up and the event in the sky was simultaneous, as soon as I look up, a Supernova or a Star Explosion took place!!! It wasn’t the Sun; I could still see it off in the distance. The Sky became bright, the Heat Increased, the trees began to smoke, the water began to boil and steam began to rise into the atmosphere. I saw all of this and then I woke up!!!

The Second dream I had on 8/4/2016 was very different, the world was now much darker and in this scene it was raining. I was near an old department store or at least it looked old, like a Montgomery Ward’s Store. I don’t know how else to describe it, anyway I was surrounded by all of these people and they wanted to kill me but they couldn’t. They tried to head-butt me, punch me, and kick me, whatever. They even shot me, that might have been an ex-police officer, I don’t know. Nothing they could do to me worked!?! I mentioned earlier in this HubPage about falling dreams, you remember right? In this dream, I could fly, could do so very fast and go very far. After taking all of the supposed punishment the crowd of people could dish out to me, with no avail. I fly off and land onto of a School Bus, the crowd follows me there and continue to verbally assault me. Now knowing I can fly I leave the area, the rain and the darkness, and then I wake up.

The Warning I Received From this Recent Dream!!

The Time to Be "Wise" is Now!!
The Time to Be "Wise" is Now!! | Source

The 5 Wise Virgins or 5 Foolish?

Another Dream on 8/6/2016!

I had a dream last night, unlike any dream I have had before! Now before I get into the dream, there is some groundwork which must be explained beforehand. There is a young lady who is with me in some of my dreams, she’s pure, someone I have never met in reality and she is always on my right side in every dream we are in together. I have met this person many times and usually these dreams are just for me and I am not led to share them. This dream, this one is for everyone!!! One more thing, this mall I am going to share in the dream, I have been to before. In my previous encounters, the place has been vacant or nearly deserted. It’s not a fancy building, basically a reddish-brown bricked building and nothing to eye-catching. In this dream, the place was super busy and I mean people everywhere and all over the mall. In fact, one of the areas looked a lot like the dream I shared on 8/4/2016 about the flying dream. Yeah, a Montgomery Wards at this mall, except on a sunny day!! In both dreams, I have no idea where this mall and Montgomery Wards are located. Okay, now that this is established, onto the dream.

In the dream, as I explained earlier, a young lady and I were going about our normal routines. So we decide to hang with a friend and go to a mall. This mall has a massive food court and a movie theater, and they allow you to bring your food from the food court into the theater. This friend is more like an acquaintance, we know him, but we don’t know him, if that makes sense. The young lady and I, we are On Fire for Father God and live our lives with the Lord Jesus as our focus. This young man would be like a “Lukewarm” gentleman. He will talk about Jesus and His sacrifice for him and yet, he will also do worldly things as well.

So the three of us are at this reddish-brown bricked mall in the food court and we are about to order food, them go to the movie theater. When suddenly, one of the young man’s friends shows up and wants to hang with us. I don’t know how I knew this; this new young man didn’t have any money or any means or intention of paying for anything. He used his friendship with the one guy to get what he wanted, a free meal and a ticket. So we get our food and head over to the theater.

As we are sitting there waiting for the previews to start, we are eating and enjoying our company. The young lady and I strike up a conversation about Father God and Jesus. As soon as we did this, the young man who wanted a free meal and a ticket, just get up and leaves. He states that he shouldn’t have to hear about topics he doesn’t like nor does he care about. This upset his “Lukewarm” friend, but he doesn’t leave with him. I just thought about this, the young lady and I were sitting in the light in the theater and the “Lukewarm” was partially in the light and the other guy was sitting in the dark. The young man who left represents the “Cold” or those who have turned away from the Lord God.

This is the very interesting part, sudden everything change and we were no longer at the mall or the movie theater. It was like the whole world shifted and chaos was everywhere! The ground was gone, cracked up and pieces or earth just there, it’s hard to explain. There were huge caverns or massive opening in the ground and the three of us were in the midst of one of these caverns. In all actuality, the caverns are dark because of the Holy Spirit within us, we could see as if there was light all around us. Right after the ground opened up and faster than I can explain all of this, creatures started coming out of these caverns, openings and crevices! They were moving fast, all they wanted was blood and to cause more chaos!! The Lukewarm gentleman thought he could escape and he stated “we are faster than they are!” However he couldn’t get away from them, they got him and took him. I have seen some creature I wish I could un-see; however they could not touch the young lady and I. Even through this, she still remained on my right side and never left it either!

Father God is Speaking!!

Are You Listening?
Are You Listening? | Source

My Dreams From 8/11/2016!

There were actually several dreams that I had on 8/11/2016, but I am only going to share the ones which might bless many, instead of just the ones that will bless only me. Okay, here we go. In the first dream, I saw four blue poles or posts and they made a perfect square. The interesting part was this, each blue post or pole represented and angel. This was the feeling or awareness I received immediately when I saw them. The other part was where they were located, each post or pole was on the four corners of the Earth and they are waiting to gather the saints for the Earth (just as the Bible says!!! They are waiting for the Shout from Heaven and the Trumpet to sound, so they can Gather All Who Are Ready to Be Raptured!! Why Be Ye Rapture Ready? Because Father God is Clearly About to Make a Major, Mighty Move!!!

The Second dream was this, I saw a Large Reddish Brown Number 7, which stood behind two smaller, Bluish-Green 7’s. In fact, this dream came to me several times during the night and each time it was the same. Except one thing, the two smaller 7’s kept getting smaller and smaller, they represented the Grace and Veil of Protection from Father God. The Lifting of The Veil is taking place little by little each passing day, which is why the Veil is so thin! The Big Reddish Brown 7 represents The Tribulation Period and the color Red stands for rebellion. Brown stands for dry, dead or dying dirt or earth in this dream. In either case, The Tribulation Period will not be a time of sunshine and rainbows, but a time of destruction, death and rebellion. Did You Notice the Three 7's? More "Signs" are still being Given!

The Third dream was very brief, all I saw was all white in color and I was moving like I was on a conveyor or some kind of very Clear Box Car. I know I wasn’t walking, but I was moving. Again everything was all white, a Pure or Vibrant White Color! Just like the Bible says: “in the Latter Day, I (Father God) will pour out My Spirit upon All Flesh.” I am not the only one having dreams and visions, there are plenty of people who are also having them! These are genuine warnings and messages from Father God Jehovah! God Bless All Who Read this and hear messages from others or experiencing them for themselves!

To Dream or to Have Visions.

Are You Having Dreams of Visions?

See results

Wow, What a Dream!

Heaven is Real, I have seen It!!
Heaven is Real, I have seen It!! | Source

My Dream from 8/16/2016.

Here lately my dreams are becoming less foggy or hazy. I am beginning to see through the fog and I am able to tell or ascertain what is on the other side. I shared a similar dream where I all I saw was all white, fog or haze, and on the other side I could hear voices. Now I am able to see and explore this other side and wow! It’s like a large city with people everywhere!! This place I am not very familiar with, but it feels like Home and I guess this is what matters! The sky is white or a bluish white, but more white than blue. There are buildings, streets, trees and plenty of greenery everywhere. Many of the details I can’t quite see yet, but I do know this is a massive city and people are going about their day, the buildings and/or houses are unlocked. In fact, there are no locks on the doors!?

The inhabitants all look like children, ageless children and it’s a true paradise! There is no fear, worry, doubt, hate, or any feelings of evil or darkness. There is plenty to do and people are everywhere, plus there are no Schools, Wahoo!! I mean Wow, this is Home and we will be there soon. There are still details in which I can’t see yet, but I have seen enough to know Heaven is a Very Beautiful Place! I feel at ease and that I actually belong there, that in itself is the greatest feeling ever! In Jesus Name, He has given me a Vision of His Domain; I am forever grateful and thankful! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

His return is imminent and He is coming to get those who are ready for Him, Are You Ready, Will you be ready in time? Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption and Look Up, For Your Redemption Draws Nigh! Come to the Lord Jesus Today!

The Bible Tells "Us" we should Repent!!

I Saw a Very Large Sliver Kitchen with Freely Flowing Water!!

A Massive Amount of Food Being Prepared With This Water!!
A Massive Amount of Food Being Prepared With This Water!! | Source

My dream on 8/27/2016!

It was brief but I remember the details. In this dream, I was in kitchen and there were several cooks, servers and preparers all over the place. They were preparing a very large feast and for a very massive gathering. There were several strange parts to the dream; one being there was water everywhere and it flowed freely. This was water was very pure, clean and unlike any water I have ever seen. It was used to prepare all of the food which was being prepared as well. I was even able to rinse my hands with a few times; I just don’t remember what it felt like. I can say, it didn’t burn and it didn’t feel hot, there was also no need for any soap or any cleaning agent like we use on here with our water. The second thing I noticed, the food did not look like anything I recognized here on Earth and yet it looked very amazing, pure and extremely delicious!!!

I mean the food was a massive spread and this kitchen was very Huge, like I said, there were people everywhere! The other strange part, I could not look down nor could I see anyone’s feet; even with my peripheral vision. Not to mention, this kitchen was filled with Silver and very Shiny Dishes, not like anything here on Earth!!

This is being shared to let all readers know, the wedding supper of the Lord Jesus is being prepared now as we speak. I was not able to see the Wedding Hall, I bet this area is already decked out and also prepared!! If you haven’t got your heart ready for the Lord Jesus Christ as of yet, Please do so Now! He is Coming very Soon, We know not the Day or Hour! The Preparations in Heaven are being made for the Lord Jesus to receive His Bride, become part of the Bride today! Accept what the Lord Jesus has done for you and become a part of His Upcoming Wedding Ceremony! You will be Glad You Did; I Hope to See You There!! Remember, Jesus is Lord!

Dressed for a Wedding!!!

Headed to a Wedding!?!
Headed to a Wedding!?! | Source

My Dream on 9/22/2016!!

In this dream, there were two of us, a woman and myself. We were dressed headed to a wedding; I could not see what I had on but I could see what the young lady had on. Now I don’t know who this woman was, she just felt familiar and that I knew her. Anyway, she had on an Emerald Green and White Long Dress on and we were getting into a Vehicle. This vehicle seemed like a stretch Limousine and yet I got in on the driver’s side and into the driver’s seat, and the young lady was in the Passenger’s seat.

The strange part was this, the windows were down and all of a sudden bees started flying into the Limo. They did not attack us, it we like they were investigating the situation with us, if this makes sense!? It was like they would fly into the Limo and then fly out, they did this several times. Finally, I used the power windows to put the windows up and shoo the bees out as the windows were going up. Then I wake up. The Bees were not aggressive in any way, they just suddenly appeared.

The Color Green represented: it can signify peace and tranquility and can symbolize newness and freshness. The Color White Represented: signifies love, acceptance, purity, peace, knowledge and brightness. The Bees were a little tougher to grasp because they have so many different meanings to them. In this case even more so because they were not attacking or biting in this dream, they did land on both of us and did not bite or sting. My natural instinct was to get them out and this is what happened (only because I didn’t know the meaning of the bees and what they were doing meant at this time). The meaning of Bees landing on you is this: Dreaming of a bee hovering over you and eventually landing on a part of your body is a symbol of everlasting love. Either you have found the one or you would soon find someone who would complete you and be the other source of your mutual happiness and unconditional love. You were destined to become one in body and spirit. You would promise to remain faithful and committed to each other until the end.

Again in this dream, we were headed to a wedding; I could only see this woman and myself. I am sure if there are others and I know there are more than two people going, I just was not made aware of them. Not to mention, I don’t physically or naturally know who this woman is. In the dream, I just knew her and she knew me if this makes any sense.

The Horrors of the Tribulation Period Are Going to Happen!!!!

This Is What I Heard!!!

No Joke on 9/27/2016, Time is Short!!
No Joke on 9/27/2016, Time is Short!! | Source

The Dream and Earlier Morning Encounter!!!

This morning very earlier, I awoke up after 2:30 AM in the Morning. I had a dream where the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus and the Lord God the Father Jehovah where all there; I was in Heaven!! I Saw clouds, His Glory and so many colors in which I can’t describe!!! There were people or a multitude I couldn’t number and a few things I couldn’t identify but I was still at peace!! This was the safest place and feeling I had, I didn’t want to leave this place!

I wake up and realize I am still in my bed, I could not go back to sleep. How could I, after dreaming about being in Heaven? So I decide to get up and check out some things on my computer. I did this for about an hour or so and it was about 4 AM in the morning. I decide to brush my teeth and grab a bite to eat, even though it was so early. It was about 4:12 or 4:13 AM in the morning and I heard Trumpet Blowing!!! All I could do was asked the Lord Jesus for Forgiveness and raise my hands to give Him Praise! I figured right then we were Going Home!!!

The sounds of the Trumpets sounded like the Strange Sounds heard all around the Globe from 2011 to 2016. The difference being, they didn’t sound like any normal trumpets, truck horns or train horns. These horn sounds sounded off worldly and coming from a great distance or from off planet if this makes sense. This was indeed a very awesome experience; I shared this with some people, most of them laughed and partially scoffed. At the same time, they also wondered and inquired into why I was extra hyper or in such good spirits today! This is when I shared with them my earlier morning experience!! The Lord Jesus is Coming Soon and is giving forewarnings by sounding the Trumpets again in Various Locations!!!

My Dream on 10/7/2016

Titled Death to Witchcraft!?! Jesus Christ is Still the Answer!!
Titled Death to Witchcraft!?! Jesus Christ is Still the Answer!! | Source

My Dream on 10/7/2016

This is probably the weirdest dream I have had in a very long time, this dream reminded me of my dreams from my childhood. This dream was indeed reminiscent of my dreams of darkness or being in darkness from my troubled youth, with one major difference. I was being a witness of a person’s walk toward the end of their life or their entering into Eternity. Initially I thought this was me experiencing this dream until a certain point, when my defenses didn’t work and I could see my hands and arms, along with theirs!? This was when I realized I was not the person experiencing the punishment and torment which ensued. Now onto the Dream…

In the dream, I as someone else was with a group of 4 to 6 people and we all were wearing black from head to toe. At first we were all together on the same path going the same direction. As the path continues, mind you it was not straight by any means and there were plenty of turns and turn offs. As we continued on this path, suddenly there were people just disappearing or being ripped away from this group. Basically the group was becoming smaller as we moved down this path.

There where tunnels, hidden passageways and other means to get from one level to the next. The deeper we went, the more people disappeared if this makes sense. At some point I noticed we were down to four people and two of them were very little female children. It was like I suddenly became aware of the disappearing people around me. As I was becoming aware of this, we took a passageway where we had to go around a black tree. Either to the right or the left around it; depending on which way we went together. This would determine which way we will go in the next passage. As I came to at this point, we were not on one accord. When we went into the passage, we came right back to the black tree.

All I remember is saying I will not go any further, I am done. Right then I heard a voice, an angry voice yelling and shouting at me. The other that were with me, went around the tree and left, screaming at they went into the passageway. As the voice continued to shout, all of a sudden a dark black cloud which formed a whirlwind in the area I was at took shape. Out from of this whirlwind appeared what looked like a prosperity gospel preacher with a weird smile on his face. This figure looked like Joel Olsten with the Purge Smile on his face.

This was the point when I became aware I was a witch or a warlock. I could float and cast spells, nor was I no longer in control. At this same point, my defense I can use in the spirit realm didn’t work. I was reduced to nothing more than a spectator, in witnessing the destruction of this witch as he or she tried to defend themselves before destruction. As I witnessed, I could see the arms of this witch as they cast spells and tried with their every effort to keep them from being destroyed. The Prosperity Preacher just laughed, mocked and scoffed at the witch and basically toyed with them. Making them think they stood a chance, what the witch didn’t realize was this. They were using the same powers given to them be the same source they were attempting to fight against.

Like the Bible says, a house divided can’t stand. The witch and the demon were on the same team, the witch didn’t know they needed the Lord Jesus to fight against this principality. As the battle continued on, the Prosperity Preacher grew tired of playing and became very serious. Suddenly he sent a ball or some sort of energy toward the witch and it consumes their left hand to their wrist. Then sent other ball of energy toward them and it began to consume their right fingers. The only thing that came to mind was this. The demon was making sure this witch couldn’t cast anymore spells and cause more fear to well up inside them as they became defenseless and more helpless. As the energy balls wore off, the Prosperity Preacher sent a strange package toward the witch and it popped open. Now mind you, this witch was still floating in the air when these attacks were coming their way. This last package opened, at first the item was a small tan item with a mouth. As it got closer to the witch, it suddenly opened up with nails, glass, drill bits and sharp items within its mouth as it was heading for the witch’s head.

It appeared as I am watching this, the witch caught this item with their left numb and partial right hand and tried to keep this thing from covering their head. As they struggled, the Prosperity Preacher tormented them with speech, utterances and sayings the entire time. As the Bible says, we lean not upon our own understanding or strength. Sure enough, their strength gave out and the item clamped down on the witch’s head and they fell to the table below. All I could see was darkness and I felt no pain, nor was I worried or concerned. I hear the Prosperity Preacher say unto the witch now in darkness, “If Jesus Christ had to Bleed, what makes you think you do not have to…” Then I woke up from this dream.

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus, He is the only One who can bring hope, change and peace to our lives. Humanity is not able to save itself, destruction and being destroyed is all the power we have, the Lord Jesus Christ is A New Beginning and The Lord Jesus Christ is Everything!! I Pray in Jesus Name, for those who don't know Jesus Christ, they come to Him now, Don't wait, Eternity is beckoning, Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity!!

Love Not This World Anymore!!!

In the Dream it was a Demon.

Not necessarily the devil (Lucifer, Satan).
Not necessarily the devil (Lucifer, Satan). | Source

My Dream on 10/25/2016

All I can say is wow, in this dream I was with a group of people and we were headed to a place of safety. All of a sudden, there came this Huge Massive dragon which came from nowhere as we were heading to the place of safety. This dragon started out looking like Smaug from the Hobbit Movies, which is an actual demon by the way. As this group of people got closer to the place of safety, I lose my patience and begin to battle this dragon. I don’t know why, I felt I needed to protect these people so they could make it to the place of safety. As I battle this dragon, the people make it and I battle this dragon one on one.

This dragon is throwing flames and fireballs on the ground, on the cars and buildings, and so forth. As the battle ensued, this dragon changed form and became more of a weird scaly look and had a hole in its chest just like Smaug. For whatever reason, I could also throw fireballs and I would throw them or use them to lead this dragon to where I wanted him to go. A few of my fireballs would hit his chest near the hole and he would howl! Yet as I would hit near the hole in his chest, the foolish dragon would not protect it?!? I guess this dragon made a pass near me and I grabbed his tail and slung his into perfect position and I unleashed a fireball into his chest hole! As soon as it hits the dragon’s chest hole, I wake up.

I haven’t seen or watched the Hobbit movies in quite some time, so there was no reason to have this dream behind watching the movies. So I am not sure where the source of Earthly influence could have come from. I will say this, when I battled this dragon, I was not afraid or even worried!!

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus and the Armor of God!!

This is what I Saw a Boat Loaded with People Leaving the Earth!

I Have No Idea When This Took Place, I Do Believe This Will be Very Soon!!
I Have No Idea When This Took Place, I Do Believe This Will be Very Soon!! | Source

A Dream on 11/6/2016

My dream in the early morning was very different and unique. Usually in my dreams I am in an area I am familiar or at least have some familiar topographic landmarks. Even the people I encountered were all new faces, yet I knew them somehow as a crisis was taking place. Let me say it this way, I am not sure if I was in the U.S., Great Britain, Europe and Australia or somewhere in South America, I just can’t tell in the dream. Anyway in the dream, many people were making their way to the place of safety. This was going on as chaos had broken out; as this was going on I received a phone call from my sister. She was asking me if I was heading for the place of safety, I was already aware of this place and I wanted to get as many people on-board as I could.

As the chaos and the troubling event was going on, the sky was very bright and I saw a huge Ark or Very Large Boat full of people being lifted into the air and disappeared; then I way up. The chaos which was going on was not the huge deal in this dream, it was the Ark or Place of Safety and having as many people aboard as possible as the troubles broke out all over the globe!

I pray this dream helps people realize the seriousness of the times we are living in and how short “Time” really is! The Lord Jesus is coming and this Ark or Place of Safety is in Him! When He finally shows up, those who have their oil lamps full and have made themselves ready with their relationship with the Lord Jesus., those are the people who will be Aboard the Ark!!

Say this prayer while there is still time and mean it with a very sincere heart: Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. The Lord Jesus went through literal Hell for me and I am truly sorry; now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins and Loves Me so Much, was resurrected from the dead, is alive and hears my prayer. I invite the Lord Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. I Never Knew I needed Him so Much and I meant so much to Him. Lord God I ask you to Please send and fill me with your Holy Spirit to help me obey You Lord Jesus and to do Your Will Lord, for the rest of my life. In Jesus Holy Name I pray, Amen.

There Is No More Time, Cling Close or Remain Near to the Lord Jesus, for He and Father God El Shaddai are Making Final Last Minute Preparations!! Once these preparations are complete, By the Sounding of the Shofar, This Will Be the Greatest Altar Call In Humanity’s History Taking Place! Trust me; you do not want to be Left Behind! There is no more time to argue, just put your faith, trust and your whole heart in the Lord Jesus and He will carry you through!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!


The Coming Judgment to the U.S.!?!

The Two Dreams on 11/16/2016!!

Strange Dreams but Still Understandable!
Strange Dreams but Still Understandable! | Source

My Dreams on 11/16/2016

I had two dreams, in the first dream I was riding a bicycle with a close friend. We were about to go through a dangerous neighborhood and before we were about to take this route, which was the only route to get to where we were going. We stopped and I informed him to not stop, keep your eyes and ears open. So we headed into this neighborhood and we were making good time until we neared the obstacles or larger storage container. The pathways between them were very narrow and had to be navigated very carefully. I was able to make it through this pathway, however my partner could not make it through and ended his pathway there. He started complaining because he could not go through, nor did he attempt to make his way through. Then this dream ended and I was still asleep, the dream just faded to black. I don’t know who this person I was riding meant to me in this dream, I just knew he was supposed to be a friend and I knew him somehow.

In the second dream, I was on a quest or some sort of mission. There was a woman who was with a man who had some sort of authority and a special book. This woman was very special and unique, I didn’t find out why until I acquired or was given the book by the man in charge. Once I was given this special book, the woman came along with me and told the man, “Wherever the Book goes; so do I.” In the next scene, I was aboard a very large and very fast Green Schooner and the Book was secured on-board, along with the woman who came along. All of a saddened I get the feeling I was being followed and leave the ship to get aboard one of the row boats, to attempt to misled the followers or enemy. As I am about to accomplish this, I wake up. I have no idea who this woman is, the book; the man who gave it to me, who the enemy or followers were after me. I think the “Book” represented the Bible, I still have no idea who the woman was or represented.

Despite what these dreams my mean, the Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, as Spoken By the Lord Jesus Christ is very Near!!

Dreams, Visions or Both?

Still Having Dreams and Visions?
Still Having Dreams and Visions? | Source

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