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11th House MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrological Hidden Personality Traits

Updated on November 3, 2011
None of It's Real; Did You Really Think It Was?
None of It's Real; Did You Really Think It Was?

MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Astrology: House Of Inherited Lies 11th House Release and Transformation

The indomitable chip you carry upon your shoulder is a constant reminder that you are lying to yourself and others. You are in complete denial.

When you unhinge yourself, not only will you free yourself from the drudgery of inconsistency in actions but the others who are connected to you will be free to express themselves openly.

It’s time to get honest in this sphere of tempest times. The 11th house is the house of deceit, discretion and demise. “…die out to the old man…” (Paraphrased) It's the hour to rip the mask of delirious virtue from your face. You're not all that!

You may erroneously believe that to get honest means to confess something or ask forgiveness for what you did in the past. Nope. Honesty involves no other person.

Honesty is realizing how self-vested you really are. You are to unreservedly admit to yourself that you don’t care that much about anything or anyone unless it in some way reaffirms you. The mind-splitting battle ensues when you try to convince your self and others that this very basic fact is not true in you or anyone else.

Self-division is a lonely suit. And, a worse bed fellow. But, as much as you would like to linger in the land of sentimentality or emotional guileless bliss, the cold hard facts are: you have to continually fan the flames in relationships in order to stay interested. Interest is a funny thing.

You have to invent it, feed it, water it, tend to it voraciously and then, in spite of all your well-intentioned effort, IT still dwindles and dies.

On top of that: guess what? No one is out to get your mate. You had to invent that drama induced scenerioo so that you would stay nterested. "Of course some other person sould Want your partner." Why not? After all, you've certainly jumped through hoops over the affair.

Be that as it may, you've grown somewhat restless, bored, disinterested and in need for some erotic fireworks. So, invention time! So clever are you in your masquerading fiasco, you have actually manifested signs.

You actually believe something is going on! And, it is: inside your deluded mind. So many masks do your show, all of which distort the truth of the involvement. That is the major difference in knowing and believing. Knowing settles it; believing stirs it up.

That’s why you concoct scenarios of soap-opera drama in order to fan the flames. Let it rip.Disrobe the couterfeit motives coming from yourself.

Either acknowledge the disconcerting reality of not being able to feel the same way yu did back 'when' or continue to walk around utterly ‘mad as hell’ cause you don’t have the life you think you deserve.

You have exactly and precisely the life you deserve; you placed the specific order before you saddled that old horse to your wagon.

You’re not that great of an actress to fool others with your ‘Mary Poppins’ smile. Everyone can feel what you detonate on the inside. You are walking volcano. You can’t possibly laugh hard enough nor do extra favors to cover it up.

Let it go! For once and for all, stop believing that the ‘good life’ is being held back from you: or that everyone else has the life of his/her dreams, "why can’t you?"

It’s all a devious lie invented by your exceptionally creative mind to keep you engrossed. You need to believe you are being overlooked, forgotten, undervalued or taken for granted because you believe yourself to be so very uniquel in need of ‘special’ attention and attention.

You've forgotten what it means simply to be naturally funny. Forget about fun; you've grown as brittle as old dry twigs.

Accept the fact that your memories are distorted; your associations are prefabricated tales of either woe or praise depending upon the mood of the hour. The people you choose to be involved with do not have to brandish the world for you nor you for them.

And, also please get honest enough to say that you will always tell the story at the time that most benefits you, whether it is in neglect or admiration. Watch yourself, closely. If you are lucky, you can catch yourself in skillful operation. Not a pretty sight to see but quite shrewd.

Until you work on these 'feel sorry fo rme' tendencies, you will never be in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. So it will continually seem you are missing the boat on everything with everybody, every time.

You end up being more mad, bored, frustrated and determined to get even.

You are being summoned to turn into and turn your deepest passion. How are you going to do it? That remains up to you! As long as you refuse to let anyone in to visit with the genuine character you inhabit, you will remain fixated on what has NOT happened yet, instead of what can and will.

The 11th house on the Astrological Wheel is a magical tranforamtive House. You can and do into existence what you will and it shows up. (on your doorstep, literally)

Based on deep insecurities and/or superiorities in your very cleverly disguised personality mask, you will experience devastating loneliness, though the room be filled with 100's of people, if you conintiue to play those silly self-deprecating games.

It is not because other people on the outside don’t want to get or stay involved with you; it is because you shut them out with various subliminal depressive moods, supsicious accusations, and 'hi-low' stirrings.

You are a heavy sack to shoulder when in one of your despondent periods. These charatereistics being decidedly examined today are specifically for those who have emphasis in/to/with the 1th house.

You know what I’m talking about: “Damsel in distress sends signals to worthy knight in shining armor; “Come rescue me from the railroad track; I’m bound by cords of jealousy, despair, envy and doubt. I can’t possibly get free. Love me. Love me. Until I can forget I’m the one who bound me up.”

You want to be acknowledged so badly that you do everything you can to see to it nobody can see you. By trying so hard to be useful, needed, and productive in every conceivable way for the other, you are setting up boundaries and barriers of self-abandonment and self-neglect. There is no easy coasting.

When you allow yourself to drift off into mind negating factors of “what is supposed to be and what hasn’t happened yet and when will it happen or it’s never going to happen”, you have left your own personal instinctive magical garden.

The bible speaks of that as being your first love. The weeds begin to grow and take over what is innately beautiful. It will take time, effort, energy and interest to work on being truly present and honest in your responses.

But, should you want to get in touch with what’s genuinely taking place in your world, you’ll find the designated way. You'll find the way our of your self-generated trap of despndency. You're the only one who possiblycan since you invented the barred gates.

It may involve more of the ‘same old same old’ bitter caustic reactions in defense of your well guarded positions.

But, finally after you tire of the senseless autocratic responses, you will rise above your games of distraction to fulfill what you are inherently designed to provide while visiting earth. The 11th house is a house of untold nebulous mystery. It is the house where we discover that our shields and masks as human beings don’t exactly cover our unfulfilling superficial delicacies in the games we play.

We tend to get so identified with our formalized roles, (mama, daddy, sister, brother, lover, friend, business partner, husband, wife) roles, we act as if they matter. In the short run, they don’t. In the long run, they absolutely unconditionally guaranteedly can’t matter in the least.

You must ecxchange the personal for the impersonal. LOVE is universal, remember?

In essence, you’re here to do what you do with all your might, honestly, forthrightly, and energetically [Full of Uncompromising Passion and Zeal!].

But, you are never to fall victim or martyr to the role you are inventingly playing. “…Be In the world but not of it…”

Behind The Facade...
Behind The Facade...


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