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Will Mankind Survive The Next 30 Years

Updated on December 28, 2012

Mankind struggles on and manages to overcome all obstacles until he is the dominant species on the planet. But he doesn’t stop there he keeps overcoming all obstacles and then he creates obstacles to hide behind, when he is up against something that is too difficult to overcome.

He takes the easy way out. Here we are the most technologically advanced species that ever walked the planet and we can’t even see the mess we are in. We are like the proverbial painter who has painted himself into a corner and there is no way out.

A few years ago Peak Oil was all the rage.

Then along came Big Al and Global Warming overtook the world stage. And for some reason we lost all reasonable sense and turned CO2 into the big bad wolf that needed to be stopped.

But we lost our way and wanted countries to limit there CO2 outputs so there wouldn’t be so much spewing into the atmosphere. But we need CO2 to survive, everything that breaths needs it, but that didn’t stop us.

While We Were Clambering Over Each Other To Stop CO2 We Were Running Out Of Cheap Oil.

Not really a big issue when compared to global warming except our whole society, western civilization needs oil to survive and without oil we are finished.

The experts were saying that the activities of mankind were creating the CO2 problem. But nowhere in all the science and rubbish that made the headlines did anyone think that maybe we should do something about the numbers of people on the planet.

About 30 years someone invented the sterilization vaccination and now it is still the best kept secret on the planet. It is too late now. We are going to have a collapse very soon but maybe we should start dishing out the vaccine so the kids that are born now wont be born and therefore they wont die of starvation or something worse.

Are our beautiful cities going to crumble beneath our feet?

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