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What Are You Going To Do Now Your Whole World Has Changed?

Updated on December 31, 2012

Do you have a plan for the future? Are you going take control of your life or is your situation going to control you. Do you need some help and advice to steer you in a different direction. You can't deny it your whole world has changed over the last few months and like it or not you are going to be affected.

It Is How You React To These Changes That Will Determine Your Future.

Now I am what I call a urban survivalist I have spent most of my adult life preparing for the coming collapse of our civilization as we know it. That is one of the disadvantages of falling in love with history at a very early age.

In my spare time I kept finding out about early civilization, how they came and went and why. Nowadays there is a lot of talk about this generation seeing the end of western civilization but as usual not many people are taking any notice.

They Still Believe The Government Will Help Them.

But if you look back in history you will find that the governments are the first to fall, so it is up to me and you to plan our survival. Being an urban survivalist I try to live in a very sustainable way and that means doing without some things or using a lot less of everyday things.

Trying to live without the trappings of modern democratic society is extremely difficult but you can use a lot less of everything and save a ton of money in the process. And then when civilizationdoes decide to collapse you will not be thrown into a situation where you have to rely on a failing government for support.

Are our beautiful cities going to crumble beneath our feet?

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