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The Music-Art-Drama In Your Birth Name; An Esoteric Sacred Sexual Sensual Secret

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Rock Of Ages
Rock Of Ages | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Exploring The Undisclosed Talent Locked In The Sound of One's Birth NAME

YOU {Fill In The Blank}are the walking sacred sexual musical personification of the cosmic divine artistic expression in life. Without your conscious sensual vibratory participation and passionate involvement, colors fade, music disintegrates, and motion blurs. (In other words, your current world falls apart.)

You call and form into existence the imbued world of exaltation in which you inhabit. Life becomes as significant as the potent words you speak in creation of it, by something as simple and magnamiously powerful as the sound of your birth name. No other creature of such sublime beauty, grace, virtue, honor, goodness, truth and harmonic redemption vies for your place in ‘Divinity's Showcase'.

You were created to openly express that which lies concealed. “…let your works so shine before men that you might glorify your father in heaven…” {Textual} Your first breath was/is/remains sexual in nature. Divine Sexual Energy is a cosmic vibrational sound. Various letters in words comprise one of the specifics in this mysterious sound.

You were born with a particular combination of letters which make up the unique sound of your birth name. This differeniated combination of sound in your entire birth name was specifically selected for you as the singular pin-pointed pregnated representation of classified Sacred Sexual Dramatic Creativity.

In other words, the sound of your birth name carries with it a secret vibrational resonance. Your first name carries enormous manifesting power. Your second name represents ART in its truest, rarest form, and last, {the name on your birth certificate}, but not least: incomparable music! The melodious pattern contained in the repeating of the combination of these names is brought to life through the utterance of the Spoken Word.

What song do you sing! What picture do you paint! What play do you create through the unique sound of your sacred sexual name? These answers are one of life's greatest mysteries but do not have to remain hidden from you. Nothing lies outside the boundaries of Sacred ART/Music/Drama.

The sacramental sound ingested in the make-up of the letters alone, dispels any hint of fear or disbelief you may have accumulated through negative conditioning during your course of personal up bringing in life’s avenue of various circumstances, events, and experiences. What hindrance can beset you? What obstacles can defeat you in your sanctified plight of reverent artistic manifestation?

Your divine purpose on Earth will remain a mystery until you use the apparatus you possess to unlock the code. To those who would try to penetrate the veil of the impassioned creative power, discernemnt is offered. Truth provides witness to itself.

Experience is the only true teacher. The Desire to KNOW for oneself is what ignites the fire of conceptualized form. You are here to express your innately inherited talents. Nothing can stop the entrance to the pathway of marbleized artistic divine function carved out in space and time that you came to this planet to impregnate.{Except total disinterest} "...those who seek diligently will find..." (paraphrased)

You carry Divinity’s seed of miraculous demonstration. Not one invisible speck of corporeal dust is without having been penetrated {inhaled and exhaled} in/by/through your nose of fragrant artistic vibrational toned design. From the ordinary to the sublime, we are all submerged in the multifaceted sexual divergent arms of sacred ART.

Sensually caressed and mesmerizingly enveloped by her seductive reverent embrace, we all commit to the erotic surrender while eagerly longing to serve the highest will of our transcendent artistic inclination. We sense the eroticism beating in our hearts of ecstasy's sacred exclaim

. We are more than willing, subdued, encouraged and inspired to carry forth our part of the impregnable bargain agreed to prior to entry.

We silently and enthusiastically smile, as we submit to our soul's one intent. We know without question that our lives are but the supremely aromatic flowers for the bees to do with us as is willed. We willingly emit the sexually subduing aroma that draws to us what is needful and desirous to ascend and descend.

Sacred Sexual Sensual ART fills the omnipotent passionate celestial brush with consuming paint of incessant desire while gently stroking across the canvas of the demystified human. In the meantime, we are involuntarily masked by webbous strands of conflicting emotions (good and bad; right and wrong) until we rip to shreds the impending falsity geared to inhibit our forward thrust.

To create we must. To subdue we will. To surrender we have. To pacify we will not. No other artificially induced impetus can drive a person mad except the inarticulated dysfunction of the sacred artistic substance that lies within.

Until recognized and seized, an elusive innate disproportionately placed sexual motivation will lull, lure, taunt, invite, snare, beguile, woo, pamper, intrigue, seduce and then impartially destroy what is left of the fragile pride ridden dissatisfiied self-image. No other success will satisfy nor come close to relieving the anxiety associated.

Nothing short of musical artistic dramatic expression can veer near to the ultimate gratification obtained by and through sacred sexual sensual execution. You were given the name which employs the culmination of your particular flavor (talent) of sacred art's expression. What will you do with it? When will you act on your magnificent reverent heritage?

Bored beyond belief, you realize you are hopelessly obsessed by her intoxicating pleasure filled fragrance, driven into realms of unimaginable ecstasy, shattered into filaments of inexpressible delight while never being able to embrace, much less tame, the torridly wild sacred fire she ignites in you. Say it! Sing it! Dance it! ~ Experience the imaginable joy expressed in the sound of your name spoken aloud.

Get in front of a mirror and speak the essence of who you are by rolling the sound of your entire name in seductively broken syllables slowly off your tongue into the ethers. There is a definite rhythm and decreed meter to its influence. Do not hold back nor be embarrassed by the mere thought of how you discern this act of magick to be mere nonsense.

Does life’s uninvited incalculable inevitable death sentence seem like less nonsense? Life is one celestial magick construct not to be scoffed at but enraptured!

Now is the time to move into the spiritual realms of unutterable ecstasy in sacred sexual sensual artistic pleasure filled expression. Do what it is you long to do. Say what it is you long to say. Create what it is you long to create.

No one other than you can do what you are assigned to do. You are more than capable, willing and able to manifest what you so eclectically desire. What are you waiting for? [Permission. Validation. Approval. Acknowledgement} “To Whom Much is given; Much Is Required.” You must step into the Red Sea of your own life without any sort of guarantee that you won’t drown!

You have been given the ship to sail your charted course. If at any time, you doubt the superlative validity of your sacred path, look around you at the marvelous works and wonders you have endured and transcended.

You have only just begun as the song so aptly asserts. No longer can you pretend that you don’t feel the sacred sexual sensual artistic movement of the Divine within you. Every second you are breathing, you are commissioned to do that which you came here to do. Be all of you! Not part. Not some. All.

All Of Me; Why Not Take All of Me , again in the words of this well known song; decide this day whom thou wilt serve. You were created for a distinctively creatively crafted place of which you inhabit including all of the particulars involved. Now is the occasion for you to mold the clay. Burn and carve out the canoe. No one else but you can do it.

In the course of the next 100 days, look directly in the mirror and speak your entire name (On birth certificate) aloud 15 times. [Raising the level in tone with increasing volume.] Better yet, call yourself as if from a far away field.

When you become more comfortable with the sound of your name being called, start to sing the names in a tune, familiar to you alone. You are, in actuality summoning yourself to show up for your life. Don’t worry about “What you are supposed to do”. That part is deeply imbedded in the strains of your molecular make-up and will certainly make itself visably known.

Ingrained in you, no matter where you sit, stand, lie or hunch, there is a little boy or girl waiting for the sacred call. He or she (the artist) will not intrude upon your life until you beckon. Then, the flood gates will fling open to bring unimaginable gifts of inexpressible awe-inspiring delectable musical dramatic feelings that transcend Earth’s realms of happiness.

No one else can experience this sacred sexual sensual dramatic musical artistic ecstasy but you. It can not be shared or communicated but when it happens, others will KNOW you have touched the hem of the garment of the omnificent by the sacramental artistic act of your having made love to the Divine!

Pausing to Reflect
Pausing to Reflect


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      "Those that have eyes let them see; those who ears, let them hear" {textural} You are one of 'those' who is/are capable of SEEING that which penetrates and captivates. Your life is a cotinuous surge of flowering translucent splendor. Reap and share that which elevates your eager spirit. A warm amber tinged effervescent glow do I feel from your presence............thanks

    • Jennifer Bhala profile image

      Jennifer Bhala 

      9 years ago from Upstate New York

      You sure know how to express your words, thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions, knowledge, in a way that allows the reader to be illumined into understanding themselves from many different angles.

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Giggle,wriggle,siggle with ineffable delight! (over and over and over, again) The indescribable ecstasy experienced in the overwhelming abundance of true joyous pleasure noted in your perception. I celebrate your artistic vision of self. A reverberating thank you...........

    • katyzzz profile image


      9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I've suddenly leapt up in my perception of self. This made me feel quite naughty and proud of it. A bit of a giggle for me, in this one.


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