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How does evolution explain so much variety?

Evolution is the gradual development of something. Yet, no scientist can explain the need for variety. According to evolution, life adapts to its surroundings, and that is why fish breathe through gills and giraffes have long necks. However, how does evolution explain beauty? You cannot see a portrait painted by Picasso and say, "Oh, that beautiful work of art evolved over time and came from a single cell organism". Evolution cannot explain creativity. I will be so bold as to say that creativity came from a Creator. What are your thoughts?


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Lela (Austinstar) says

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19 months ago
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    El Shaddai 2016 19 months ago

    It takes creativity to make that beautiful turtle in the picture. It takes creativity to make beautiful flowers. Speaking of apples. Why was there a need for oranges? Wasn't the apple good enough? Isn't it funny that apples are edible?

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