People From Small Families Vs. People From Large Families

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    In my experiences,  I have found that people from small families are more open and have more outside friends.   As a result of this, people from small families as children were more exposed to varied friends and associates which make them more universalistic in outlook.   Because they were raised in environments which the parents spent individualized time with them, they, in turn, tend to be very loving and nurturing parents.    They also have closer relationships with their parents which makes them quite comfortable with the issue of love and intimacy with other people.   In essence, people from small families are quite comfortable with strangers.  Small families make people form families with those who are non-blood related.  Small families furthermore make people more outgoing and accepting of strangers.

    On the contrary, people from large families have very few or no outside friends.   They consider their siblings their friends. As a result of such insularity and psychological/emotional incest, people from large families are often more parochial in their attitudes as their siblings are their only companions.   This also makes them extremely isolated and clannish, often distrusting outsiders.   

    Because they have little or no relationship with their parents,  they tend to be in turn less nurturing parents who believe that children should raise themselves and have the philosophy of swimming or sinking.  As adults, they tend to do more for their siblings than they do for their own families.  In other words, their spouses and children will be always be second  fiddle to that of their siblings.    In essence, people from large families tend to be less friendly towards outsiders than people from small families.  Large families make people go inward and make them extremely isolationist!  Do you agree with this premise?

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