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To those from small families, have YOU noticed that people from large/very large

  1. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 22 months ago

    To those from small families, have YOU noticed that people from large/very large families

    have an ANIMOSITY against you because as a child, you had a lifestyle & myriad opportunities that people who came from large/very large families NEVER had as children, having to raise/support themselves & foregoing their education? 


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    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    There is a correlation between class and family size - upper class families more likely to have just one, middle class two maybe three, lower class two to four.
    I've seen resentment due to class differences, but not family size per se. No one hates the Duggars for having 19 kids when they are wealthy enough to have given them everything the family chose to do. No one complains about Trump's multiple marriages and eight or nine children - he can afford nannies, private school tuition, elite schools for all of them.
    It is in the middle class where having three kids is the difference between private school and public school. For poor families, having one or two more kids means they can't afford any after school activities for any children.

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      ruth 432posted 21 months agoin reply to this

      I have  1 son who is 17 years old  the dr said that if you have any  more  children you will die so I don't  want my son to  grow up  without  mom

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    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago


    Of course, children & people from large families have an intense animosity towards those who come from small families.  Children & people from small families are oftentimes derided by their counterparts from large families.  The latter have a life of struggle & lack.  They also won't ever have the educational, cultural, & socioeconomic opportunities that those from small families have & will continue to have.   

    Children & people from large families HATE those from small families because the latter have a better quality of life than they have.  Those from large families oftentimes have to do w/o even the rudiments while their counterparts from small families have discretionary income beyond the rudiments.  Those from large families have a hardscrabble, impoverished life & are ANGRY that they don't have a better, more comfortable life.  They express their hatred & jealousy towards those from small families because of this more comfortable life beyond constant struggle. 

    Children & people from large families are unhappy & quite bitter regarding their scarce, impoverished life.  They are on societal periphery.  While others have, THEY DON'T & they don't like this at all.  It is common for children from large families to bully & otherwise harass those from small families because the latter are infinitely more advantaged.  People from large families make underhanded remarks to  those from small families, wishing that the latter were just as miserable & struggling like they are.  Children & people from large families are quite negative, viewing anything outside their impoverished, struggling environment w/disdain.  The attitude of those from large families are that if they DON'T have a comfortable, affluent lifestyle, then NO ONE should have it either.  They believe that if they struggle, then EVERYONE else should do the same.

    Children & people from large families are angry, hateful, & spiteful of those who have more educational, cultural, & socioeconomic opportunities than they do.  They know that because of their familial size, they will have to be content with less education & dead end jobs.  They further realize that they will never get out of impoverished & this toxic negativity will envelope them. They are really angry & hateful towards their parents; instead of expressing these feelings to their parents, they express this anger & hatred towards those from small families whom they see are FAR BETTER off than they.