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  1. gmwilliams profile image82
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    The subject of human sexuality has been the source of contention in Western society for a long time.  In many ancient societies, human sexuality was viewed as a natural part of life.   Human sexuality was freely expressed and encouraged.  Human sexuality was even viewed as part of religious practices.   In other words, human sexuality was intertwined with reaching spiritual heights.   

    However, with the rise and implementation of Christianity in Western Europe in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, human sexuality was viewed as evil and was to be separate from true spirituality.   In fact, in order to be spiritual, one had to denounce his/her human sexuality or at least subvert it.   Human sexuality was transformed from an integral part of human living to a necessary and tolerable evil only to be used for generative or reproductive purposes.   

    Human sexuaity in Western society was seen as a lesser evil, particularly by the Puritan and other religious bodies.   From this sexual repression, arose other defense mechanism and other forms of displacement.   As a result of the repression and suppression of human sexuality, arose oftentimes adherrent ways that people expressed this human need.   The human body was viewed as lewd instead of being considered beautiful.   Many psychosexual psychoses arose as a result of the severe repression of our basic human sexuality.

    In the 1960s, especially during the sexual revolution, there has been a greater acceptance of human sexuality in Western society.   Human sexuality was again viewed as an integral part of life and was seen as more than procreative.    Despite the liberalization of human sexuality in Western society, there are subconscious undercurrents that human sexuality should not be openly discussed and should be left unmentioned so to speak.  This is evident, especially in the United States and some parts of Europe, regarding the sexual education of our young people.   Studies have shown that of all the countries in Western society, the United States and England lead in unplanned and unwanted teenage pregnancies.   Also, in many Western societies, people who are highly sexual are viewed quite negatively.     Why is sexuality STILL a source of contention and often angst in Western society?

    1. Melissa A Smith profile image96
      Melissa A Smithposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I feel like in a lot of ways you've answered your own inquiries. Sexuality is an "integral part of life" so humans are bound to invest a lot of cultural standards around it. It also helps that irresponsible sexual behavior is consequence-ridden and therefore it is at the forefront of the minds of humans. Regardless of contraceptive inventions sexuality does exist for procreative purposes and that is a topic of importance. Humans retain their natural attitudes surrounding this and shape their culture.


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