Michigan Megamom May YET Try for 14th Child, Perhaps a

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    Daughter After Recently Having a THIRTEENTH Child, A Boy
    According to CNN, The Examiner, and Huffington Post, Wisconsin couple Kateri and Jay Schwandt  had a 13th son yesterday, May 14, 2015.  They have been trying to have a daughter for quite some time; all they have are sons.  The other 12 sons' ages range from 22 to 1 1/2 years old.  They are even thinking of trying for a FOURTEENTH child, hoping it will be a daughter. 

    According to some news reports, only THREE sons were happy about the arrival of the 13th child. What do you think about people who have extremely large, anaconda sized families(more than 10 children), not thinking about the emotional, psychological, and socioeconomic ramifications upon their already existing children.   Is this insanity or what were THEY "thinking" if at all? It's really unbelievable, if not illogical, if you ask me. What are YOUR thoughts regarding this "mother" if you can call her that?

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      In further interviews, Kateri stated that when she and her husband had their first son, they hoped that their second child would be a daughter. She even acknowledged that her children were happy accidents.  She and her husband wanted a boy and a girl; however, only boys arrived.  Both she and her husband have been trying for a daughter and so far.....13 boys.  They still hope for a daughter...