Free Range vs. Helicopter/Oveprotective Parents

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 weeks ago
    Free range parents believe in arming their children w/life skills & independence.  They believe in letting their children experience the world w/its positives & negatives.  They let their children learn from their mistakes.  They teach their children to do for themselves & to be contributors.   Conversely, helicopter/overprotective parents infantilize their children-doing things for them that they are quite capable of doing themselves.  They are overly involved in their children's lives & oftentimes instill fear in their children.  These children, as a result, are developmentally backwards as their parents don't allow to be independent & test the waters.  These children also don't have any initiative because their parents constantly do things for them.  As adults, children of helicopter/overprotective parents are failures whether in jobs, life, or relationships while as adults, children of free range parents are successes in jobs, life, or in relationships.   Why is free range parents much better for children than helicopter/overprotective parents?

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      Meant why are free range parents..............