Why do people allow politicians to hypnotize them and steal their souls with smo

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  1. tonybeck profile image59
    tonybeckposted 11 years ago

    Why do people allow politicians to hypnotize them and steal their souls with smooth talk?

    It would seem it is more palatable to not believe that our government wants to be our slave masters.  However, they have dictatorial power to print money and tax us to death.  They are our pushers and their drug of choice is stealing money from the producers and giving it others, many of which refuse to work and have no personal ambition nor self respect left.  The government can't take care of their own affairs without selling out the futures of children and those not even born yet.  We get the government we deserve and right now we have a bunch of clowns and criminals running the show.

  2. yes2truth profile image61
    yes2truthposted 11 years ago

    Hello Tony,

    People love lies and they hate The Truth. It really is as simple as that.

    Even this infamous evil human being understood that:

    “Only constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea on the memory of the crowd”

    “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than a small one”

    “What good fortune for government that the people do not think”

    Adolf Hitler

    Sheeple just follow, they don't think for themselves.

  3. profile image0
    loubeelooposted 11 years ago

    ...because people like to be comfortable & are too lazy to take action until they become VERY uncomfortable... as long as governments continue to keep them under the impression that they are, in the main, safe & provided for, then 'smaller' discomforts do not seem to matter as much.... ignorance is bliss & all that!... i like yes2truth's term 'sheeple'... very apt.

  4. illeagle profile image61
    illeagleposted 10 years ago

    It's the 'negative' side to the power of 'positive' thinking. People will believe whatever feels good without accurately discerning the information that is presented to them. When presented with a feel good lie and a disturbing truth, people will almost always choose to believe the lie. After all, you need to stay 'positive', right?

  5. anonimuzz profile image61
    anonimuzzposted 10 years ago

    As the others have said, it's because it's more comfortable than making questions and having doubts or second thoughts. People want to feel safe, people want to be told that things will get better and they will be protected in the process. Politicians and their teams know how to pick up those wishes and other dreams that people have and make them believe that they are the key to accomplish them. And the crowd either believes or just conforms... Fighting back is not so cool.

  6. Angel709 profile image60
    Angel709posted 10 years ago

    I agree with the comments thus far; to add, many are caught up in the rat race and unknowingly inherited the cycle of trying to keep the gerbil wheel going. Society does not promote independent thinking and so, like a school girl, many people (not all) are so wooed by the promises of politicians that they do not take the time to read the fine print of the contract of greed and deceit. 

    It is unfortunate countless numbers have lost their homes, jobs, and livelihood, but in the wake of realizing we cannot leave our future in the hands of a politician or a government entity--or anyone else for that matter, it may just be what is required to jolt a little fortitude.


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