is poverty a handicap?

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  1. profile image48
    yasir12posted 13 years ago

    is poverty a handicap?

  2. profile image0
    Phoebe Pikeposted 12 years ago

    It can be in some ways. In this world, money can literally buy you everything from comfort to health. Those who can afford doctors live longer than those who cannot. Being without can cripple a person because even if they fight against it, in most places, appearances destroy them. For example, you go into a job interview in dirty clothes because you couldn't afford anything else, you're not as likely to get the job as a well-dressed person.

  3. jay21 profile image59
    jay21posted 12 years ago

    Yes and No, great numbers of those in poverty are just widely misinformed about how the world functions on an  microeconomic (owning a small biz,investing,saving, and budgeting)  scale. While somewhat understanding macroeconomics(big retail chains,material purchase that aren't needs, and zero savings). Misinformation is the biggest handicap that all of us battle everyday, being able to distinguish between valid and invalid info.
    I can a test because i was homeless for 5 years and reading money wise books was able to left myself out of poverty(5.3 million annually renting houses), not because i had more money. One thing i learned is that money is a illusion the sooner you understand it the better you you will become at control,inventing, and making more. You only live once and i would rather spend another 5  yrs in the gutter before I waste my life making money foe someone else. sorry if it's lengthy kinda hit close to home, Pike's is just guessing.

  4. Express10 profile image84
    Express10posted 10 years ago

    I respect both Phoebe Pike and Jay21's answers as we are being asked our opinions. Everyone has a different view, but that is no reason to put anyone's opinion down. I believe poverty can be a handicap for many people. Not everyone is able to afford all of their needs and if this is the case, many of the minor tasks in life become huge obstacles and some opportunities will be out of reach for them. For instance, if a person is homeless and needs a job, what will he put on the application for a home phone number and address? What if he doesn't have a cell phone or family or friends? If a person cannot get enough food to eat and becomes malnourished, who will pay for medical care to save them? When a person living check to check on social security needs to pay for their housing or their meds, do they choose health or homelessness? These are just a few cases in which poverty is a handicap. While I wouldn't go as far as making poverty a protected class, I think much more can be done by those in poverty and those who aren't (by working together) to make a large reduction in the numbers of those in poverty.

  5. Adamowen profile image72
    Adamowenposted 10 years ago

    Poverty is the biggest handicap that our world faces right now.

  6. Fazly Ahmad Popal profile image52
    Fazly Ahmad Popalposted 8 years ago

    Poverty is not a handicap . Because if it is a handicap so why Allah love poor
    people . And if we learn our Islamic books and store our all messenger were poor . And if is not a handicap so why reach people laughing on poor people . As for as I now poverty is not a handicap . Because in poverty we can pay attention to to worship . But if we have a lot of money so we will not pay attention to worship. I don't say that money is not good to find money is good but not that much that we forgive our Allah . At the end I want to say that again that poverty is not a handicap . That was all.


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