i'm a teacher,how do i make a resume for a proofreaders job?

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    S.Ritikaposted 8 years ago

    i'm a teacher,how do i make a resume for a proofreaders job?

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    pippapposted 8 years ago

    First, and foremost, make sure your resume contains no spelling error and is grammatically correct.  Check for words that are used incorrectly such as "effect" and "affect"; "further" and "farther", etc.  If you have used any of these words in your resume, ensure you have chosen the correct word.

    Make note of any publications, book, brochures, etc. that you were involved in producing to show the quality of your proofreading skills.

    Think about taking a page of any local newspaper, proofreading it as you would for the job; and, enclosing it with your resume.

    Play up any courses you may have taken dealing with language and its correct usage, spelling, etc.

    Don't depend totally on the spellchecker; but, if the document is on a computer this is another tool in your chest.  I type very quickly and I am forever typing "form" instead of "from".  On a spellchecker, this wouldn't be noticed because the word is spelled correctly even though it is the wrong word.

    (HINT:  I always found that mentioning that part of my proofreading included reading the document backwards produced a very positive response from the interviewers.  Reading forwards you can get into a lull; and, it is possible to miss an error.  Reading backwards the words make no sense to each other so you concentrate more on the spelling.)

    Good luck!

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    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    First, you might learn the basics of grammar and spelling.  I would never hire you as a proofreader.  Your question contains several errors.  If you are a typical teacher, no wonder the kids today have no skills.

    Your question should have been worded:
    "I'm a teacher; how should I write a resume for getting a proofreading job?"

    Note that "I'm" and "I" should be capitalized.
    Note that there should be a semicolon, not a comma, following "teacher".
    You don't "make" a resume; you write or compose one.
    Since you used "proofreaders", why didn't you include the required apostrophe?

    (Note that there is some controversy about where to place some punctuation marks relative to quotation marks.  I am using my preference here.)

    I am just an ex-techie, and I obviously can write better than you.

    Take some remedial English grammar courses.  Pass them with an "A" grade, not the "D" you probably now qualify for.  Then, and only then, perhaps you could consider applying for proofreader jobs.