humans want to know reality (BEING=totality of all beings where a being is what

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    alderdearposted 7 years ago

    humans want to know reality (BEING=totality of all beings where a being is what exist and has...

    a nature whether it is experienceable or not)in the broadest sense...we communicate in the form of statements =conception (we do not want any misconceptions)..therefore we need to distinguish between true and false statements.if we hold a belief then we are ignorant since possibilities can not lead to will it be raining tomorrow? 1-yes it will be ...,2-no it will not be...obviously it can not be raining and not raining we know this.. but which will respond to reality" by necessity to the exclusion of impossibility ??",this is knowledge....if one says :_1 yes it will be raining tom

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    f_hruzposted 7 years ago

    Is there such a thing as absolut reality? There surely is one owns subjective reality, but it's quite a bit off from an understanding of what objective reality is all about.

    Yes, it can rain and not rain, at different times of the day and/or different places and so you could be right and wrong about the same question if it's not defined in more detail ... it's the acuracy of observing such details which brings us closer to knowing the difference between objective and subjective reality.

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    You, should Pose this question to God ... But if you want to know my humanly Known, of Reality ... "Truth Is, The Reality ... God."

    Regarding the ability, to Distinguish, between Truth and Fallacy ... meaning, Right from Wrong, the Rule is ...

    "What 'Depends' on Truth ... Is, Right ... the rest, are satanic whisperings ... thus, Wrong ... For his whisperings create Doubt in the seeker's Mind ... because, Logics origionate in, and lead on to Fallacy, borne of Reason.

    Regarding Belief ... It is of Two kinds ... The Right Belief, and, the Wrong. The Right Belief, is Based in Truth... thus Reality ... And although people often claim, but Humans, intrinsically, cannot Believe in, Wong ... Because, Doubt, is the Existential State, of Denial.

    And looking for alternatives ... Possibilities, when Truth is Present ... Defines the curse, created by Satanic Doubt.