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Does anyone remember Tom Mix

  1. CYBERSUPE profile image60
    CYBERSUPEposted 7 years ago

    Does anyone remember Tom Mix

  2. Merlin Fraser profile image78
    Merlin Fraserposted 7 years ago

    Not personally you understand but yes, as a kid I saw many old Westerns with him as the star.

    Thomas Edwin "Tom" Mix  was born Thomas Hezikiah Mix; January 6, 1880  Died October 12, 1940.  He  was an American film actor and One time bartender, cow hand and Texas Ranger, he was also a superb marksman and rider who went on to star in many early Western movies.
    There‚Äôs a Tom Mix Museum in  Dewey, Oklahoma.

  3. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 7 years ago

    "Take a tip from Tom and eat your Mom, hot v.... can't be beat."

  4. Wayne Brown profile image85
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Yes, in fact, if you visit the small town of Dewey, Oklahoma (northside of Bartlesville, OK) you will find the "Tom Mix Museum". Tom worked as a hand on some of the larger ranches of the late 1800's and also served as Town Marshall of Dewey at one time.  Through his work on the ranches, he gained opportunities to appear in some of the traveling Wild West Shows of the day which eventually led to his opportunities a cowboy star in the western movies of the early 1900's.  Thanks. WB

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