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You hear a voice cry for help, would you help or call for help? Why or why not?

  1. bellawritter23 profile image77
    bellawritter23posted 7 years ago

    You hear a voice cry for help, would you help or call for help? Why or why not?

    How many cries of help go heard but unhelped? In todays society no one wants to be a witness to any sort of madness.

  2. profile image46
    Marie6posted 7 years ago

    Id do both cos thats who I am very careing xx

  3. zzron profile image55
    zzronposted 7 years ago


    I would help them if I could because it is the right thing to do and because Jesus Christ instructs us in the Bible to help the needy and if someone ask for help to do so the best you can.

  4. profile image0
    nomadicasianposted 7 years ago

    I will call for help and while waiting for the emergency response team I'll do what exactly first responders do - extend help as much as possible.

  5. internett1t3 profile image56
    internett1t3posted 7 years ago

    Call for help by doing that you are already helping that person.

  6. FloBe profile image79
    FloBeposted 7 years ago

    If I hear cries for help I will usually call for help because sometimes it is more dangerous to intervene physically. I will call 911 and tell them what I've seen or heard and get someone close by that might be able to either go with me or know how to help in the situation until official help comes.

  7. krishubpages123 profile image30
    krishubpages123posted 7 years ago

    yes, you are right , i will see the nature of it, and accordingly will rush to it.

  8. Dviews profile image61
    Dviewsposted 7 years ago

    I would definitely call for help because I am giving help by doing so and at the same time not putting myself in harms way physically.

  9. Syrusv37 profile image91
    Syrusv37posted 7 years ago

    This would definitely depend on the situation. If someone is hanging on the edge of a cliff by their fingers and yelling for help, I'm definitely not gonna be like "hey give me a second man" and dial 911. I'd help out a person as much as my abilities let me, but if it was someone who was shot or wounded, I would stay with them until help arrived. There's only so much you can do, but I would do what I could to help.

  10. bellawritter23 profile image77
    bellawritter23posted 7 years ago

    I definately agree with all of you there has been instances that many people do not want to get involved for the simple fact of fear of retaliation. Some have to be muted because of the neighborhoods they live in and others just do not care. It is time that we stand as good smaritans and help the ones that need help. Of course our help can only be extended accordingly but the fact is that the help was administered.

    Thanks to all who have replied to my question!


  11. Dmian profile image57
    Dmianposted 7 years ago

    I Would help and actually i always do... but i used to live in a very dangerous city and got almost killed by that, i´m pretty sure you´ve all have heard of Cd.juarez well i used to live there and there was this time when i heard someone screaming in terror, i was in a park near my old house and i went to see what was going on first thing i saw was a guy in the floor and a women crying in front of him suddenly a guy appeared from nowhere behind me and pointed me with a gun Shouting "Who the f*ck are you!" i was terrified i was very lucky too the guy just went running to his truck and went away, the guy had 3 shots on his body at the end i couldn´t do a thing to save him hmm

  12. ptosis profile image73
    ptosisposted 7 years ago


    If woman & man fighting - call 911 from a distance - if help the lady sometimes the lady and guy will both turn on YOU

    If gun situation -(as in 15 feet in front of you) pretend you don't see - or you get shot also (Gangland violence on the corner of River and Pahaui street in Chinatown Honolulu)

    If knife situation - Twice I tried to help and twice I was the one who ended up with a knife to my throat - Gary Shaylor saved my life twice over by hitting the guy over the head to let me go after I was trying to save James Morrell in Portland.

    If fire - I don't know - never been in that situation before.

    If medical of course ALWAYS - unless it's a crack addict thief -sub-par human - then I wouldn't bother to piss on him if he caught on fire.......if female then I would tend to look at her as a victim unless she borne 8 crack addicted babies already in the past.

    The Good Samaritan helped the stranger  because assumed the stranger was a good person who should be saved as opposed to a well known street low-life who keeps popping out crack addicted kids that CPS takes away at the hospital.


  13. ichoosehim profile image60
    ichoosehimposted 7 years ago

    If I heard a voice cry for help I would call for help because people or so mean and devious now days that I would be scared that it was a trick or something. If I saw someone needing help(like a car accident or physically hurting)then I would do both. It's really sad that the world has gotten so evil that you have to stop and think before helping someone. sad

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