What to do the day before the GRE Test

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    narenderhubposted 8 years ago

    What to do the Day before the GRE?

    You shouldn't feel jittery on the day before the GRE. Also, taking a GRE Practice test or revising some GRE Prep material won't help you get a higher GRE Score. Rather, you should relax, to make sure that all your GRE Preparation gives the full result the next day.

    The following tips will help you make sure that you do well:

    1. Don't study for the GRE the day before test day.  The GRE is a comprehensive test, so what you study in one day won't make a difference. So don't stress yourself on the day before the GRE.

    2. Relax yourself by reading a book, watching a movie or hanging out with friends. Going through GRE Vocabulary lists won't increase your score. Also, trying a GRE Test won't help much.

    3. It's not a good idea to study/work till the midnight. Ensure that you get enough sleep to be alert and energetic for the GRE.
    4. Make a checklist and make sure you have all the documents ready.

    - Layers, in case it's cold in the room
    - A valid ID with photo and signatures at the test center
    - Authorization voucher if you have requested for it at the time of GRE Registration

    5. Decide on the College/University list where you want your GRE scores to be sent. After the test, you will be asked to fill in the name of four universities where you wish to send your GRE scores.

    6. Set two alarms if your GRE appointment is scheduled for the morning. You don't want to miss the GRE because your alarm was set for 6 p.m. instead of 6 a.m. If this sounds a little extreme, just remember that stranger things have happened to students. Of course, if your GRE appointment is scheduled for the afternoon, waking up on time shouldn't be an issue.

    7. Check out the GRE center, a day before your GRE exam. You should try and estimate the time you'll need to drive to it. On the day of the GRE, it's a good idea to leave with spare time in hand - you never know when you might encounter traffic, etc.

    In a Nutshell

    The basic idea is that you should relax, so that you go to the GRE Test center with a calm mind. Last minute studies won't help you maximize your GRE Scores. Rather, a calm, collected approach to the GRE help you win the day!