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Are we all that smart?

  1. Horse Feathers profile image60
    Horse Feathersposted 6 years ago

    Are we all that smart?

    Do you believe mankind has moved from the cave to the outer reaches of space without outside influences?

  2. profile image0
    Quddusposted 6 years ago

    Sometimes I am amazed at what man has accomplished and I think we are so very impressive. But then I remember that while we have gone to the moon, we have not cured cancer. While we have created the tools and technology to perform laser surgery, we have also created bombs that have the potential to destroy life as we know it AND built enough of them to do it. We can grow enough food to feed the world several times over yet we allow children to starve. Practically all of us are smart enough to understand that money has no value other than what we place on it yet we allow it to come between everyone, sometimes even families. So are we smart enough to accomplish all these good things yet dumb enough to allow or even facilitate the bad? I personally feel there must be some outside influence, but I am not certain they are always on our side.

  3. DTroth profile image65
    DTrothposted 6 years ago

    Hi Bo.   Great question!

    Yes, I do believe we had and still have "outside" influences.  Little green men?  No, I think not...they say they're actually grey.  hehe (:  I love the strange and unusual, so I've read a LOT of stuff about aliens and "visitors."  Fascinating stuff.  A lot of it is bullshit, but some of it seems truly "unexplainable."

    Okay, so maybe we were "helped" or "taught" or "given" this knowledge by outside influences such as "visitors" or God or angels or spirit guides...whatever you wanna call it. 

    So, yea, we as a race are smart as a whole.   The problem is...not many of our "geniuses" have any common sense.  Yes, they invented lasers.  But what do they do with it besides surgeries that are nothing short of miraculous?  They burn, melt, destroy, kill and blow shit up.  And atom bombs?  Initially, finding a way to smash teensy atoms together is brilliant.  But what do they do with it? They go on and figure out how to implode them while cramming them together, igniting them into a firebomb killing hundreds of thousands or even millions of people with only one bomb.  Not to mention flattening and destroying every single living thing for several miles from the actual explosion. 

    Take my own father, for instance.  He has an IQ of 187 and back in the 70's he started up a company called VAS (I think it stood for "Video Audio Systems."  Not sure though.  I was a kid and never really cared what the A-hole did.) Anyway, he invented an LP (record) sized "disc" to put in X-ray machines and CT scans to make the resolution sharper for the doc's to see your insides better and locate tumors, aneurisms etc, but the man literally cannot tie his own shoes.  Seriously.  He wears velcro straps on his tenny's or he wears slip-on dress shoes.  I kid not.  He has NO common sense whatsoever.  None.  Nada.  Zero.  Zip.  I think you get the idea.

    Anyway, since God is infallible and he created us in his image, and we as humans have this HUGE flaw of no common sense to go 'equally' with our "smartness," we must've been "helped" or "taught" by the little green men from Mars. (:

    But that's just my theory. (:

    May peace be in your heart and soul...and little green men stay out of your bed...always,

    P.S.  I've missed ya, Bo! (:

  4. Gregoryy profile image59
    Gregoryyposted 6 years ago

    Most of the world would rather spend its money on things they dont needrather than help homless people. I mean if america wanted to they could get rid of the space program, satalites and everything, and use the money to help homless people. Instead of using money on searching for creatures in the rain forest or something. The goverment could spend that money onb helping people.

    Its hard to describe, but it may be for the same reason that most people only give 1 dollar or something to homless people on the street. However they will spend tons of money on  chocolate,sodas and things that are not even good for you. Why spend 10 dollars a week on sweets that your body does not need, and then only give 1 dollar to the homeless guy that needs money to live.

    It may be priorities or something, but the fact is that the goverment cares more about finding space alliens. Than about helping homless people around the world.

  5. edhan profile image61
    edhanposted 6 years ago

    We are all smart by nature.

    It is just that some of us are naturally lazy and do not utilize the part of our brains to invent or doing something great.

    It is our effort to use our brains in order to overcome any obstacles in life. So, if we want something, we must use our brains and work on it. Soon you will realize that there is nothing impossible for us to accomplish. It is just that we are lazy at times, so it may makes it seems impossible to do.

    So, by nature we humans are practically smart. Whether or not you want to do things in life.