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Do you feel there are too many outside influences on our Children?

  1. iggy7117 profile image78
    iggy7117posted 3 months ago

    Do you feel there are too many outside influences on our Children?

    Our children have more influences than we did, and we still made mistakes. Can our children handle this without parents helping them?

  2. profile image61
    MorlockIAmposted 3 months ago

    Parents need to take back control and also voters need to be smarter. In Australia we have Left wing loonies promoting all types of nonsense in our schools. We can only take back control if we start to stand up to these idiots.

    Kids need the right influences not destructive insanity.

  3. Handicapped Chef profile image80
    Handicapped Chefposted 3 months ago

    Yes I think its the world of reality TV and mainly pop culture,  As a nation, we’ve always loved fantasy, from science fiction books to Hollywood celebrities. Television, radio, and print have been filled with mindless drivel from day one as a way to ease our troubled minds. The switch isn’t our need to escape from the harsh realities of the world, but that the escape has become the way we actually define the reality. We are no longer escaping from the world of reality TV or pop culture, we are living it 24 hours a day without really caring about the truth. We’ve entered a deep sleep and resent anyone who tries to wake us from our slumber with the downer of facts, figures, and true life.

  4. profile image62
    Annabellexoposted 3 months ago

    The way I think parents can help is through thoughtful discussion with their kids. Let them be aware of your wisdom, lessons, values, and insights instead of forcing these things on to them. Be sure to back up what you say with examples or why you believe the way you do instead of "because I say so."

    That way, when confronted with whatever situation, the kids can deal with this without you being there (which you can't be all the time).
    If you simply ban TV, movies, media, etc., guess what - they will find this on their own. Or are left with whatever their friends say about a topic.