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What is the difference between murder and capital punishment?

  1. Porshadoxus profile image76
    Porshadoxusposted 6 years ago

    What is the difference between murder and capital punishment?

  2. Man from Modesto profile image84
    Man from Modestoposted 6 years ago

    Murder is when someone takes selfishness to the ultimate level and completely, irrevocably, and for all time takes someone else's life. This is often to take their possessions, sometimes just a wallet; sometimes their estate, sometimes to hide their identity as a rapist.... In short, murder is one individual stealing another person's entire life for some small benefit for themselves. It is the ultimate in disgusting.

    Capital punishment is when someone has been deemed guilty and then is sentenced to be killed for crimes committed.

    It is a right thing to punish the guilty and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Society must enforce law. Only law and the prayers of the righteous keep wicked men at bay.

    We must ensure that ignorant men know that evil knows no bounds, and they should not tolerate it- otherwise it might enter them. The law can keep fools out of crooked paths. Fear can protect them, and the victims that will never be.

  3. wychic profile image88
    wychicposted 6 years ago

    Murder is killing. Capital punishment is murder under the guise of legality. I agree that people need to pay for their crimes -- they take someone else's life, they should spend the rest of their life imprisoned at hard labor. No one, including the government, should have the power to take a human life. If even one innocent person is killed -- and many more than that were executed and later found innocent -- then it is not something that should be used.

  4. GNelson profile image79
    GNelsonposted 6 years ago

    Murder is killing another person.  When a government decides to kill a person it is still murder but it is called something else like war or capital punishment.