How can I stop bullying in my sons school?

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  1. mikielikie profile image62
    mikielikieposted 7 years ago

    How can I stop bullying in my sons school?

    my kids are getting bullied in school. My 5 year old is in pre-k and is already getting bullied and my 14 year old has been bullied ever since we moved to this town 4 years ago. I am afraid that if it gets any worse, my son will end up fighting or hurt himself or the kids that pick on him.

  2. freecampingaussie profile image59
    freecampingaussieposted 7 years ago

    I hate hearing about kids being bullied & did a hub on it . The bullies seem to pick on kids that cry or won't stand up for themselves . I believe more should be done by the teachers , some scare tactic for the bullies somehow.

  3. Man from Modesto profile image81
    Man from Modestoposted 7 years ago

    Whenever I moved, I had no problem becoming popular quickly. My aggressive, red-haired, younger sister would warn people, "Don't mess with me, my brother will beat you up!"

    I had to learn to fight. At every new school, I had to beat up the bully. Teach your son to fight. Send him to martial arts training. After I learned to fight, I never fought again.

    People who fight, fight because they fear. Most of them come from abuse, usually both physical and verbal. The best lesson on fighting I ever learned was this:

    Agree to the fight, one on one, in a place no one from school will be. Once on site, tell the other person, "Listen, at school, I was not interested in fighting. However, in front of everyone else, it is difficult to back out or make an offer of peace. I thought you might feel the same, and that we could have peace between us." That only failed to work just once.

    Composure is important. Bullies are fearful, and cowards. They will avoid anyone who looks strongly individuated. Look people in the eye. Walk normal- muggers go after people that are "off" somehow. Funny walks and frumpy clothes signal a weak, beat-down personality, an easy target. Same for those who look down.

    Also, be sure to pray for bullies and send them love. Hate requires a two-way bridge. If only love is going out, the enemy cannot attack.

  4. fatfist profile image77
    fatfistposted 7 years ago

    The school and police do not care about your problem, and they will not stop it. Some kids resort to committing suicide because of bullying.
    Bullies are weak cowards; they always pick on the weak. The only 100% sure way to stop bullying is to bully the bully.....rough him up....cause him some pain without leaving marks.....warn him that next time you won't be as kind to him.... There is no other cure!
    I always pounded bullies when I was in school. I hated watching weak students getting beat up.
    You'd be surprised how fast a bully turns into your own personal ballerina which you can command to dance at will.

  5. lburmaster profile image81
    lburmasterposted 7 years ago

    How you can stop bullying? Ask yourself a question. Is it better that your son gets bullied in school without attempting to stop it, or that he attempt to fight and stop being bullied? Put them in martial arts, teach them fencing, something. It is always better for them to stand up for themselves than feel weak and worthless their entire lives. Those who are bullied in school are often bullied for the rest of their lives in the work area or in their extra activities. So choose wisely.


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