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How can Christ turn my life around?

  1. retellect profile image76
    retellectposted 6 years ago

    How can Christ turn my life around?

  2. Philanthropy2012 profile image87
    Philanthropy2012posted 6 years ago

    It doesn't necessarily take Christ, but anything that can give you hope and lead to a positive attitude will naturally help you with anything big_smile Like this very answer (Suffice to say, I'm not Christ :S) !!

    Feeling sorry for yourself is a very english thing to do haha it's in our culture, but sometimes I feel like we should take the American view and just be happy no matter what smile

    Best of luck with whatever needs turning in your life smile

    If it's already a good life then I wouldn't turn it around by the way, just saying wink

  3. sarahstendel profile image57
    sarahstendelposted 6 years ago

    that is a very great question, and i think for everyone it's different. imagine though being saved from every possible torment, even yourself. that's what christ did for me. it's so hard today to just put out the word that god just loves you for you, because so many "christians" can be so judgemental, especially down here in the south. i was very fortunate though to have found a great church that preaches the word but does it with love. christ came to give us life and abundantly. did you know that he loves us even when we sin, he forgives us even as we're sinning AND on top of it all there is no condemnation. don't ever let someone make you feel condemned, and just know if they try then they are not showing christ. remember conviction and condemnation are two seperate things. with conviction comes change, and with condemnation comes death. the holy spirit will lovingly convict us just as a father corrects a son. its there to gently guide us in the right direction. sorry my answer is so long but i hope it helps.

  4. wanderlust65 profile image69
    wanderlust65posted 6 years ago

    Christ can turn your life around by entering into His fold first, it's important that Christ knows you,other than you know Him.That way He will inspire your life and give you some peace in your mind and happiness and inspiration in your heart..Just saying...

  5. Aley Martin profile image77
    Aley Martinposted 6 years ago

    He can't. Only you can do that. Start by learning all the major religions first, then decide which one fits you best. Be free of others influences.