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Do you believe things happen for a reason?

  1. RANDOMTHTS4ALL profile image75
    RANDOMTHTS4ALLposted 6 years ago

    Do you believe things happen for a reason?

    My boyfriend has been trying all week to go snowmobiling. Every time they load up he gets a flat tire. First, it was the trailer tire, then both passenger side tires on the truck. Today his friend and him loaded up the truck and ran over a bungee cord in the process. Now he has yet another flat tire on the truck. Possibly its not a good idea to be going right now.

  2. mischeviousme profile image58
    mischeviousmeposted 6 years ago

    Yes and no. If by karma yes, if by causallity, no.

  3. stclairjack profile image85
    stclairjackposted 6 years ago

    if you dont want him to go snowmobiling,.... just tell him so,.... quit flattening his tires. ha!

    and in answer to the Q,... nope.

    i believe things happen,.... and then we use reason to contend with the things that happen.

  4. lburmaster profile image85
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    Yes. It is one of the ways I make sense of everything. Also it helps provide meaning to life. It might be a sign that he neds to pay attention more.

  5. samanthamayer profile image72
    samanthamayerposted 6 years ago

    Yes: time for a new truck? Just kidding. Well in general I would say things happen for a reason - to teach us something. But that's if you want to learn. In this case, I would say that all the occurrences are coincidences. I think it's the bigger things in your life that really mean something, and you have to figure out what they mean to you. I like mischeviousme's idea of karma - in some instances you have to look at the situation and think, why did this happen to me? Did I do anything to deserve/provoke this? Good question.

  6. profile image53
    Vladi Dorfmanposted 6 years ago

    Things happen, but I don't think there is something that drives those things to happen other than the decisions of people and the forces at play. Still, there is probably a reason for the things that happen but not as much as a reason for why seemingly random things happen (the incidental flat tire- unless planned sabotage!).
    You could associate it with mysticism or something of the occult, but that's indulging in the why without supplying real answers.

    However, whatever works for you smile