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Is it possible to know the truth about something without challenging it and expl

  1. ChristinS profile image96
    ChristinSposted 6 years ago

    Is it possible to know the truth about something without challenging it and exploring it first?

    I've noticed many people tend to blindly follow and believe things they are told are right - without ever really questioning these things.  This can be everything from religious beliefs to medicines being safe that are full of negative side effects etc.  People often trust doctors just because they are doctors - without verifying facts, checking their credentials,  etc.  Politics is another area where this is rampant - and why attack ads work so well.

    Do you think we are lazy when it comes to knowledge? Our desire for a simple answer or comfort often outweighs our common sense?

  2. kateperez profile image64
    kateperezposted 6 years ago

    It seems that "truth" is a relative and perceptual concept lately.

    Truth should be challenged and explored before making it a definitive fact.

    I can say truthfully that my hair is brown.  However, it is currently colored a light auburn, so someone challenging my statement would then be able to find out that the truth is my hair is brown, although it does not look like it today.

    Truth can be found with exploration.  Is truth fact?  Is truth reality?  Or is truth that which we believe it to be.

    What a great question.  Blindly following is against my nature, as I've learned a great deal about critical thinking, and trusting but verifying information from others.

    It sounds to me like you would prefer to challenge and investigate.  Critical thinking at its core.

  3. brielise profile image61
    brieliseposted 6 years ago

    People seem to expect others to do the research for them, or to at least tell the truth when asked. In reality, people tell you want they think you want to hear. If you want to know an unbiased truth, you'll have to do the research yourself. A doctor or pharmacist who gets something out of offering a drug isn't going to mention the side effects - I was put on a medication that did more harm than good, because I was young and just had faith in my doctor. As for attack ads, I would hope that people would use common sense and at least take the time to see if the attack is warranted. Most of the time those things are taken entirely out of context. To sum it up, yes, a lot of people have become too lazy to find the real answer and just want a quick fix.

  4. revvic1952 profile image58
    revvic1952posted 6 years ago

    I appreciate your question very much.  I believe that one is born with the "knowledge of Truth" imprinted in the gene pool, but time muddies the clarity with which we see.  Then through experience and self-awareness, opening to the Universal Force, the eyes are opened to our individual truths, which may or not relate to another's truth. That is why some wind up in their certain fields of endeavors, following their "right now" chosen dreams.  Still others decide they want to change and discover another branch of their knowing, setting off down a second, even a third path. It can get really deep in belief, but when the time is right, one remembers to remember that Truth equals integrity, insight, passion and the willingness to walk and succeed in ones own brand of knowledge.  Then glory of all glories, we intersect with like minded folks who similarly BELIEVE and just as industriously, seek their next truth. We can have maturity of Truths as we live and grow.  So it is that so many of us at different points of life, develop other reasons for being as we mature. Peacefully