Do you have any experience with online university courses or degrees?

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  1. Rochelle Frank profile image92
    Rochelle Frankposted 8 years ago

    Do you have any experience with online university courses or degrees?

    Are they worth the price?  What is good or bad about them? Are some better than others?

  2. the Teaching Doc profile image61
    the Teaching Docposted 8 years ago

    I have no first hand experience with University of Phoenix, Argosy or any of the other prominent online institutions.  These two institutions seem to have good reputations.  University of Phoenix may have the largest enrollment of any institution of higher learning.

    Perhaps someone else will provide more specific advice, but for launching your own investigation look at the same criteria as for any school - accreditation(s), cost, financial aid, graduation rate, resources, etc. 

    Regarding online courses, keep two things in mind.  First, just like classroom instruction, some instructors are better than others.  Second, not every student does well in online courses.  Learning styles and self-discipline are two important factors.

    Last comment.  I believe that all of the online-only universities are private institutions.  That in itself is not a bad thing.  However, the government is clamping down on all colleges and universities because what has occurred at some for-profits.  They provide students with huge amounts of financial aid in terms of loans, but their students have low completion rates.  Students become saddled with huge amounts of debt, no degree, and no job..

  3. Bretsuki profile image71
    Bretsukiposted 8 years ago

    I have taken my BA in History and am now studying for an MA in History online.

    My BA was taken via the online department of a Brick and Mortar College.
    My MA is being taken with another institution. Both experiences have been very different.

    My BA classes were taken in 8 week sessions. Lots of interaction with instructors and I enjoyed the experience a great deal.

    My MA classes are four week sessions and I am a little disappointed in the experince. The time period is too short to learn very much. One must begin writing ones end of class paper on almost the first day.

    Online classes are not easier than in seat classes, you can log on at anytime which is good but you must have the motivation to do all the work, there is also a lot  more reading than in in seat classrooms, as you must read all your fellow students comments in order to gain the full benefit.

    Teachers also make or break a class, like in a normal college or university there are good and bad teachers, some can and do use all the tools available to create good classes, video conferencing and internet whiteboards  allow some live interaction between teachers and students. Others merely say read the book and post an answer to this question. 

    If you can put in all the work and deal with the distractions of studying at home, online can be a good experience.

  4. Nellie Deutsch profile image59
    Nellie Deutschposted 8 years ago

    I studied with the University of for my MA and PhD and yes, they are worth every dollar spent.

  5. Nagatang profile image71
    Nagatangposted 8 years ago

    I did attend this "Bloomberg University" & "PruUniversity" online program in 2001, it really help to enhanced my knowledge and make me much more "Street Smart". 
    I still keep the notes up to this day (in soft copy) for future use.

  6. Chuck profile image87
    Chuckposted 8 years ago

    I have been teaching pure online courses (where everything is online) at a community college for over five years as well as hybrid courses (where part of the teaching is online and part in classroom or other face to face contact with students, such... read more


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