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How to achieve satisfaction in life?

  1. sarovai profile image77
    sarovaiposted 5 years ago

    How to achieve satisfaction in life?

    Even after achieving new heights in professions, experiencing like something lost in life showing what?

  2. ackman1465 profile image60
    ackman1465posted 5 years ago

    In the words of the beloved Mick Jagger:  I can't get no satisfaction......

  3. seoknow profile image61
    seoknowposted 5 years ago

    Stop living for other people i.e. stop living your life according to what society dictates should make you happy.

  4. Mala Srivastava profile image59
    Mala Srivastavaposted 5 years ago

    One can achieve satisfaction in life by making sincere efforts to accomplish his or her dream and never give up even when he or she faces failure.

  5. HemperorsCloset profile image57
    HemperorsClosetposted 5 years ago

    The culture that toutes the 'satisfying' qualities of materialism (while harboring disdainful perspectives towards the material world) is incomplete if not fubar. It alienates us from ourselves and the environment (meaning everything 'outside'  of the body).

    Maslow was pretty darn close. Unfortunately, the current cultural house of cards denies the peak experiences at the top of Maslow's pyramid, and sullies the levels just below that with dissonance and fear. Therefore, to fulfill ourselves we are forced to distance ourselves from the culture, emotionally if not physically...