What Should Be On A Doomsday Preparedness Checklist?

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    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    What Should Be On A Doomsday Preparedness Checklist?

    What is the experts advice on what are the most important things on a doomsday preparedness checklist? What top 10 things should be on a doomsday preparedness checklist?

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    oceansiderposted 5 years ago

    Hello PhoenixV,

    Thank you so much for this question!  It reminds me that I need to update my emergency supplies!!  I keep a pretty good stock of emergency stuff in my car's trunk, and also another supply inside the house.  I do have most of the following, however a couple of these things I do not yet have, and your post of this question has encouraged me to go out & get those things, so I do appreciate it so much!!!

    Water  - I have read that  there should be one gallon per day for each person.

    Freeze-dried food, trail mix, peanut butter(this last item is my own addition)

    Canned foods, evaporated milk  and can opener

    Paper plates, cups and plastic utensils

    Trash bags - plenty of them

    Buckets - in case no access to bathrooms
    & Toilet paper - plenty of it

    Hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, bandages, gauze, bandaids,

    Aspirin, tylenol, motrin or other pain relievers AND  Prescription meds

    Masks (paper...can get them anywhere, even 99 Cent Store)

    Flashlights(water-proof) and extra batteries

    Battery powered transistor radio, extra batteries

    Hammer, wrench

    Blankets, Jackets, and extra clothing, sturdy shoes, towels and paper towels

    Umbrellas, tarps

    There are more things probably that we should all keep on hand, but I think this covers most of it.