Child labour which form is most dangerous ..physically or mentally..

  1. jayshreepattanaik profile image44
    jayshreepattanaikposted 5 years ago

    Child labour which form is most dangerous ..physically or mentally.......?

    This question is truelly a matter of concern because child laboure means not only physical  but also the mental pressure that parents as well as school education is putting upon a I think all the comment will create an awareness....

  2. scottcgruber profile image81
    scottcgruberposted 5 years ago

    Child labor is most harmful to the mental well-being of a child. Though some forms of labor are physically harmful, all forms of child labor - by definition - deprive children of education and hold them back mentally.

    Education is not a form of child labor. It is what children sacrifice when they are forced to give up school to work. It then becomes a vicious cycle as generations of children grow up without education, are unable to support their families, and have to send their own children to work to support the family.