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Can a NY licensed lawyer provide legal services (buy/sell) to a NJ real property

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    Dreamlinposted 4 years ago

    Can a NY licensed lawyer provide legal services (buy/sell) to a NJ real property without NJ License?

    Can a New York licensed lawyer provide legal services to a New Jersey Real Property (buy/sell) without obtaining a New Jersey License?
    A lawyer only has NY License admits he helped a NJ resident purchase a real property locates in NJ. His law firm acknowledges that they can't provide legal services to a NJ real property. His involvement in the deal violates NJSA 2C:21-22. Despite of the fact, a Bergen County Municipal Court Judge still rules that no probable cause was found, and the lawyer was allowed to go free. (Note: The Lawyer was never admitted pro hac vice in any NJ court.)


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    Larry Wallposted 4 years ago

    That will depend on whether the N.Y. lawyer has obtained a N.J. license or if there is some type of reciprocation agreement between the two states--I would suspect there is such an agreement that would allow lawyers from one state to practice in another state. If It may involve filling out a form each time a case comes up or some other procedure.

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    Dreamlinposted 4 years ago

    Thanks Larry for answering. However, this NYC lawyer DOES NOT have a New Jersey license, and he has never filed any kind of request to practice in New Jersey. Moreover, his so called “client” cannot provide any paper documentation to prove that he owns the building, and he does not even know the purchase price of the property.  This is a case of fraud, conspired by an ex-husband (the real property owner). He pretends the building is sold to his longtime employee for the purpose of driving his ex-wife out of his premises. To make sure the building is only “Sold” on paper and NOT in real life he hires this unlicensed real estate lawyer. There are at least three Bergen County judges involve in the matter to cover up this crime. Furthermore, another lawyer (Cedar Grove Township Council member, John Zunic), also a politician, who had two unsuccessful runs for NJ State Senate Seat, knows the truth, still uses his political connections, colludes with local judges to influence the result of the case. For more details you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/wabc.7onyoursi … ed_comment 
    There are lots of complaints against one of the judges, Joseph Rosa Jr., who made a crucial ruling on the case, evicting the victim, a senior citizen, who has diabetes and heart disease, who does not owe any rent, out of her apartment of 18 years. You may find people’s comments for the judge on this site: http://www.robeprobe.com/find_judges_re … osa,%20Jr.
    The integrity of the Law System of New Jersey is being violated by legal professionals, by those who are paid to reinforce the law. Obstruction of justice is a serious offense, and none should be placed above the law, especially judges. They are getting a big raise in Year 2013. Meanwhile, the average American citizens are struggling to pay ends meet. It’s a big waste of taxpayer’s money. Law is created for everyone to follow not just for the poor and powerless. I wish this story can capture the attention of the vast media. For journalism is not funded by or beholden to corporations or wealthy individuals. It aims for a balanced, insightful take on the news and its goal is to provide a fresh, independent voice.

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      Larry Wallposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Someone has to present the details as you have to the news organizations--NY Times, local TV stations networks, reporters who specialize in these kinds of stories. It is from information provided by people like you that reporters find the stories.

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      Dreamlinposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      For months, I have been writing to NBC, ABC, FOX 5, and Newjerseynewsroom.com etc. so far, have not received any response. Guess the matter involves unethical politicians, lawyers and judges are too big for the media here to get interested.

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      Larry Wallposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      No, it is just a matter of time and complexity. Try to set your sights on a single reporter. Write out the issue, keep it as simple as possible, list the names of people possibly involved, but do not make accusations. They can come back to haunt you.

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      Dreamlinposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I used to write to them every week for several months but get no response. I thought media only picks the case they are interested in. Thank you Larry for your advice. I have investigated the matter and obtained all the evidence. I will keep trying.