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How do you judge a person at first sight?

  1. LensMan999 profile image52
    LensMan999posted 4 years ago

    How do you judge a person at first sight?

    Is it possible to judge a person completely by seeing only once? Some people say that they have such an ability. Is it really possible?


  2. lburmaster profile image82
    lburmasterposted 4 years ago

    Posture, their clothes, make-up, etc. Usually first impressions are morphed when talking to the person. Some certain individuals can tell read someone's personality just by really looking at their appearance. But only a few are good at it. And yes, we judge people on one glance. Doesn't even take five seconds.

  3. arksys profile image90
    arksysposted 4 years ago

    people who own and run a shop would definitely be able to tell you about a person in a glance. they see and interact with so many people every day that they can predict the persons personality just by their body language as they walk towards their shop or utter their first words.

  4. stanwshura profile image73
    stanwshuraposted 4 years ago

    How do you judge a person at first sight?  You DON'T.

    1. fpherj48 profile image77
      fpherj48posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Amen, stan.....We DON'T.....not if we have any brains or class.  Thank you.

  5. luke p0tt3r profile image61
    luke p0tt3rposted 4 years ago

    The Bible says don't judge unless you want to be judged.

  6. jaydene profile image72
    jaydeneposted 4 years ago

    I try not to make judgments, as we do not know what is in another persons heart.

  7. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 4 years ago

    LM999.......WHO the hell are any of us, to feel entitled or justified in "Judging" people at all.....first sight or 50th?   Some may BELIEVE it is possible...some may even be so bold and cocky, as to feel a right to do so.  Those individuals need a better grasp on reality and a lifetime of lessons in human nature and behavior.
    We all have the opportunity and freedom to form "a personal opinion,"  on our observations of people.  However, the key words here are, "personal opinion."  One may be accurate, close to, or in fact, way off base. 
    How you see someone may be acceptable to you, but simply not, to others.  That "Someone," may disagree entirely, and they surely have that right.
    At "first sight," is clearly a very LIMITED scenario, wouldn't you say?  At first sight, we SEE appearance of a person, NOT their heart.....we HEAR the sound of their voice and the words they use......NOT what their voice & words are capable of creating...via their intelligence or talents......We can NOTICE things, but surely NOT KNOW them...at first glance.
    To literally "JUDGE" a person at first sight, is not only pathetic.....it is a HUGE Mistake.   We need to HOPE this is seldom done.....and we need to be an example of this, by refusing to do so.

  8. neilcook profile image75
    neilcookposted 4 years ago

    Have you seen the T.V. series "Sherlock". The main character is a modern day genius and every episode they show off his skill of hyper analyzing people. Any little detail: stains, scratches, posture, etc are used to determine their previous locations, actions, and their overall personality.

    So, I guess my answer is yes, but you would have to be incredibly smart and a little lucky I think.

  9. residentstone profile image60
    residentstoneposted 4 years ago

    I just start at hate with everyone, they can build from there, and if they dont, I'm not ever disappointed.

  10. taburkett profile image60
    taburkettposted 4 years ago

    By judge, you mean evaluate their statements, posture, emotions, etc. then it cannot be at first sight.
    if you mean their haphazard dress, their miscreant action, their carrying a sign that states they hate your race, etc. It is still evaluation.
    However, when confronted by a criminal, I do believe you can evaluate them by first sight.