Why do life looks difficult to live sometimes?

  1. sharon466 profile image59
    sharon466posted 4 years ago

    Why  do life looks difficult to live sometimes?

    whether rich or poor, black o fair, beautiful or ugly.... every one in some point of a day  thinks that why are we living and for what are we living?

  2. Sri T profile image79
    Sri Tposted 4 years ago

    Life is really not that difficult. It is a matter of understanding ones self and understanding the world and other people. Basically, everybody lives out of their own mind, or mental concepts. They take in whatever they want to take in. There is no official roadmap to a perfect life, but there are millions of gems of wisdom, books and teachings on how to have a better life. Each person has to discover what works best for them. They have to learn how to solve their own problems. They have to discover what makes them happy and how to maintain it regardless of others and the world. In essence, they have to be a collector of wisdom. Then they can change anything that they don't enjoy in their life. Rightly understood, life is nothing but sheer joy, perfect peace and even miraculous. If one has found the right teachings, they can master themselves, others, and the world.

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    Dave36posted 4 years ago

    Well you said it your self sharon: Whether rich or poor, black or fair, beautiful or ugly etc, everyone at some point will ask these questions..Even Beyonce, Brad Pit, George Clooney etc, can look in the mirror, & see something they don't like (maybe even hate about themselves)..Even the Queen of England, & the President of the USA, all hate something about themselves, & all have asked those kinds of questions..So my point is it's totally normal to ask those questions & to think life is difficult sometimes & that's the first thing to realise..Like Sri T says life is really pretty simple (if we're already healthy), & it goes something like this: What i like to do to make life simple for me, is instead of trying to think my way to a better or easier life, i try to get better at everything i already do..I don't think you could "think" your way to what you want, so just work on all your basic needs, & then start to eliminate all your small niggling problems..Life is difficult because we let things get on top of us (bills debts boredom stress etc), so we have to get on top of them....The one thing everyone in the world is looking for is contentment, & the rich & famous & powerful people in the world have proven to us, that contentment can't be found in the things they have as it's a lot deeper than material things/possessions/power etc....So to make life simple & great we have to just find what would make us content ourselves, & see if it is what we're striving for already..For example i don't want to be rich or famous or own loads of cars etc, as i know they won't lead me to contentment so their off my list, & my list is getting smaller & "simpler"!..So life will only get more complicated as you grow older, until you start asking yourself what you want to do yourself deep down inside yourself..So like i say in the meantime keep the faith, & get on top of everything in your life..Get some new hobbies etc, & life will become simple for you..Imagine loving your job so much that you was so excited doing it, you then became an expert at it, & then got paid a fortune for doing it!lol..Ask that sort of question (what job would you love etc), as you work on getting on top of stuff.