How to learn foreign languages easily?

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    lingvopediaposted 3 years ago

    How to learn foreign languages easily?

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    Frienderalposted 3 years ago

    From my personal experience, my best advice is to grab a friend and learn the language by conversing, conversing and conversing. Conversing in the foreign language actually forces our mind to remember the word far better than memorizing the words during a language class. Having a friend to study with will give you the motivation and makes it less awkward when you make pronunciation mistakes.

    Lastly, download a dictionary application so that you can simply search for the word in the middle of a conversation. Have fun learning a foreign language! smile

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    liesl5858posted 3 years ago

    Learning a foreign language is not that easy but it is possible with strong determination to learn another language. The English language is my second language which I have learnt in school when I was young. My own language is called Tagalog. I also learnt how to speak the Arabic language of Kuwait which I made a hub of and it is getting me lots of traffic at the moment. I love learning languages and it interest me as well. The hardest one to learn is Arabic language but I managed by working in Kuwait and also by jotting down every word I hear then ask my former employer to give me the meanings.
    It is better to learn the language in the country that they speak that certain language you want to learn. If not try Duolingo on the internet. Apparently it offers free translations. I haven't tried but have a look and see what it offers.