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Do you think it is irresponsible, selfish& unwise for socioeconomically poor to

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    Do you think it is irresponsible, selfish& unwise for socioeconomically poor to impoverished

    people to have children,knowing well that they have nothing to offer their children in terms of opportunities and a bright future? Poor children are doomed from the start, they have a childhood full of disadvantages.They've poor nutrition, medical care, &receive a low quality of education.However, society isn't at fault for this.The blame goes to parents who refuse to see the ramifications of their act on their children.  Why don't these "parents" step to the plate and be responsible regarding the use of birth control?  If one cannot afford to provide for their children, DON'T have them.


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    Kiss andTalesposted 3 years ago

    I think this is a good question, but I also think it is a personal matter ,Because many have been born unplanned and yet they are cared for, And have  contributed to society greatly as Doctors ,Lawyers, school teachers or even professors of college, there is a family I am well aware of had about eight children ,what became of some of them ,well first they had no good Father image , he just made the babies, and past away, and what became of that family of children ! today I can tell you that two of those men are very successful and wealthy, one is a CEO for HR block 98 percent owner, the other adult is a professor at an Illinois College, he teaches in the field of human behavior. These men are in their 60 's they did not repeat their father's negative style of life. Also that stigma of race did not apply to them they are black men.
    Today there are New outlooks and and advantages with no excuses to to be educated and to be the best you can be . The only thing that holds people back is themself many times other then physical handicaps. And even that is being something of the past.

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    Daniella Lopezposted 3 years ago

    This is a pretty loaded question, but I will go ahead and respond to it. First off, some people cannot afford birth control. Why can't they just not have sex? Well, you try going without sex... We certainly need to provide more affordable birth control for impoverished peoples. We also need to properly educate them on how to optimally use birth control.

    Secondly, many of our greatest minds have come from impoverished homes. I am not trying to say that should be a reason for people to make babies like rabbits, but it is a potential silver lining to having a child born of that type of situation.

    Lastly, some of these people were not poor when they had their children. Job-loss, illness, death, or any number of things could have led these people to their socioeconomic status. They likely never intended on raising their children in the lifestyle that they currently are being forced to lead, but they are doing the best they can with what they have.

    Before jumping to conclusions, perhaps we should look at the bigger picture of WHY they are poor, WHY they lack proper education (which is not at all their fault, but society's fault), WHY they lack proper medical care (again, society), and all of the other WHY's.

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago


    Yes,it's beyond irresponsible, selfish& unwise for a socioeconomically poor people to become parents. It's thoughtless & barbaric to bring a child into the world into circumstances that are economically penurious. Countless studies substantiated that poor & impoverished children have poor health due to poor nutrition, health, dental &/or medical care.They also suffer from poor nutrition because better quality foods are expensive.They usually consume inferior quality foods which have a deleterious effect on their mental & physical development.   

    Poor & impoverished parents have nothing conclusive to offer their children in the ways of intellectual & cultural stimulation. Books & other forms of intellectual, educational, & cultural paraphernalia are non-existent in poor & impoverished households. Educational studies further prove that poor & impoverished children have a lower rate of vocabulary than children born into solidly middle, upper middle,& upper class households where there are intellectual, educational, & cultural paraphernalia abound. 

    Poor & impoverished parents do not have the socioeconomic, sociocultural & educational wherewithal to give their children the tools to succeed in the academic sphere. The average poor & impoverished parent has either very little to no education.This parents neither possess the financial nor the intellectual means to prepare their children academically. This explains why the majority of poor & impoverished children are very low academic achievers. Poor & impoverished parents do not care about & often view education as a waste of time.They also don't value anything beyond the basic rudimentary human needs. They teach their children basic survival skills & nothing else.

    Poor & impoverished parents don't understand the concept of thinking about & planning for the future. They don't see the importance of an education & other intelligent plans for the future. Because of the negative emphasis on education achievement & attainment, the average poor & impoverished child will be poor & impoverished as adults as will their descendants.They're also incapable of advising their children as to which career path to go as they've no lucrative careers themselves but only low level, dead end jobs; they'll more likely tell their children to go on the same path as they did.The idea that poor & impoverished parents want BETTER for their children is a myth; most DON'T care about the present nor future welfare of their children!

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      Kiss andTalesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      A persons future may be nothing like their beginning, 
      some rich people do not forget where they have come from, like  Tyler Perry is a great example .
      Yet he does not look down on others because he has money ! Like some are snooty,and bushy!