What makes large/very large families(6-more children per family) quite daunting

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What makes large/very large families(6-more children per family) quite daunting for the oldest/older

    children but a picnic for the youngest/younger children?   Give analytical answers please.


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    Juno Smithposted 2 years ago

    the weight of responsibility on their shoulders: be a role model, help take care of your siblings, help your parents, work to support younger siblings, lots of chores, etc… They often become abusive and/or loners. My older bro used to receive not visit in his home, the other one wouldn't open the door even if I knocked. We had a great relationship but one would receive me but not my parents, the other one was worried I would judge the size of his apartment because he was keeping up  the illusion of being wealthy.  It is pretty selfish for most parents to care about nothing and say I want so I do: financially, emotionally, physically, except for TV series it is very difficult and many suffer all their lives of the complex relationships between siblings you have brothers/fathers, sisters/mothers, brothers/sons, sisters/daughters and your parents struggle all their lives, get sick, even die from those decisions.  I am grateful for my older bro for everything he did for us, protection, training, help, advice, financial support and I realized after he passed away he had been a giant tree for many, he actually died betrayed by a friend/little brother he was trying to help for money. All his life he was the superhero of our town/state, righting wrongs, saving, helping, teaching…I, middle one, picked when he moved out and it was tremendous. I love my parents but they needed to sit with their kids, talk to them, train them…saying is not teaching. That family is destroyed from the roots: assassinated, addicted, retrieved, immigrated, sick, etc… I have sibling I barely who would sell my soul to the devil , got caught, they did try… that is a whole over story.


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      gmwilliamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      What you have stated Juno is so true.  Wish others would read your statement.  There are too many deniers in large/very large families who proclaim that such was never true although in actuality, it was SO MUCH WORSE!