What are the ways that American culture is a culture of celebrity?

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the ways that American culture is a culture of celebrity?


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    Express10posted 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, celebrities are personalities today, many seemingly without talent. Some may be nice people, rude people, law abiding and not, but they are also everything between. However, talent or skill is not a requirement for being a celebrity today simply because of the massive number of media types seeking to produce content and the massive number of people consuming it. The culture of celebrity often reminds me of high school popularity contests where people are judge by superficial traits and deemed worthy or not of various perks or material things.

    The very term celebrity is so loosely used, I could not imagine a greater choice for a photo! When I think about it, most celebrities of today could not hold a candle to a celebrity of my father's time in terms of actual talent. What is Kim Kardashian's talent? She & her siblings have benefitted from a mother driven by money who basically gets a cut of everything they make, I do not like or dislike this fact, it is just reality. However to call Kim and her siblings celebrities rings untrue and hollow to me. Nevertheless, Kim is lauded (and hated) as a "celebrity" and is just one of many without tangible talents who is served up as a celebrity via various media sources.

    Even in non-entertainment fields and industries where one's work, skill, and talent were the focus, there has been a shift towards personality and celebrity. The focus has shifted from one's work towards their like-ability, popularity, and personality. SAD!!!!