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To highly educated & professional parents out there, how long should the period

  1. gmwilliams profile image87
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    To highly educated & professional parents out there, how long should the period be

    between a young person recently graduating from college & obtaining a job commensurate to his/her educational level?  Would you permit a recent college graduate be unemployed, even financially support him/her until h/she finds a job at his/her educational level rather than taking a Mcjob with no prospects? How long would you let your recent college graduate child be unemployed?


  2. ValKaras profile image84
    ValKarasposted 2 years ago

    I am not one of those "highly educated parents", but I hope that doesn't disqualify me from expressing an opinion. Firstly, such smart parents probably know that these days job placement is just as much of a priority as education itself. So, being that smart, they would probably pull some social/professional strings long before their kid's graduation to get her at least a job that's dignifying enough  -  until she finds a job of her profession. That would also help the kid to get some hands-on skills in the work force.

    Secondly, depending on the mentality of the kid, she may want to take a break before starting any job  -  which parents can surely afford. Or, she may be a type to quickly fall in love with doing nothing and so go "intellectually rusty"  -  in which case she would benefit from being urged to do something  -  anything other than partying.

    Sometimes kids get an additional ambition to find a job in their profession if they have to do a "Mac-job" for a while. So, these aspects of the question are subject to individuality of the kid and discretion of parents. meaning that it's hard to generalize about it.

  3. bluesradio profile image75
    bluesradioposted 2 years ago

    I am not a parent, but my brother is, and I have several friends who are, and I can tell you these are difficult times...Sometimes, we have to realize that our college age kids will have to move back home, quite possibly will have to take a job that is under their supposed wages expected, and yes they might even have to work in fast food or retail or other jobs that are not paying that great.
    I believe a good parent will support their folks in whatever they do and continue to motivate them....

  4. LoisRyan13903 profile image81
    LoisRyan13903posted 2 years ago

    My daughter graduated at the end of May last year as a Veterinarian Technician  she still had to take the National License Examination at the middle of July.  So from the time she graduated until the time she took the exam she was studying.  Though she did have a part time voluntary position at a local animal shelter.  She took the test and passed it.  a month after she passed she got a job at a Veterinarian Clinic.  I think it all depends on what the child has to do once she graduates. 

    I would say give the child a month to search for a job in her field either after she graduates or-as in the case with my daughter-after she passes the exam or other requirements.  If no luck after that, then get a part-time job in a fast food joint but still continue searching.