WHO would you blame for children who are underachieving & failing?The teachers o

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    gmwilliamsposted 22 months ago

    WHO would you blame for children who are underachieving & failing?The teachers or the parents?

    Why?  Why not?


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    xuniperxposted 22 months ago

    I say both parents and teachers are to blame. Teachers are suppose to see their student weaknesses and some would be able to help guide that child. Parents are suppose to do the same with, if they can't help their child, they can hire a tutor.

    At the same time, every child learn differently. Some learn quicker than others. Some like myself are slower to absorb so much at once. Others are afraid to ask for help in fear that they'll be made fun of and become frustrated and give up.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    Flipside - why are Asian kids so successful academically, including the ones who are born to immigrant parents or came as immigrants themselves?
    * Nearly no TV in the household or sports, academics come first. In contrast, whites watch more TV per day, blacks even more, though this is likely correlated to unwed mothers trying to raise kids 
    * You're done with homework? On to an hour of enrichment activities like reading or workbooks. Both blacks and whites are more likely to say on to sports or playdates. Asians overall only do the activities necessary to get into college, and that's the minimum. 
    * You got an A-? You're grounded and two hours of enrichment. In comparison, white kids listed the lowest grade before parents freaked as a B, while blacks said it was a C.
    * Two parent married families are the majority by far. Fewer than 10% of Asian children are illegitimate, versus around 25% for whites and 80% for blacks. Children of married parents are a third as likely to end up addicts, arrested, held back in school, become mentally ill, homeless. For two married parents, the bad life outcomes in any combination is 10%. For children of unmarried mothers, at least 30%. And Asians are way more likely to be married with active fathers in the household.