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Disclaimer: I am a Black woman. Now that is out of the way, here's the question

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    gmwilliamsposted 22 months ago

    Disclaimer: I am a Black woman.  Now that is out of the way, here's the question at hand.  Why do

    some Black Americans elect to blame racism for their dire educational, environmental, & economic predicament instead of assessing that it is their passivity & lack of intelligent choices which put them in the predicament they are currently in?  Why are the elements of failure, anti-achievement, & anti-intellectualism praised in some Black American communities instead of education, achievement, & intellectualism?  Why, in many cases, has the Black American community regressed instead of progressing?  Someone should write a hub on this.


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    wingedcentaurposted 22 months ago

    This hub is a response to a question posed by hubber Grace Marguerite Williams. read more

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      Excellent hub...indeed...

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    The Black American community is in a state of total disrepair.  Black Americans have to realize their dire circumstances & work smart to dismantle it.  Many Black Americans have a poverty, struggling, lack consciousness, mentality, mindset, & philosophy.  They contend that it is quite normative to be on the struggling side of life.  They prefer to settle for being in a constant state of struggle & middling at best.  They can't conceive being solidly middle, upper middle, &/or even upper class.  They have been thoroughly inculcated that they are meant to be in the lower socioeconomic echelons of society.

    There are Black American parents who are totally soul devouring when it comes to their children's educational, career, & socioeconomic goals.  They inculcate their children to settle for any job that comes along instead of attaining a career or even a business.  They imbue their children not to reach too high but to settle for somewhere in between.  Black American children who strive to improve themselves are oftentimes derided by their parents & others for selling out, acting white, or other negative pejoratives.  Many Black Americans are anti-education & anti-achievement.  They tend to impeded members of their communities who sincerely want to leave the poverty & negativity behind.

    There is also excessive dependence upon the government & governmental programs.  It is no accident that many Black Americans are government workers.   They take such jobs because such jobs are safe & they don't have to work as hard as they would in the private sector.  In turn, they inculcate their children in the same philosophy.  They view the government as the be & end all.  They seldom teach their children to have independent careers or to be entrepreneurs.  It is more easier, safer to work for someone else.  It is the mentality of being taken care of instead of seeking & obtaining responsibility.

    Even in jobs, many Black Americans congregate at the bottom levels.  Although they complain about being at the bottom rung as far as jobs go, they refuse to make any effort to get promoted.  The first thing out of many is that they don't want the responsibility & headache yet they become envious of those Black Americans who get promoted.   They are also the first ones to proclaim racism when they are at the bottom by choice.  They would rather have the easy life than to get the necessary education & devote the time to get promoted & improve their socioeconomic situation.